Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Another Crazy Guy...!!!

This is almost a decent picture...!!!
i don't know this guy's name either, but he hangs around the Ala Moana Shopping Center quite a bit...
i've almost talked to him a few times, but not quite.
He seems like a very nice person, although he's a smoker
and a light Alchoholic...
i saw him at the Foodland the other morning,
and he was buying this huge ( more than a quart )
bottle of Fancy Named Beer... !!!
( i forget what the name of it was,
but the label was designed by somebody in Sweden! )
Also: He does this weird whistling thing that my mother does,
and that is; They will blow without actually Whistling...!!!
It drives me Fawking Crazy...!!!
( but i don't scream at him, as i would my mother )

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