Friday, February 25, 2005

Various UnRelated Biddles

This is what i have to put up with:

Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2005 09:19:29 -0800

From: "Barebelly Patterson"

To: "Chrs-"

Will be out of circulation for a week or so. Am having surgery this a.m.

Hell getting old, got your last epmail [sic] will sort it out later.



On a related note-- These people never tell me when someone in the family has died...!

i'll always hear about it, weeks or months later, and only when someone slips up & 'accidentally' refers to such & such a person in the past tense.

After my aunt Jean died; My father, who lived about a hour away, sent me a post card on the morning that he left for her funeral. None of my other relatives, on that side, or the other, told me of her passing.

Months later, i heard about the funeral indirectly, in bits & pieces.

Is this a good thing?

i have never been to a funeral, and have, to the best of my knowledge, seen only one dead person, and that was a stranger on the streets of Honolulu. Curiously; the area that this man had fallen down in was well trafficked, but i was the only one to stop and check him out-- Noticing that he wasn't breathing, and was terribly cold to the touch. No one else seemed interested...! So i was left to run from building to building, trying to get someone to call 911 for me. After about 20 minutes, or so, Some lackadaisical Emergency Response Aids showed up, took no steps whatsoever to revive him, and used something that looked like a CardioElectroShock Dealie to determine if he was really dead or not. Apparently he was.

i'm just terrible in emergencies.

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