Saturday, January 08, 2005

Two Morality Anecdotes...

These Morality Anecdotes were brought about ( mentioned herewithin ) because of a recent debacle concerning a contest that i entered, and despite the circumstances of that entry,
i won third prize... Even though i shouldn't even have been allowed to compete...
Why was this...?
Because i'm so damn Adorable...That's Why...!!!

Morality Anecdote Number One:
i'm standing there in my living room one afternoon with Dan Phanco, who has apparently gone on to become somekind of fanatical Christian NUT...!, and we are talking about bugs in general, i think... ( ? ) ...and i mention that flies shouldn't even be able to fly, because they're so aerodynamically unsound...
And Don says; "I thought that that was for Bees!"
and i said; "It applies to Flies too!"
The point being, was that it doesn't apply to Flies...
It IS only for Bees...!!! Or so i believe, and i believed it THEN...
But i LIED just to Win my point at that Moment...!!!
Afterwards-- i was so humiliated by my transient lapse of Morality that i vowed To Never Lie Again...!!!
Although as a result of this; i have been AMAZINGLY Honest and Truthful over the years,
often called liar, when i was in fact telling the truth,
i did tell a little greyish white lie a few months ago that may have resulted in my getting a $200 phone and various accessories for FREE...!!!
What had happened was that i decided a few months ago to get a Cell Phone, and to make a long story short,
The store that i got the phone from ( Smart Wireless ) and the Carrier ( Sprint ) --
For whatever reasons, decided to endless fawk with my head, nearly every Stinking day that i had that phone,
so that after 3 weeks, i QUIT, and had to pay them Gigantic Early Withdrawal Fees...!!!
But-- Even after i quit, both of these companies continued to Fawk with me,
Until Finally-- Even i got Too Dang Fed Up with Them, and wrote one of my Killer Business Letters to Smart Wireless,
and although it was addressed to: Customer Services--
It made it's way up the President of the Company
and During this Conversation; He said that he would Refund all the Monies that i'd paid to them to date,
If only i'd return the phone and the accessories to the Store where i bought them...
and This is the Little White Lie that i told him...
i said; "i don't have the original packaging anymore..." EVEN THOUGH I STILL DID...!!!
So he said, "Well, I'll just Refund all your money anyways, and you can keep the phone and the accessories."
It's a very nice phone; A Sanyo 8100,
But since it was tainted with EVIL, i gave it to my Aunt & Uncle Glenn.

Second Morality Anecdote:
When i was taking this course in Propositional Logic several years ago,
i had to take a test at one point, and at the end of the test, was a logical sentence, or whatever... that had to be shown to be valid... ( i've forgotten all this crap--! ) ...
so to do this, there was an EASY way to do this, and the COMPLICATED way...
and the Question Specifically Said that i was supposed to do it The Complicated Way...
and I DIDN'T...!!!
i did it the Easy way instead, and because of that,
i was able to go on and do the BONUS QUESTION as well,
which i got full credit on...!
So when Associate Professor Bill Rottmeyer graded the test...
he gave me half credit on the last question that i did WRONG...
and altogether i got an A on the test...
But i SHOULDN'T HAVE...!!!
i should have flunked the whole test for Not Following The Dang Instructions...!!!
i still sweat pickles when i think about that...

i'm sure that i'm going to have to spend many weekends in Hell for THAT ALONE...!!!

In Conclusion:
While at the time that i Entered The Carbon Based Mistake's Contest,
i really believed that i WAS following the Instructions;
But-- Because i didn't-- i really shouldn't have won Third Prize.
After Marc sent me Notification of the Awards...
He asked if i thought that it was OK that i was allowed in the Contest...???
And i said: YES...!!! Because i was so happy to have Won Anything,
and i was further afraid that he would take My Whole Page down from his Website...!!!
In Fairness... i should NOT have been asked that...
It was just too conflictual with my selfish interests...!!!
So i'm going to go to Hell for that too...


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