Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Various Topics

The Necessity of Failure in The Golden Rule
If you're not already familiar with 'The Golden Rule'-- It is particularly popular because it's generally thought to be so simple, elegant & fool-proof as to be an axiomatic foundation for all human moral standards...
Unfortunately; it is also fatally flawed.
The Central Premise is that Each Individual must treat all other humanimals with the same tautological preferences towards self-preservation & social prosperity...
But first; Let us allow that there are essentially two types of people in the world:
Sociopaths ( & All others even more ethically indifferent )
& 'Normals' ( Those that are desirous of Fitting into a Social Environment )
The Sociopaths ( et. al. ) are obviously not going to adhere to the principles of The Golden Rule, so that it's guiding principle is not applicable to them.
The Normals on the other hand are afflicted with Guilt; Such that for every indiscretion, petty offence, inconsequential misdeed, perceived iniquity, measured transgression or outrage of civilized disobedience...
The Normal is >Desirous< of Penance, Discipline or Punishment.
Making all Normals into Effectively Receptive Masochists.
Thus: If this were carried over to The Golden Rule; All Normal Masochists should, by necessity, Mistreat & Abuse Everyone Else.
---------------------------------------:: o

Two Wrongs May Occasionally Make a Right
While it may be true that for any given, randomly selected Wrong, Plus any other, randomly selected Wrong would not necessarily make a Right. It is equally obvious; to any Reasonable Humanimal, that for nearly all applicable Wrongs, There is, Along with a great many Rights, A fair number of Wrongs that when applied Arithmetically to that given Wrong, will produce a Desirous Right.
Is this Observation applicable to this Adage...?
It may be that the original Proverb isn't addressing itself to the End Effect at all... But is instead concerned with the MetaConsideration of Moral Actions...That is: Should it be Considered Reasonable to Make a Wrong into a Right, By Additional Wrongs? There would be no denying that the Final Conclusive Effect would be a Right, But was the Path Taken to that Right-- Morally Right?
The Translucent Amoebae Consortium would like to consider this in the light of an Even more Tangential Meta-Consideration-- And that is; That you can never really Know if any action you take will result in a Desirous Right or Wrong...!!! While many actions may seem Right at any given Moment, or the actions of your Enemies might Seem Wrong while you observe or study them... There is really No Way of Knowing how those actions are going to Effect Future Events...!!! Many Right Actions have turned out Disastrously for those that most believed they were doing Good, and likewise, Many Vile & Loathsome Deeds have, after a given interval of time, been discovered to Benefit the originally Offended Masses immeasurably...!!!
So-- It may well be that Any Given Wrong + Another Wrong will, or will not, to some UnKnowable Degree, Equal Either A Right or Wrong, or Alternate between these states as time proceeds along its sinuous path.
---------------------------------------:: o

This is perhaps the most egregious example, ( along with all the others ), of our current decline, or as an example of our decaying society, that our current political leadership should believe that by simply removing randomly selected persons from American Soil, that all previously agreed upon Human Rights & Constitutional Guarantees need no longer Apply...!!! Did our Founding Fathers really believe that the essential principles of Human Dignity & Fundamental Birthrights would apply only to 'Us' and then; Only while we were standing on the damp mulch of Registered Voting Districts...??? -- Or were where they trying to establish a Greater Ideal that would, Some day, ( Meaning "Now" ) apply to everyone, everywhere.
It is certainly mind boggling that our current President, and so many that adhere to its incoherent haranguing are missing this point.
Some may think that these 'Times' should allow for 'Special' considerations...
But it may actually be the case that if one is going to appeal to a higher moral &/or ethical standard that will provide us with a foundation for a lasting civilization... Then it is exactly under these Special Circumstances that we must adhere most tenaciously to those standards that we believe to define a Truly Enlightened Society.
It may simply be that we are not yet at that point of being a truly enlightened society, and that is why the flying saucers have not yet overtly set down upon our baseball fields and invited us to join into their community of galactic Moose Lodges..
This also goes Double for 'Transporting Indigenous 'Alleged' Insurgent Prisoners around the world, so that they can be 'Interrogated' in countries that allow for recreational torture...!!!
---------------------------------------:: o

Terry Shiavo
Am i the only one, ( as it is so often the case ) that suspects that there was 'more' to the Fiasco of Her Last Few Minutes before she died...???

Why was it so important to the Staff that the Immediate Blood Relatives of Terry be removed from her bed side so that one of The Candy Stripers could do an 'Evaluation' of Terry...???
What is an 'Evaluation'?
It seems much more likely that in those minutes, the only people allowed in the room were special interest individuals that were finding it increasing Intolerable that Terry Continued to Live & Live & Live.
Obviously She was Murdered.
A Reasonably Healthy Person can be expected to live 3 Minutes without Air, 3 Days without Water, and 3 Weeks without Food.
Terry Shiavo, A sickly and Comatose Woman as Thin as a Carnival Pretzel had managed to stay alive for nearly 2 weeks without Water-- While The Pope-- Gawds Chosen Messenger as an Intermediate Spokesperson to Act as a Liaison between The Damp Masses and The Virgin Mary --Was suffering setback after setback and would himself die at any moment...!
Where is The Miracle Here?
The Catholic Church, Michael Shiavo, The Bush Family and countless others wanted Terry Shiavo Dead more than Michael Jackson wants to lay on the wet spot of his pre-adolescent roommates.
She had to Die before the 2 Week Threshold was passed.
---------------------------------------:: o

The Pope

How can The Pope be sick...? Why does he ride around in a Bullet Proof Sedan...???

Why doesn't he just fly his sickly ass over to Lourdes or Invite over a Pentecostal Team of Healers...???
If prayer can't be expected to work for The Pope-- Then what effectiveness can it have for anyone else...???
( actually; i've always felt that prayer is the most brazen form of Heresy...! since you are essentially telling gawd that s/he's made a mistake about 'x' and that you expect it to be rectified...!!! )
---------------------------------------:: o

My Uncle Jack
My Uncle Jack was recently taken ill with a peevish Gall Badder...!
While the gall-bladder doesn't receive as much column space in most tabloid newspapers as Goldie Hawn or Our Space Alien Brothers, it is, usually believed to be, A relatively important internal organ. It has something to do with making or storing digestive acids...( ??? ) But that's relatively inconsequential for now...
When my Aunt Joan wrote to me about this the other day...
( And by the way; My Aunt Joan is probably the sweetest, most accomplished relative i have, She is like Martha Stewart, Only with a Natural Artistic Talent, and without all that Snooty Haughtiness )
...i replied by suggesting that while Jack was in the Hospital, that it fortunate that his Doctors didn't decide that he was in a Persistently Vegetative State... Because then She would be in the awkward position of having to explain to them that Jack had always been like that.
Now-- Why would i say that...!!! Am i mean & disrespectful to all my Relatives...???
Curiously--- No.
Only Jack.
And Why...???
Hmmmmmmm... ( ? )
Jack is my Father's much younger brother. He has one other older brother; Phil, who by all accounts is most deserving of everyone's disrespect, and an older sister Jean; Who had been a hard working housewife that raised 3 very bright children.
My Father, while under most circumstance may have been considered a 'lowbrow', was occasionally surprising by demonstrating a detailed knowledge of some historical, political or natural topic.
But Jack-- is dull witted.
Even Jack seems to be aware of this-- to a point... But he is also in a functional denial of it...
Chiefly whenever he forms or adopts a particular 'Opinion' about something... And then he will become AMAZINGLY argumentative about this topic, and he will INVARIABLY choose exactly the wrong position concerning it.
Plus; It's fun to push his buttons. He's so predictable.
Am i mean?
Will i burn in Hell?
Only time will tell.
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Is Life Meaningful? ( Is The Universe on My Side? )
Many common humanimals will periodically find themselves wondering:

Is The Universe working with me, or against me?
The Answer, i think; Is that The Universe is Always Working for The Universe.
So in the sense that each individual mind is a facet of the One Solipsistic Autonomous Mind of The Universe;
Then The Universe is Working with You.
( Although it may often seem that it's not. )
---------------------------------------:: o

The Shadow Government
Alot of Humanimals are now blaming our current President; GWB, for nearly all the Problems in The World,
But isn't it really the case that The Shadow Government is really running The Country, and for that matter; The World...???
That's what politicians do, take heat off the Shadow Government.
---------------------------------------:: o

The Shadow behind The Shadow Government
It may be that The Shadow Government itself is a Front for The Real Power behind all International, Domestic & a Great Many Personal Events.
How many Layers are there...???
If you take into consideration The Infinite Continuum of Realities...
...a Nearly Infinite Amount...
( It wouldn't be infinite... because there would be a infinite number of realities that exist without a cogitative layer to control their subdivisions of living activities...??? so that just above that first cogitative layer, there would be a measurable breadth of realities that are capable, in a theoretical sense, of meddling in our affairs. )
---------------------------------------:: o

Social Security / Medicare
One of the most egregious oversights (?) of our current generation of politicians is their apparent ignorance of the inevitability of A.I. & the Ubiquity of Robotics in the coming years...!
When these two technologies become widely available, they will overthrow all aspects of Western Civilization & require a complete RePlacement of Where Humanimals sit in the food chain of Earthly Commercialism...???
Obviously; AI will completely eliminate all layers of what is now called 'Middle Management' and it may well eliminate many of the Arts Positions as well. Robotics will eliminate nearly all kinds of employment that depend upon a steady hand or arching back... which may well include Medical Surgery & Basket Weaving.
What This means is nearly 100% unemployment.
When will this all take place?
i think that these technologies are already 'Ripe' and are being suppressed... have been suppressed for possibly as long as 20 years...! Doesn't it seem odd to you that when computers first became available for the home market, there were several models of turtle like robots that you could easily interface with your computer, and that most computer games at that time, lacking finely detailed graphics, depended upon language based stories, which in turn, required the simple computers of those days to effectively interpret plain English sentences...!
And Now-- 30 years later, Neither of these skills is available to computers anywhere at any price.
Toys like Lego purport to offer Robotics to the Home Computer, But if you examine their own web sites, you will discover that they have gone to great lengths to make sure that you can only develop simple toys with them, by limiting the number of motors and sensors you can connect together.
Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to search the Web or even a given Industrial or Commercial web-site with Plain English ( any given language ) Sentences...???!!! This ability was once possible, and now it's not.
It seems certain to me that at some point in the Very Near Future, someone is going to 'Let the Cat Out of The Bag' ( as illiterates say ) and the day of Universal UnEmployment will suddenly Pounce on us, And there'll be no turning back...?
It may well be that 'The Shadow Government' expects this to happen soon, and that was why they staged 911, fabricated Al Qaeda, Urged the United States to Invade Afghanistan & Iraq... and most importantly; To institute a preamble for a Nation controlled by The Iron Hand of a Bureau of State Police... Not because they are trying to Take Over The World-- But because the Alternatives are So Inevitable, Inescapable & What else is there to do...??? [ ? ]
---------------------------------------:: o

Michael Jackson
What is wrong with showing adolescent boys how to Masturbate?
---------------------------------------:: o

The Freedom of The Press / Freedom of 'x'
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Physics / The Standard Model / Quantum Mechanics
i read somewhere awhile ago that the only reason that 'The Standard Model' of Physics works so well is because most of 'The Constants' that fill in the Equations, Are Made up out of Discarded pajamas to force fit everything together. Everyone knows that this is True for 'Hubble's Constant' that changes freely every time a new Star is spotted or one of the Astronomers dog's pees on the carpeting...

But there are lots of others too...
But most recently, i keep hearing about various Interpretations for Quantum Mechanics...
And it's making me Increasing Loopy...!!!
If there's anyone out there that can provide me with a Good & Thorough explanation of 'Bell's Inequality' Experiment and It's Resulting Data... i would be very Grateful...!!!
As it is now, i don't even think that it Is a Real Experiment... But only a Thought Experiment with completely Bogus Data...!!!
And speaking of 'Intertwined' ( ? ) Particles... It seems to me that if particles can intertwine, then it must be going on ALL THE TIME... such that Every Particle in The Universe Must Be Intertwined with Every Other Particle in The Universe...!!!
---------------------------------------:: o

Monday, March 28, 2005

Laura...!!! ( Pronounced: Lawr-rah )

Is she crazy...???
She's a street person, and carries around about 5 bags with her,
( all of which, along with all her clothing are Black! )
--but she claims to work at Macy's as a 'Sales Representative'--
Which is apparently a SalesLady.
She is also Married, and her husband lives in an apartment in Honolulu,
or thereabouts, but she's not living with him...
She also has two sons, and is trying to save up enough money to get a small,
but not too small, apartment or studio or basement
so that she can obtain custody of her youngest son.
( or something like that )
She doesn't seem extremely crazy...???
...a little confused & muddled from time to time,
but not Raving Mad...!!!
She is also exceptional honest, asking if she can use the electrical outlet,
of wherever she happens to be, so that she can recharge her cell phone.
( i just use the outside plugs around The Ala Moana Shopping Mall to Recharge mine,
and for shaving... and The Roving Security Droids don't seem to mind...
or it could be that they are just loath to get out of their scooters. )

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Recent Events... ( Late March )

  1. i've been sleeping an awful lot lately... when i first got here, i would get by on just a few hours a night, and then remain relatively alert all day, without feeling the least bit drowsy on the bus or when laying around in the park... But now i can barely keep my eyes open even as i'm typing this... ( ??? )
  2. Two nights ago, while i was sleeping on my favorite porch, i was startled awake at about 12:30am by Flashing Light right outside, along the street...! So i froze & listened carefully to unintelligible radio communications for about 5 minutes, before realizing that it wasn't the police coming to haul me away, but an electrical service truck...! They were apparently looking at the wiring on the pole right beside my porch, and i was thinking that they be climbing up it soon to do whatever it was they were there for, so i scruntched up as closely as i could to the outer railing wall, so they wouldn't see me... Then after about another 5 minutes, one of them came up to the porch and looked over the railing and stared at me for a few moments without saying anything... maybe he thought i was sleeping...??? So i broke the awkward silence between us by asking him what he was doing...? And he said; "Electrical Stuff", and i said; "That's what it sounds like!" and he said; "That's what we're doing." and then he left to go back to his truck, where he fooled around, banging things together, without really seeming to accomplish much, and then he left...! i was sure that he would have told the people in this building about me, but nothing untowards happened last night... ( ??? )
  3. i'm determined to get the heck out of Hawai'i in early April...! It's still Terribly cold around here, and on the Mainland ( it seems much colder now than it was in December or January...!!! ( Cold around here is in the Mid 50's...! )-- But i'm just sick of sitting around over here...! i absolutely don't know where i'm going, or how i'm going to get around once i get there... so it will all have to happen in 4 minute increments... just like things always happen to me...!!!
  4. i've been reading alot of 'Horror' stories lately, ( when i'm not analyzing Dan Brown or catching up with 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' ( This last Snicket Book; The Grim Grotto was 99% filler...??? and it's supposed to be the second to last in the series... you would think that he would start wrapping it all up by now... but he's apparently saving it all for the last book...??? )) ... Horror Stories lately... Particularly an informal collection of books of Short Stories, that pertain to The Cthulhu Mythoes! What ties all these short stories together is usually nothing more than a little name dropping of characters found in Various H.P. Lovecraft Stories that concerned the inhabitants of Innsmouth, Massachusetts; who were chiefly the descendents of a race of decidedly quasi-evil merpeople from another planet...!!! Then there's The Necronomicon, a diary that's alive and contains sufficient information to destroy this world a few times over... Plus many other tid-bits... So that all these stories, written by many different authors, are all describing a single alternate reality... ( Maybe i will add something to it...! )
  5. ---

Another Crazy Guy...!!!

This is almost a decent picture...!!!
i don't know this guy's name either, but he hangs around the Ala Moana Shopping Center quite a bit...
i've almost talked to him a few times, but not quite.
He seems like a very nice person, although he's a smoker
and a light Alchoholic...
i saw him at the Foodland the other morning,
and he was buying this huge ( more than a quart )
bottle of Fancy Named Beer... !!!
( i forget what the name of it was,
but the label was designed by somebody in Sweden! )
Also: He does this weird whistling thing that my mother does,
and that is; They will blow without actually Whistling...!!!
It drives me Fawking Crazy...!!!
( but i don't scream at him, as i would my mother )

Zebra Doves...!!!

Aren't they adorable...!!!
Well-- they would be if you could see them properly...!
They are like pigeons, only smaller, and not quite so dirty, and they have stripes...!!!

New & Slightly Improved Picture of Zebra Doves...!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Crazy Guy...

This is another absolutely terrible picture that i took with my Nokia 3200 Cell Phone Camera...
It's of this guy that i knew 17 years ago when i was a street person in Hawai'i back in the late 80's...!!! And he's still a street person NOW...!!! Has he been a Street person all that time...???
( During which i was living in Bremertowne )
i've tried talking to him once or twice, but he is MUCH crazier than i am, and he refuses to reply...???!!!


Lost Turtle...!!!

While i was sitting around over at Ala Moana Park Monday... i happened to notice a Turtle swimming around out in the ocean...!!! It was clearly a land type turtle as it was struggling to keep it's head above the water as it 'dog-paddled' around in a hopeless and futile manner...!!!
You can't see it at all in this picture; but it's kind of in the lower center of the picture... i think...???

News From The Family...!!!

Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 20:49:43 -0600 (CST)

From: John and Joan Glenn
Date: Thu Mar 17 14:57:59 CST 2005>
Subject: Re: Picture from ,1-509...>

i sent my n'kle Jack & Auntie Joanie a picture ( see appendix A ) that i'd taken with my Cell-Phone Camera, and due to some particularly bothersome Wiggiliness that occurred a few days previous to this, the settings in the various, disconnected menus, were set incorrectly, so that the picture was compressed down into an indistinguishable blob...!!!
The picture was of a sign that i'd found on a Honolulu Bus that reminded it's riders that it was Inappropriate Behaviour to either Spit, Expectorate, Urinate or Defecate while riding on Public Transportation...
This reminds me of a passage ( somewhere ) in the Bible that reminds the Jews not to trip blind people...!!!
( Things are are ( should be ) obvious to anyone except Jews or Hawai'ians )
Expectorate; if you're wondering, is to spit up an exceptionally thick & phlegmy form of bile. This is one of their most beloved Hawai'ian past-times.
> Well, I can't see any picture, but it is very good to hear from you.
> When we got the box of things from you we noticed that the return address was in Spokane.
I tried to call you in Bremerton, but the phone had been discontinued, so we weren't sure where you were.
> Are you back in Hawaii? I couldn't quite make out the postmark on your postcard, but it looked like it might be Honolulu. What have you been up to?
> We had a very bad December. Jack was in the hospital for two weeks and there were a few days when they didn't know if he was going to make it or not.
> He had gone in for a routine colonoscopy and that seemed to go well, but later that night he developed terrible pains in his stomach. We ended up in the emergency room. They did all sorts of tests, thinking that maybe his colon had been [ perforated ] during the colonoscopy, but they couldn't see anything on the X-rays. So they gave him some pain meds and sent him home.
The next day he was in so much pain he was admitted to the hospital. What they finally figured out was going on was that he had a "necrotic" gallbladder.
His gallbladder had "died" and caused a massive infection.
He underwent 5 1/2 hours of surgery.
Anyway, it was pretty touch and go for several days. He finally got home a few days before Christmas, but it took him a while before he started feeling O.K. Things are fine now though. Other than that, things are pretty much status-quo around here.
> Well, drop me a line and let us know [ what's ] going on.
> Love,> Joan>
Original Message
----- >
Sent: Thursday, March 17, 2005 11:46 AM
Subject: Picture from ,1-509...
> the picture that you just received may require substantial enhancing to view ...
Such as increasing contrast or increasing its size and "blurring" it... ???
> This message was sent from mMode on a wireless phone.

Appendix A
This is a much larger version of the picture that i sent them...

From: The Revised Ordinances of Honolulu ( Section 13-3.1 )

Sec. 13-3.1 Activities prohibited on transit buses and special transit service vehicles--Authority of drivers— Violations.(a) For purposes of this section: "Disability" shall have the same meaning ascribed to that term in 49 CFR Section 37.3, as the same may from time to time be amended. "Individual with a disability" shall have the same meaning ascribed to that term in 49 CFR Section 37.3, as the same may from time to time be amended. "Service animal" shall have the same meaning as ascribed to that term in 49 CFR Section 37.3, as the same may from time to time be amended. "Transit system" includes the department of transportation services and the entity or entities who operate the city bus system and special transit service.(b) It shall be a violation of this section for a person, who is doing or has done any of the following activities on a city transit bus or special transit vehicle, to either refuse or fail to immediately cease and desist from doing any of the following activities after being requested to do so by the driver, another agent of the transit system, or any police officer, or to fail or refuse to immediately exit a city transit bus or special transit vehicle if requested to do so by the driver of the bus or vehicle, another agent of the transit system, or a police officer: (1) Consuming any form of food or beverage or carrying or possessing any food or beverage in a container other than a container that is tightly closed, covered or packaged so as to minimize the possibility of accidental spillage when the container is shaken or dropped; provided that nothing contained in this subdivision shall be construed as prohibiting the carrying or possession of groceries in a suitable bag or other container; (2) Using or playing any television, radio, recording playback device, musical instrument, or other sound-producing device, unless the device is connected to a headphone or earphone which limits the sound to the individual user; provided that nothing contained in this subdivision shall be construed as prohibiting the driver of the bus or vehicle from using or playing such devices for official business, or as prohibiting the use of telephones and pagers; (3) Carrying or possessing any live animals, except a service animal properly harnessed and accompanied by the individual with a disability owning the service animal or to whom the service animal has been furnished, and except for small animals properly kept in enclosed containers; provided that nothing contained in this subdivision shall be construed as prohibiting a police officer from carrying or possessing an animal used for law enforcement purposes; (4) Discarding, disposing of, placing, throwing, or dropping any litter, as defined in HRS Section 339-1, in or from the bus or vehicle, except into receptacles designated for that purpose; (5) Failing or refusing to vacate seats designated as priority seating for elderly or disabled passengers or the fold-down or other movable seat area designated for wheelchair securement, when requested to do so by the driver, any other agent of the transit system, or a police officer; provided that nothing contained in this subdivision shall be construed as requiring other elderly or disabled passengers to vacate seats designated as priority seating for elderly or disabled passengers; and provided further that nothing contained in this subdivision shall be construed as requiring the driver or other agent of the transit system to enforce a request that other passengers move from the priority seating area or wheelchair securement area; (6) Carrying or possessing any flammable, combustible, explosive, corrosive, or highly toxic liquid or other substance, article or material which is likely to cause harm to others or to emit any foul or noxious dust, mist, fume, gas, vapor, or odor; provided that nothing contained in this subdivision shall be construed as prohibiting a person from carrying or possessing any match or any cigar, cigarette, or pipe lighter, which is not lighted or smoldering;
(7) Spitting, expectorating, urinating or defecating
in, on or from the bus or vehicle; provided that nothing contained in this subdivision shall be construed as applying to any person who cannot comply with this subdivision as a result of a disability, age, or a medical condition;

Friday, March 18, 2005

Steroids in The News

Steroids have been in The News lately,
And it's reminded me a little of the animosity that i've come to perceive when unattractive women complain about the shallowness of 'Beauty Pageants' and such...
It seems to me that The People that are now complaining about the use of Steroids are doing so because they themselves would never use them... and the principle reason that they wouldn't; Is because The Benefits of Steroid Use does not apply to their situation!
But what if it did?
What if you were a Musician and you could take a drug that would make you The Worlds Best Musician,

or more realistically, If 30% of All Musicians were taking this drug,
So that while you may still never be the best musician in the world, you would become a world class musician! ( ? )
And as a result of taking the drug, you'd knowingly shave 10 or 20 years off your life span,

Assuming that, all other things considered, you'd live; potentially, to 87... or whatever...?
Would you take the Drug?
What if you're weren't a Musician, but an Office Worker...?

And there was a drug that would allow you to get all your office work done every day,
so that you could go home; Stress Free...?
But it would peel off 10 years of your life...!
What if you could take a drug that would make you SuperMan or Woman for 5 years,

And then die immediately afterwards... Would you take that Drug...?
Maybe you would.
If there was a Drug that could make you, whatever it is that you want to excel at, the best or near best, or pretty darn close to being best at... and it would kill you a little bit...
Would you take it.
i think that there is definitely something to say for reaching your personal best...
and being willing to PAY FOR IT.
Most people just don't understand that.
Most of The Damp Masses will never accomplish anything that is even remotely special or come close to excelling at anything--And they know it.

These are the people that don't want anyone else to excel at anything either.
These are the people that beat up nerds in school,
And are filled with rage everytime they hear that Their Tax Dollars are going to some 'Arts Program'--
Rather than The Nuclear Bombs that they have a clearer understanding of.
And Steroids don't make you 'Inhuman'...!

They merely promote your 'Natural' Tissues to grow a little bit more than they might otherwise be inclined to...
Someday; Not so very far into our future, People with Bionic limbs will be wanting to play professional BaseBall...

Should we let them?
Will we Knowingly and Methodically discriminate against people that share their lives with Machines...?
Or will we take on a new way of looking at The Potential 'Potential' of People and allow them to become Supermen for a few years...
If they so choose.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Weird Animal Day ( Thursday (?) )

i can't quite remember what day it was...
But a few days ago i had A Weird Animal Day that was supplemented a day or two later when i was sitting outside over at The Ala Moana Shopping center, and a young girl came by and mischievously took on a 'Frankenstein' pose right beside me and began stalking a group of birds; Pigeons, Doves, Sparrows...( et al. )
At first i thought she was just 'Fooling Around' but a moment later, when i wasn't looking right at her, she reached down and Snatched a Zebra Dove right off the ground...!!!
i wouldn't have imagined that this was possible...!!!
Then she turned and went to show her two friends what she'd captured.

The day or so before this; i was sitting over across the street from The Mall, at the Park with the same name, and felt something crawling up my leg. Naturally; i thought it was a beetle of some kind, perhaps even a CockRoach...!!! But when i went to examine it, and pulled up my pants leg, i discovered a tiny Lizard...!
Then that same day, i was sitting with my legs crossed, and one of those tiny little birds with the huge red beaks... ( they look like 'WoodStock' ) ...who are usually VERY shy, and don't even come to eat bread crumbs with the other birds... flies over and lands RIGHT ON MY FOOT, then looks at me like; 'Where is it?' and naturally i have no idea what it's doing or thinking... so it ignores me and starts pecking at my TOE...!!! Not that it could ever ( ??? ) do any serious damage but i thought it so humorful that my leg started to jiggle, and it became alarmed and flew off.
Then later that same day, i was looking out over the water and saw a Sea Turtle surface, take a gulp of air, and disappear. Ordinarily, even if you're looking for Sea Turtles, you would only see one in your peripheral vision, and by the time you looked directly at it, it would be gone! But this time, purely by accident, i was looking right at it as it came up.

What does it all mean?

Very Pretty Crazy Lady

Sadly-- this picture is of an even poorer resolution
that i'd imagined it would be...!
i'll have to try and get a better picture...!
You may however to able to just make out that in the middle of this Photo
are Three Large Parcels---
Which are on wheeled trolleys,
of the sort that are generally used on loading docks or at airport...
Behind this group of collections is yet another like them,
and the very attractive owner sitting beside it.
She is writing.
i don't know what she is writing.
i tried saying 'hi' to her a few months ago, and she ignored me.
i haven't tried talking to her since.
i never try talking to anyone, except for 'official bznz' purposes.
When i first came across her,
she only had two large parcels on trolleys.
One was about 3 times the size of the other.
Now; They are all about the same size.
Whenever she moves from one location to another,
she takes one platform to a location in the desired direction for about 30 feet,
then returns for the others, leap frogging over the original
so as to make her journey reasonably efficient.
A month or so ago, she used to spend her days in the lower basement of
The State Capitol Building. i don't know what she did down there,
but she doesn't do that anymore.
Nowadays; She spends her whole day in The Downtown Mall.
Then; in the evenings, she moves about 2 blocks over to a retail district
adjacent to China Town and spends the night outside.
It's times like this that i wish i wasn't so shy...
( contaminated with bad molecules )...!!!
But she seems to support this General Theory
that i have about street people,
particularly women, such that;
The more attractive the street person is--
The crazier they are.
( Otherwise: Someone would have 'Adopted them' by now. )

Friday, March 11, 2005

The Importance of Rules

  1. Monday ( March 8th ) i found a bag from 'Jack in The Box' ( ?) that had a whole bunch of stuff in it... A Taco, Half of a 'Fish' Sandwich, and a whole carton of Curly Fries... it was sitting out in the middle of a Parking Garage, which violates one of my principle axioms concerning; What to Eat & What Not to Eat... Specifically regarding the question of How long has this been here... If something is in a Garbage can that you are reasonably sure get dumped every day or even a couple of times a day, as are garbage cans around most commerical malls... then the contents must necessarily be reasonably fresh-- But a bag out in the middle of a parking garage may have been there for several hours, or overnight, or days...! As it turned out, although the bag passed the No Flies or Ants test, it was still too old and i got violently ill about 6 hours later.
  2. i'd gone to my usual place to sleep, but noticed a sticky, gummy fluid leaking out of my anus, so i leaped out of my sleeping bag, sat on a handkercheif and put everything into my backpack and walked over to the park near by. Although the Restrooms were locked, i was able to reveal my fully extended bowls of their accumulating fluid by despensing them onto a few layers of newspapers, by the ballparks dugout. After which i tried to get some sleep on one of the benches there, but they were very narrow, and i had to keep getting up to soil more newspapers.
  3. That morning, i felt that i was empty enough to ride a bus to Honolulu, which takes about an hour, and made it there without any complications. Then i spent the day at Ala Moana park, sleeping on the grass and only occasionally using the restrooms to empty my bowls again & again...! It's amazing how much fluid i dispensed... considering that i hadn't had anything more to eat or drink for about 36 hours...
  4. At the End of the day, i didn't feel well enough to return to 'Site A'-- So i stayed at Ala Moana Park and slept for a few hours beside the rest rooms at the end of the Peninsula, until it started raining... Then i moved inside the restroom, and shared the ( again narrow ) benches with 2 other homeless crazy people! After about an hour, the parks sprinklers came on... ( Never mind that it was pouring down with Rain ) ...and they sprayed us through the open windows. ( ugh. )
  5. The next day i spent another day at the park, and only occasionally had to empty my damp bowels in the restrooms. By the end of the day i felt well enough to climb back on a bus and return to my favorite sleeping place... and i slept well enough, although i tossed and turned a little.
  6. Total time sick: about 3 days.

Ad Sense Sucks...!!!

So i tried signing up for Ad Sense Ad's the other day,
and for whatever reasons... ( why do 'They' do what they do...??? )
...they are absolutely LOATH to provide me with
The Step by Step Instructions that i need to get their ads to appear on my Blog...!!!
i don't know what the deal is, But they won't work.
The major reason that i wanted to put them on my Blog was not to make any money, since it's apparent that no one is reading this blog

( if you are, then for gawds sake, leave a comment! )
But so that these pages would start appearing on Search Engine Results Pages...
As it is; None of the Search Engines i've tried, Include Google, who is apparently the sponcer of this Blog Resource, will include me in their searches...!

Monday, March 07, 2005

More Recent Events...

  1. Quimby's Bookstore in Chicago just ordered 5 issues of Translucent Vol. 1 bookstores typically give you 60% of cover price --- cool, huh? - marc calvary
  2. i discovered, chiefly by accident, since i never make or receive any phone calls, that my cell phone ( which i use principally for playing Bounce ) was off-line...??? Even though Cingular extracted their blood oath from my checking account, they failed to credit me with any minutes for this month...!!! So i went over to the service center at the mall, and after some considerable pathetic whining, they refused to help me...!!! So-- Then-- After i'd recovered a little bit, i managed to call their Service Number, and although the connection was AWFUL, and their Horrible Menu System tried very hard to drive me to suicide...!!! i somehow ( ??? ) managed to get it fixed...??? ( or maybe i didn't... maybe those evil girls at the service center did something after i left in tears...??? ) So anyways... it was apparently somehow fixed... But then:
  3. The next day, i noticed that my Mmode ( Internet service ) was out...!!! and i tried calling Customer Service again, but this time they put me on hold for 20 minutes, and then cut me off... So i ended up waiting an hour, and going over to a different Service Center, where this time i found a very nice lady that helped me Alot, even though they never actually figured out what was wrong with it...!!! What it was doing was that when i tried to log on, it would say that i was an Unknown User... or somesuch... ( ??? - i forget already ! ) and then it brought up a 4 page notice with all sorts of crypto-hash-codes...??? and it asked if i was willing to Accept these terms ( ??? ) or not... When the lady at the Service Center saw this, she thought that maybe it was a Virus (!) of somekind, since she'd never seen anything like this before...!!! So she called up the Cingular Technical Service Center, and Surprise, Surprise, the Technician Did NOT have an Indian Accent...!!! He suggested many remedies, including pulling out and reseating the SIM Card, Turning the phone off, and back On, sending me a magic program and checking some other things... None of which Worked...!!! It was still denying me access to the Internet...! Then i finally said; 'Maybe i should try Accepting the Terms...' So i hit the Accept button, and it allowed me to go on the web...!!! But it had never done this before...!!! So i was still miffed...!!! Then; With nothing better to do, i left and sat outside the Service Center and continued to read the manual, to see what i could make of this little 'Lock' icon that was appearing on the Screen ( that was New! ) and i found that it was a Personal Encryption Icon...! So this sounded vaguely familiar... Then i looked through all the Menu Options i could find... and there are SO MANY...!!! and finally i found one under The Services/Security/Security Levels/Documents(?) or whatever, and it had an Encryption Template that had a name that was in The Notification that came up after it denied me access to the web... Learning this; i went back into the Service Center, and asked them about this apparent connection, but they Knew Nothing About Any of It...!!! They were merely SALES Representatives, so this guy, ( the lady was busy with another customer ) gave me the number of a technical representative, and i went back outside... Where i continued to play around with the phone, and i DidN't call the Technical Representative...!!! ( They are Useless...! ) THEN-- i found another menu hidden in another subdirectory that allowed me to TURN OFF my Security Level Interface...!!! Which i did, ( After Resetting Everything to Factory Specifications, which didn't help at all...!!! ) and Just Resetting this Security Level Interface CURED IT...!!! What is so very Surprising about all this-- Is that Neither the Sales Representatives OR THE TECHNICIAN that we talked to was able to suggest turning this off...!!! What Freaking Morons...!!! i certainly hope this is The Last bit of Craziness i have to Endure from Cingular... a few months ago i tried a Cell phone with Sprint, and it was a Fawking Nightmare...!!! i had these kinds of problems ( and more ) with Sprint Every Stinking Day for the 3 weeks i tried their Service... Is Technology Intrinsically Evil or just The Humanimals that administer to the fetid desires of their Computer Overlords...???
  4. Another thing that i've had to deal with recently is that my Guest Library Card was up for Renewal, and when i tried to update it at The Main Branch, they noticed that my Washington ID Address was different from The Address that i'd given them for my Permanent Address... ( Because i'm homeless... ) they wouldn't ReNew it...!!! EEEEEEEK...!!! i could do without the books i've been reading Lately... Mostly The Cthulhu Mytho's Collections...! But i also NEED to use the Computers, and i need a Library Card to do that... So i've been Fretting Terribly for the last couple of days, and finally i got together a bunch of highly questionable documentation and came over to the Library at Kapolei and they simply renewed it without even looking at all the stuff i printed up from my bank & phone records. ( i'm still winding down from it all...! )

Friday, March 04, 2005

Hawai'ian Observations

  1. i routinely admire anyone that speaks more than one language: especially since; although i've been tested in this realm and have been shown to have a natural aptitude for learning languages, i have yet to master even English. This said: Hawai'ians typically speak their native tongue; Hawai'ian-- And some form of English. This Alternate form of English is often of the Pidgin Variety... Ordinarily; Pidgin is spoken by Seafarers that are accustomed to trading with a wide variety of foreigners, and amoung this well defined subset of these various cultures, they will share a simple, yet effective language-- Somewhat more sophisticated than Gorilla sign-language. Amoung Hawai'ians however; Their version of pidgin consists of substituting every other verb, pronoun, adverb, adjective &/or inflection with the word 'F**k'. And since most Hawai'ians can not effectively pronounce consonants; this usually comes out something like; 'Faug' 'Fauggah' or 'Fawgad'. This regional dialect is widely shared throughout all societal classes, and can be heard spewing from the professionals that drive cabs, to the small brown children wallowing in filthy aqueducts.
  2. Most everywhere i've ever been; it is the usual practice of Prostitutes to sell their wares in the evening hours; say-- from a few hours after dusk - to 2 or 3 in the morning. Hawai'ian prostitutes, for some inexplicable reason, prefer instead to stay indoors throughout the evening hours & sleep throughout most of the night, coming out in the wee early hours of the morning; 2 or 3 hours before sunrise to make a living. ( ? )
  3. While you may see conventional Police Cars throughout the Islands, it is far more prevalent & likely that if you're pulled over for some infraction, felony or exercise in Polynesian Harassment, It will be by an UnMarked Van whose singular anomaly that indicates it is anything but a civilian vehicle-- Will be a single blue light on the roof. Other than this; it will have no markings whatsoever to allow a passerby to guess what sort of public service vehicle it might be.
  4. Nearly everywhere you go in the world, you will find people, especially men; Spitting. But here in Hawai'i; The men, & women, & Children will freely and with complete abandon exasperate saliva & phlegm both in gushing streams & gentle sprays that resemble little more than projectile drooling. This behaviour is so common that while most public transportation buses, retail outlets & libraries will admonish patrons to refrain from eating, drinking, loud talking & smoking-- These same institutions in Hawai'i will extend these rebukes to include the before mentioned spitting, urinating, defecating & masturbating.
  5. Speaking of Bus travel-- There is a peculiar form of 'Passive-Aggressive' behaviour that may exist elsewhere, but i have only become aware of it here, as it is so amazingly rife... It is this; Whenever someone gets on a bus, they will, if they are allowed by seating availability, take the aisle seat, leaving the window seat empty. Then; as the bus fills up with passengers, they will -Not- slide over, but instead remain firmly planted in their aisle seat until someone will take it upon themselves to request the other seat. Will the Person Sitting then slide over...? No. Will they get up to allow the standing person to move comfortably to the Window seat...? No. -- Instead; They will skrunch up their legs as if to make enough room for the standing person to enter over to the Window seat, all the while making a face of the sort that unambiguously declares; 'i hope you die in a sea of worm sucking boils'. Needless to add, there is never enough room to accomplish this, so that the standing person is forced to virtually climb over the Aisle sitting person to take the Window seat. This ritual is amazingly common...???
  6. You might think that Hawai'ians would 'Anticipate' that it might occasionally rain in Hawai'i. But amazingly; They seem to turn a blind eye to this occasional phenomena. First off; None of the buildings are built to withstand a good hardy rain; as was demonstrated recently when we had a good hardy rain, and it caused somewhere in the vicinity of 50 Million Dollars worth of damages to irreplaceable books at the University of Hawai'i's main Library. But aside from this; What i am most aggrieved about is that all the 'Shading Overhangs' that accompany most buildings & park benches, are constructed to offer shade from the sun, But are constructed in such a manner to provide absolutely no protection from the rain!
  7. Has it lately come to be a widespread fad to wear ones book-bag or back-pack over ones chest, rather than resting on ones back...? That is how most Hawai'ians, both young and old carry their things around... ( on their front sides...! )
  8. Where i come from; when you're talking with someone and they interject at some point: "Yeah, yeah- yeah." -- This means that they're becoming bored with your ranting and are telling you that you're full of crap... HERE -- when someone says; "Yeah, yeah, yeah--" they apparently mean 'Oh, i agree with you completely, we couldn't be less divergent on this matter.' This may be because Hawai'ians, as far as i can tell, are completely unable to express the advanced conversational elements of Irony or Sarcasm. When an Hawai'ian says 'x'; they mean 'x'... there should never be a moments hesitation in believing that they are capable of expressing an insincere or duplishous thought during your conversation.
  9. i've noticed that for some reason; Hawai'ians love to congregate around restrooms. In any given park, while most tourists take their bamboo 'blankets' out onto the lawns or undertrees to eat commercially processed chicken or pineapple slices, The local Hawai'ians will instead move over near the restrooms, and huddle in front of the doorways or press themselves tightly against the buildings walls... ???
  10. ---

TR-3B -- ( ??? )

This was a site describing The Mysterious Triangular Craft
that may, or may not, be a locally produced 'Flying Saucer'...???
But someone, somewhere is apparently
Suppressing your Right to Know...!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Recent Events ( March Third )

  1. This morning while i was wandering around The Ala Moana Shopping Center, i happened to notice that an Envelope had been thrown away, and i'm always especially attracted to anything that may contain embarrassing person information, so i reached into the trash can that it hide itself in and fished it out. What it was; was a Birthday card for Dominic Julian, Now 3 years old...! What his mother ( Nelvie ) failed to notice however, was that Auntie Kellie had also included a Waldomart Gift Card for $10...!!! Ha! i sent her a thankyou postcard-- asking her to extend my thanx to Auntie Kellie, who, for whatever reasons, did not include her return address on the envelope...!
  2. A few days ago when i got over to my usual sleeping place, i noticed that the air-conditioning units were still on, creating a dull & noticeable roar on one side of the building... i thought that this was 'odd', but since the building was dark, as it usually is, i didn't associate this anomaly with any additional, unreasoning worries &/or concerns. After i climbed into my sleeping bag, i noticed an peculiar odor... lemony, like a cleaning solution or floor polish, and then realized that it was coming from under the doors (3) on the porch... Apparently they'd cleaned or waxed the floors that day ( a Saturday ) and were now trying to 'air-out' the building... This still did not alarm me... Until-- around midnight, ( 4 hours later ) when i woke up with a noggin splitting head ache, a bladder full of poisonous urine, and a recollection of dream fragments that included a recursive gematria formula that had something to do with infinity. since i hate to get up in the middle of the night to pee, and then return to my hiding place, i put off getting up until 3:00am. What was particularly annoying, besides the bladder full of poisonous urine & the staggering migraine-- was this dream 'fragment' that just kept looping around & around in my head, it was like a 'puzzle' that i couldn't solve... and every time i would rouse myself to check the time, or furtively glance around after hearing an unusual sound, the fragment would return again, to bounce off the inner sides of head; ad infinium... :: Thankfully-- the next night was free of the odor, and i slept better than i normally do, having gone without any reasonably normal sleep for about 30 hours...!!!
  3. i still haven't left 'The Islands' yet... i was thinking a few days ago that since it was still so cold here, it must be unbearably cold on the mainland...!!! and now it's starting to warm up a bit, but i just spent $40 on a new bus pass, so i have to use it for another week, or so, at least before i can go. Plus: i really, really, really, Really, REALLY-- do Not want to look for and move into another room, or worse, a quad. i'm just frozen with indecision. i need something to push me out of here... Like-- Lately: The Oahu Police have been clearing the beaches & freeway underpasses of Homeless people that have taken to setting up 'Shanty Towns' there... From the reports that i've heard on the Radio, it sounds like they've been very reasonable about it, but the reports have been gathered from the police spokesperson... They insist that they've been giving these vagabonds 2 weeks notice, and offered them 'alternative housing', which curiously, the homeless have turned down... What is not reported on the radio... ( ??? ) that maybe this 'alternative housing' is in jail...!!! While my sleeping arrangements have not had any of the features that are causing this crackdown on others, it may be only a matter of time that they will run out of Beach Towns to dismantle before they are redirected to less permanent settlements...???
  4. It's been a whole month now since i've gotten my Cell Phone, and it's only driven me crazy a little bit, and Cingular has been pretty nice, considering that i haven't had any contact with them since i started... ( When i was with Sprint, i was on the phone with their Customer Representatives nearly every day complaining about one thing or another...! ) One thing that has been keeping me busy is that i've been downloading games into it... i now have a Chess game, Frogger, Tetris, Maxim Pool & Bounce. Do you have Bounce on your Cell Phone? What level are you on... i'm on Level 9 now... and it looks like this may be the terminal level...??? What games do you have...? Which one is your Favorite...???
  5. Yesterday i was napping in the park, and i woke up, just as a crazy lady was dropping a bunch of food off beside me...! i kept saying 'No-- Please don't do that...!' but she kept on pulling things out of a plastic bag and dropping them beside me, rambling incoherently the whole time...??? Her husband (?) shyly & perhaps embarrassingly, stood several yards off... What makes this episode especially sad is that nearly all the items were Microwave dependent, or large bottles of half consumed condiments...???! There was no way that i was going to carry any of this around with me, so i ended up eating two boxes of microwave chili ( cold ) and feeding the cold wieners to the birds. Then i had to buy a whole loaf of bread to eat with the peanut butter, and that, combined with the chili made for some very rude farts. Plus: It really threw me off my diet...!!!
  6. You should always be very careful about giving away things... especially to people that don't want it, or-- if they do want it, have the will or resources to make use of it.
  7. i finally got over my cold about a week ago, and while i had my cold, my right foot, which had been hurting for several months now, Quit hurting...!!! But then: When the cold went away, My foot started hurting again...!!! ( ??? ) Was it the Antihistamines that were suppressing my foot pain, or making it better...??? Do you know anything about this sort of thing...???
  8. i am still agonizing over my Super Evil Cabbage Codes... it is driving me crazy that i can't seem to think of a way to make a group of essentially random numbers, & Letter combinations... LOOK Orderly...??? Any ideas for this will be eagerly accepted.

>> CONTEST!!! << Enter & Be Damned

Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2005 01:40:47 -0800
From: mistake

The contest for the 2005 Art Exchange Program Grant has begun.
There is still a lot to be worked out, but feel free to start sending in submissions now.
Purpose: the first of many annual awards dedicated to showing support and giving thanks to those who try a little everyday to create something bigger than themselves using the print medium.
Fees: NONE, that's right, no entry fees.
I do actually understand entry fees. It weeds out those who really don't care. It keeps the crap at home and saves the time of the judges. However I know that it's hard enough to raise the money needed to print a project without people charging entry fees that are sometimes just a veiled attempt to make money.
What to send in: Submissions that have been created for the print medium.
(zine, art book, comic, novel, etc.)
Projects that have been completed between October 2004 and December 2005
Submissions must include a (clearly) filled out ENTRY FORM.
You must then staple a copy of the attached ENTRY FORM to the back of each entry.
Include an essay (any length) about what you do and why, and what the project is, it's history, how often it keeps you up at night and your doubts and desires as well as an estimated cost list, publishing run, how long you have been doing this, etc. The more info the better.
I want to get a feel for what you are doing and what you have done as well as where you want to take it.
All expenses to produce your project must come from your own pockets, from either selling your artwork, or having to work a full time job like I do to support your habit of publishing.
Money from trust funds, Mom, Dad & Grandma don't count.
Limit 3 entries per person.
What to NOT send in: Anything not related to the print medium or something you didn't actually create.
Awards (Subject to Change):
1st prize: $150.00 and a page on this website where people can order your project directly from you.
2nd prize: 3 issues of anything published by the carbon based mistake.
3rd prize: 1 issue of anything published by the carbon based mistake.
Deadline: Submissions must be postmarked by December 31st 2005.
Hopefully this year there will be categories,
but the categories have not been sponsored yet but we can decide what submission goes in what category when we receive it..
You don't need to worry about that now.
If you'd like to sponsor a category please email me at
Send entries to:
the carbon based mistake art exchange program
P. O. Box 11923
Eugene, Oregon
- marc calvary
publish and be damned.

Am i Famous Yet...???

Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2005 00:41:09 -0800
From: mistake
To: Robyn Chapman , Anna Gregoline , " .....
Subject: finally, an update

It's been months since the last update and people are beginning to talk.
What's going on, have you retired?
Well, no, actually, I've been very busy and wanted to wait until most everything was done before an update. Well, the time has come.
Here we go: The cherrypepper collection is done and it's beautiful.
158 pages, which is huge, usually cherrypepper is about 100 pages...
There's dozens and dozens of previously unpublished photographs (including some cute pics of my wife Prague from back in 1998), and all your favorites from issues 1 and 2.
It was a tough project to complete. It involved reprinting all the negatives from those old sessions, and rescanning them and resizing them to fit the new cherrypepper format of 8"x10".
This issue also included a page of history and production notes, which added to the problems because I have a fear, since it happened to me once before, that if I have a project that only involves a little text that it will no doubt have a misspelling, typo, something that will make me mad when I discover it after I have printed.
Unless I proof it thousands of times.
Did it happen this time?
I don't know because I had to stop checking it. For better or for worse it is done.
But I only could afford to print 50 copies this time around, so it will be limited, but don't worry, I can always print it to order. So if you want a copy, you'll be able to get one as well as issues 3 and 4 which have been reprinted.
Also I have finally done something I have always wanted to do.
Publish someone else’s work. The third place winner for the Art Exchange Program would have been the first place winner, but they sent me originals, and the contest was for print submissions.
I was forced to give them third place, but it really made me mad that the world was going to be denied this collection of bizarre and beautiful watercolors.
So I asked the artist, a guy who goes by the name
"The Translucent Amoebae Consortium"
if I could publish his work. He agreed and the book is done.
It's called "Translucent Volume One" It's 70 pages, black and white, color cover 5"x5" perfect bound and amazing. It sells for 6 bucks and is well worth it.
To be honest I'd pay 20 bucks for it if I saw it for sale. Maybe more.
The work reminds me of hell in the 1950's if flying saucers and Larry Flint invaded it.
To not get this book is to be an idiot.
Visit the artist's blog of rants at
Still getting ready for the Alternative Press Expo (April 9th and 10th in San Francisco)
( )
the carbon based mistake issue 11 is still in progress and probably won't be ready for it this year, but I'm still hoping cherrypepper 5 and Sad-Libs 2 will be done within the month... hopefully just in time.
I still have lots to do, buttons, stickers, and I want to get the Art Exchange Program Grant started for the 2006 awards. I have to get the word out early. I haven't had a day off in months. This year is going to be huge.
My friend and cherrypepper model, Cat just published her first comic book, Heads Up Penny ( ) and she will be there selling issues, and signing her book and if you ask nicely she will probably sign a copy of the issue of cherrypepper she was in.
My wife has a few projects she is finishing up and this year Brandon and Blue from Quite Lovely Comics will be there with lots of new stuff, it going to be 54 square feet of indy publications. 24 hour comics, erotica, depression, comedy, buttons, you know the usual.
This will be my 5th year at APE, if you are around the area stop by my table and say hello.
If you want to be deleted from my mailing list, just let me know.
- marc calvary
publish and be damned.

End of The World...! ( Finally! )

The End of the World Coming in 2012
Scientists Now Agree !!!