Friday, March 11, 2005

The Importance of Rules

  1. Monday ( March 8th ) i found a bag from 'Jack in The Box' ( ?) that had a whole bunch of stuff in it... A Taco, Half of a 'Fish' Sandwich, and a whole carton of Curly Fries... it was sitting out in the middle of a Parking Garage, which violates one of my principle axioms concerning; What to Eat & What Not to Eat... Specifically regarding the question of How long has this been here... If something is in a Garbage can that you are reasonably sure get dumped every day or even a couple of times a day, as are garbage cans around most commerical malls... then the contents must necessarily be reasonably fresh-- But a bag out in the middle of a parking garage may have been there for several hours, or overnight, or days...! As it turned out, although the bag passed the No Flies or Ants test, it was still too old and i got violently ill about 6 hours later.
  2. i'd gone to my usual place to sleep, but noticed a sticky, gummy fluid leaking out of my anus, so i leaped out of my sleeping bag, sat on a handkercheif and put everything into my backpack and walked over to the park near by. Although the Restrooms were locked, i was able to reveal my fully extended bowls of their accumulating fluid by despensing them onto a few layers of newspapers, by the ballparks dugout. After which i tried to get some sleep on one of the benches there, but they were very narrow, and i had to keep getting up to soil more newspapers.
  3. That morning, i felt that i was empty enough to ride a bus to Honolulu, which takes about an hour, and made it there without any complications. Then i spent the day at Ala Moana park, sleeping on the grass and only occasionally using the restrooms to empty my bowls again & again...! It's amazing how much fluid i dispensed... considering that i hadn't had anything more to eat or drink for about 36 hours...
  4. At the End of the day, i didn't feel well enough to return to 'Site A'-- So i stayed at Ala Moana Park and slept for a few hours beside the rest rooms at the end of the Peninsula, until it started raining... Then i moved inside the restroom, and shared the ( again narrow ) benches with 2 other homeless crazy people! After about an hour, the parks sprinklers came on... ( Never mind that it was pouring down with Rain ) ...and they sprayed us through the open windows. ( ugh. )
  5. The next day i spent another day at the park, and only occasionally had to empty my damp bowels in the restrooms. By the end of the day i felt well enough to climb back on a bus and return to my favorite sleeping place... and i slept well enough, although i tossed and turned a little.
  6. Total time sick: about 3 days.

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