Friday, February 18, 2005


  1. i'm very much annoyed that no one ever leaves any comments...!
  2. i'm also; very much annoyed that while i'm sick of hawai'i, and i would like to return to the mainland, all the places that i want to go to, are still very cold...!!!
  3. and then: i'm also very annoyed that i can't think of a way to organize the keys i have to my current generation of cabbage codes so that they look less contrived.
  4. while--i'm also very annoyed by more health problems. some of 'them' may have been brought about from stress... since everything is freaking me out lately...
  5. the good news is that my cold went away -- finally.
  6. [additionally] many correspondents are not answering questions; that were either included in eepmails, vivid dreams, moon reflections or tacit squeaks left by mouse-like rodents, millions of years ago.
  7. i just finished "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown. i've read one other of his book's, 'The Digital Fortress' and the two books have exactly the same structure...!!! ( a sure sign of a HACK...! ) while the book(s) is a 'easy read' and contains several interesting ideas... it only adds to the general impression that i have of the damp masses that they would pick this book to hold at top of the Best Sellers list for so long.
  8. if the book's assertion that the golden mean occurs so ubiquitously throughout the humanimal true... and this ratio -does not- occur as frequently or at all, in other species... this would seem a fine argument for fundamentalist 'x's to claim that we are more than just mere accidents of Darwinian tomfoolery.


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the carbon based mistake said...

Dan Brown is a HACK! I love it when someone else thinks this. It is amazing that anyone could think that he's a good writer. Yes, The DaVinci Code had interesting ideas, I just wish someone with some talent had written it.