Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Recent Events... ( Late March )

  1. i've been sleeping an awful lot lately... when i first got here, i would get by on just a few hours a night, and then remain relatively alert all day, without feeling the least bit drowsy on the bus or when laying around in the park... But now i can barely keep my eyes open even as i'm typing this... ( ??? )
  2. Two nights ago, while i was sleeping on my favorite porch, i was startled awake at about 12:30am by Flashing Light right outside, along the street...! So i froze & listened carefully to unintelligible radio communications for about 5 minutes, before realizing that it wasn't the police coming to haul me away, but an electrical service truck...! They were apparently looking at the wiring on the pole right beside my porch, and i was thinking that they be climbing up it soon to do whatever it was they were there for, so i scruntched up as closely as i could to the outer railing wall, so they wouldn't see me... Then after about another 5 minutes, one of them came up to the porch and looked over the railing and stared at me for a few moments without saying anything... maybe he thought i was sleeping...??? So i broke the awkward silence between us by asking him what he was doing...? And he said; "Electrical Stuff", and i said; "That's what it sounds like!" and he said; "That's what we're doing." and then he left to go back to his truck, where he fooled around, banging things together, without really seeming to accomplish much, and then he left...! i was sure that he would have told the people in this building about me, but nothing untowards happened last night... ( ??? )
  3. i'm determined to get the heck out of Hawai'i in early April...! It's still Terribly cold around here, and on the Mainland ( it seems much colder now than it was in December or January...!!! ( Cold around here is in the Mid 50's...! )-- But i'm just sick of sitting around over here...! i absolutely don't know where i'm going, or how i'm going to get around once i get there... so it will all have to happen in 4 minute increments... just like things always happen to me...!!!
  4. i've been reading alot of 'Horror' stories lately, ( when i'm not analyzing Dan Brown or catching up with 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' ( This last Snicket Book; The Grim Grotto was 99% filler...??? and it's supposed to be the second to last in the series... you would think that he would start wrapping it all up by now... but he's apparently saving it all for the last book...??? )) ... Horror Stories lately... Particularly an informal collection of books of Short Stories, that pertain to The Cthulhu Mythoes! What ties all these short stories together is usually nothing more than a little name dropping of characters found in Various H.P. Lovecraft Stories that concerned the inhabitants of Innsmouth, Massachusetts; who were chiefly the descendents of a race of decidedly quasi-evil merpeople from another planet...!!! Then there's The Necronomicon, a diary that's alive and contains sufficient information to destroy this world a few times over... Plus many other tid-bits... So that all these stories, written by many different authors, are all describing a single alternate reality... ( Maybe i will add something to it...! )
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