Thursday, January 13, 2005

Where is Gawd...???

Is Gawd Dead, or Just Out Goofing Off...???

There's been several news items in Magazines & on The Radio & Television recently that have been asking;
Where was Gawd when The Indian Ocean Tsunami Struck...? ( ?? )
One of the things that most annoys me about organized Religion(s)
is that they all (?) have such naive & ill-considered descriptions of Gawd...!
There is; For example--
No evidence or suggestion that Gawd is Good, Omnipotent or even Physically Large...!
Here at The Constortium;
We feel that this Reality; The Visible Universe ( And Surrounding Imaginative Realms ),
are a subset of a continuum of Realities,
and that this one was artificially produced by a being(s) in our parent Reality.
This Being may have created only the elemental constraints of our physical delimiters,
and it may well be that within this construct,
a species of autonomous beings that exist within this assemblage,
very much like ourselves,
except that they proceeded us,
were the ones that created our DNA or whatever it is that actually defines our bodily forms & mental boundaries.
The point being ( intermediate point ) is that;
That which we think of as 'Gawd'--
May actually be a grand host of diverse beings,
that exist on many different layers of The Reality Spectrum
or within our own Visible Universe...!
But this may all be quite irrelevant to The Central Point when asked;
Why does Gawd Allow Crazy &/or Unfortunate things to Happen to us...? [ ? ! ]
It seems to me that the most obvious solution would be;
Given that the most Unfortunate thing that we can imagine happening to us,
[ Pick One ]
Would be either Personal Death or The Disillusion of Your Soul or Eternal Damnation...
But none of things;
As they apply to US -- Are in the tiniest bit repugnant to either Our Gawds or,
( Because they KNOW Better... ) To US...
( i.e., We shouldn't care about Physical Death or The Hereafter-- Either...! )
Whatever is going to happen to us;
Will happen according to the Will of whichever Gawds have precedence over That Aspect of our Existence...
And that may not be The Gawds that created our DNA or even The Universe as we can view it...
Are in any way Responsible or Have Control Over what becomes of us--
When we are bumped from any given plane of existence... ( ? )
Our Souls ( Assuming Consciousness is Not a clever & mean-spirited Illusion )* may have been created by forces residing at The Bottom of The Continuum of Realities, and under no-ones authority,
or they may have been created by Gawds, Dozens or Trillions of Realities up from us.
All intermediate Realities & Gawds would then be just as mystified by this phenomena of Self-Awareness as we are...!
At any rate:
The spectrum of Moral Values;
"What is Good & What is Not so-very Good"
Will undoubtedly vary widely from Gawd to Gawd,
Just as it varies widely from Humanimal to Humanimal, or Humanimals to Chickens.
Why did Gawd allow that Tsunami to destroy so many 'innocent' lives?
Why not.

* Are we living in a Universe that is So Cruel-- That it allows us to be Aware that we are Robots?

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