Monday, March 28, 2005

Laura...!!! ( Pronounced: Lawr-rah )

Is she crazy...???
She's a street person, and carries around about 5 bags with her,
( all of which, along with all her clothing are Black! )
--but she claims to work at Macy's as a 'Sales Representative'--
Which is apparently a SalesLady.
She is also Married, and her husband lives in an apartment in Honolulu,
or thereabouts, but she's not living with him...
She also has two sons, and is trying to save up enough money to get a small,
but not too small, apartment or studio or basement
so that she can obtain custody of her youngest son.
( or something like that )
She doesn't seem extremely crazy...???
...a little confused & muddled from time to time,
but not Raving Mad...!!!
She is also exceptional honest, asking if she can use the electrical outlet,
of wherever she happens to be, so that she can recharge her cell phone.
( i just use the outside plugs around The Ala Moana Shopping Mall to Recharge mine,
and for shaving... and The Roving Security Droids don't seem to mind...
or it could be that they are just loath to get out of their scooters. )

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