Thursday, March 03, 2005

>> CONTEST!!! << Enter & Be Damned

Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2005 01:40:47 -0800
From: mistake

The contest for the 2005 Art Exchange Program Grant has begun.
There is still a lot to be worked out, but feel free to start sending in submissions now.
Purpose: the first of many annual awards dedicated to showing support and giving thanks to those who try a little everyday to create something bigger than themselves using the print medium.
Fees: NONE, that's right, no entry fees.
I do actually understand entry fees. It weeds out those who really don't care. It keeps the crap at home and saves the time of the judges. However I know that it's hard enough to raise the money needed to print a project without people charging entry fees that are sometimes just a veiled attempt to make money.
What to send in: Submissions that have been created for the print medium.
(zine, art book, comic, novel, etc.)
Projects that have been completed between October 2004 and December 2005
Submissions must include a (clearly) filled out ENTRY FORM.
You must then staple a copy of the attached ENTRY FORM to the back of each entry.
Include an essay (any length) about what you do and why, and what the project is, it's history, how often it keeps you up at night and your doubts and desires as well as an estimated cost list, publishing run, how long you have been doing this, etc. The more info the better.
I want to get a feel for what you are doing and what you have done as well as where you want to take it.
All expenses to produce your project must come from your own pockets, from either selling your artwork, or having to work a full time job like I do to support your habit of publishing.
Money from trust funds, Mom, Dad & Grandma don't count.
Limit 3 entries per person.
What to NOT send in: Anything not related to the print medium or something you didn't actually create.
Awards (Subject to Change):
1st prize: $150.00 and a page on this website where people can order your project directly from you.
2nd prize: 3 issues of anything published by the carbon based mistake.
3rd prize: 1 issue of anything published by the carbon based mistake.
Deadline: Submissions must be postmarked by December 31st 2005.
Hopefully this year there will be categories,
but the categories have not been sponsored yet but we can decide what submission goes in what category when we receive it..
You don't need to worry about that now.
If you'd like to sponsor a category please email me at
Send entries to:
the carbon based mistake art exchange program
P. O. Box 11923
Eugene, Oregon
- marc calvary
publish and be damned.

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