Thursday, March 03, 2005

Am i Famous Yet...???

Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2005 00:41:09 -0800
From: mistake
To: Robyn Chapman , Anna Gregoline , " .....
Subject: finally, an update

It's been months since the last update and people are beginning to talk.
What's going on, have you retired?
Well, no, actually, I've been very busy and wanted to wait until most everything was done before an update. Well, the time has come.
Here we go: The cherrypepper collection is done and it's beautiful.
158 pages, which is huge, usually cherrypepper is about 100 pages...
There's dozens and dozens of previously unpublished photographs (including some cute pics of my wife Prague from back in 1998), and all your favorites from issues 1 and 2.
It was a tough project to complete. It involved reprinting all the negatives from those old sessions, and rescanning them and resizing them to fit the new cherrypepper format of 8"x10".
This issue also included a page of history and production notes, which added to the problems because I have a fear, since it happened to me once before, that if I have a project that only involves a little text that it will no doubt have a misspelling, typo, something that will make me mad when I discover it after I have printed.
Unless I proof it thousands of times.
Did it happen this time?
I don't know because I had to stop checking it. For better or for worse it is done.
But I only could afford to print 50 copies this time around, so it will be limited, but don't worry, I can always print it to order. So if you want a copy, you'll be able to get one as well as issues 3 and 4 which have been reprinted.
Also I have finally done something I have always wanted to do.
Publish someone else’s work. The third place winner for the Art Exchange Program would have been the first place winner, but they sent me originals, and the contest was for print submissions.
I was forced to give them third place, but it really made me mad that the world was going to be denied this collection of bizarre and beautiful watercolors.
So I asked the artist, a guy who goes by the name
"The Translucent Amoebae Consortium"
if I could publish his work. He agreed and the book is done.
It's called "Translucent Volume One" It's 70 pages, black and white, color cover 5"x5" perfect bound and amazing. It sells for 6 bucks and is well worth it.
To be honest I'd pay 20 bucks for it if I saw it for sale. Maybe more.
The work reminds me of hell in the 1950's if flying saucers and Larry Flint invaded it.
To not get this book is to be an idiot.
Visit the artist's blog of rants at
Still getting ready for the Alternative Press Expo (April 9th and 10th in San Francisco)
( )
the carbon based mistake issue 11 is still in progress and probably won't be ready for it this year, but I'm still hoping cherrypepper 5 and Sad-Libs 2 will be done within the month... hopefully just in time.
I still have lots to do, buttons, stickers, and I want to get the Art Exchange Program Grant started for the 2006 awards. I have to get the word out early. I haven't had a day off in months. This year is going to be huge.
My friend and cherrypepper model, Cat just published her first comic book, Heads Up Penny ( ) and she will be there selling issues, and signing her book and if you ask nicely she will probably sign a copy of the issue of cherrypepper she was in.
My wife has a few projects she is finishing up and this year Brandon and Blue from Quite Lovely Comics will be there with lots of new stuff, it going to be 54 square feet of indy publications. 24 hour comics, erotica, depression, comedy, buttons, you know the usual.
This will be my 5th year at APE, if you are around the area stop by my table and say hello.
If you want to be deleted from my mailing list, just let me know.
- marc calvary
publish and be damned.

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