Monday, February 28, 2005

First Successful Test of Including a Photo...!!!

This is a Picture that i took with my Cell Phone
[ Nokia 3200 ]
Medium Resolution ( i think...??? )
( i use it for my 'desk top' )
It was then sent to:
Then the picture, there, was located amid all the advertising and opened,
then opened again so that it was presented alone on the browser window.
But-- Since "My Photo Album" is a '3rd Party' 'feature'
of The Cingular Phone Service;
In order to protect its autonomy (???) has its own addressless window,
Such that the http:// address isn't visible...!
To find it, you have to click the right-finger button on a Wintel Mouse,
Which brings up a Information Window that does have The Address.
This is then inserted into this page, and pre/suffixed with an: img src= ...
Which allows you to view it.


The very bottom of this; ( Which is a list of guidelines when riding the buses here in Honolulu... )

Says: "No Spitting, Exporating, Urinating or Defecating."

Exportating is a variation on Spitting, in which more thick & rich Phlegm is added.

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