Thursday, February 03, 2005

Recent Events ( End of Jan, Beginning of Feb )

  1. About three days ago, i was wandering around the Ala Moana Shopping Center in the morning, and i happened to pass this elderly woman sitting on a bench located on the lower level, the darkest, dingiest level; where all the cheap shops, lowly kiosks, rip off joints & banks are... and i saw what appeared to be a large stain with encrusted material on the back of her sweater... and i thought, 'Well, she certainly is presenting herself with a slovenly attitude...!' then; as i passed her, i became aware that this substance was apparently, ( according to it's unique odor ) the remaining stain & residue from a large mound of putrefying crap...! --- all well and good you are thinking to yourself, as she was completely unaware of this... But Wait...!!! The next day, i passed her again and it is still there...!!! Thankfully, Today; the encrustation is gone, as apparently someone... ( ? ) has scraped the crystalline material off, and washed the bulk of it out, as the principle odor was weakened &/but/while/additionally the stain remained. [ this is Hawai'i; the garden state ]
  2. i got a new cell phone...!!! the last time i tried doing this, it became one of the most traumatic events of my life, and was a principle contributor to my becoming so despondent that i didn't even try to find a new place to live after i was evicted from my tiny room in Bremertowne. But "Time wounds all heels.", and-- this time i tried a 'Prepay' plan offered by Cingular/AT&T ( Who are currently experiencing the highest rate of complaints of all the cellular phone providers...! ( ? ) ) The phone i got, is the Nokia 3200... it has a camera & an FM Radio and may or maynot be able to send FAXes...??? My Number is 509-990-2750 and my Messagedress/Eepdress for the Phone is i just cried & cried when they told me that i couldn't change that to something friendlier looking...!!! ( at least Sprint let me do That...! ) -- If you want to use a different eepdress, but it would still go to my phone; try!!! The first one is somehow part of the phone service, and this mmode one is part of the internet service...??? Do you have a cell phone...??? i've had this one for about 2 weeks now, and while nothing terribly traumatic has happened so far, i am bewildered by all the security codes, ID names and passwords that i have to use -Constantly...!!!-
  3. A few days ago; i was sleeping at my regular place, and while i think of myself as a light sleeper... waking every few hours to check what time it is, or whenever a peculiar sounding car drives by, or if it starts raining, or lightening, or thundering... Or whenever an 8_inch poisonous Centipede crawls over my face...! ( i've done some further reading on Centipedes and Millipedes... and what the books say; is that Millipedes are harmless vegetarians with really no more than 750 legs, While it's the merely dozens of legged Centipedes that have the severely poisonous females that like to attack hobo's in sleeping bags! ) So anyways... i turned over in a torpid state a few nights ago, and discovered another hobo soundly sleeping about 4 feet from me...!!! i didn't hear him coming up the squeaky wooden stairs or fumbling around as he lay down beside me...!!! Being the shy polite Asperger's lunatic that i am, i chose to simple ignore him, and then left early the next morning, as he slept on... --- Then the next night; he is there ahead of me, again; soundly sleeping, and i had to step over him to reach my favorite spot, which he considerately left for me...!!! The next morning, i again left before he awoke. This was a Monday, and i suspect that he was still sleeping when the people that work in that building arrived for their morning exercises...??? --- The net effect is that the next night-- he is not there...! and hasn't returned since. ( thank you jesus! ) So then last night; at around 11:30pm, i awoke just as another hobo looked in over the porches railing, and as i said; 'Hello there' -- or somesuch, he jumped abit, having not noticed me until that moment, and then quickly departed... Some people enjoy their privacy, just like me...!!!
  4. Had a little trouble with my cell phone, i was playing around with it this morning and attempted to enter the wrong 'PIN' code... which after several unsuccessful attempts, shut down & locked itself up...!!! i had to visit my Service Center to get the PUK code so that it would reopen it...!!! i have decided not to play around with the security features again...!
  5. The weather around here has been TERRIBLE lately... Minnesota might be having -60 evenings, but they're prepared for that sort of weather, while we here in Hawai'i are being ruthlessly hammered by nights that plunge into the lower 70's, accompanied by misty drizzles. ( gawd have mercy on our souls...! )

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