Thursday, March 03, 2005

Recent Events ( March Third )

  1. This morning while i was wandering around The Ala Moana Shopping Center, i happened to notice that an Envelope had been thrown away, and i'm always especially attracted to anything that may contain embarrassing person information, so i reached into the trash can that it hide itself in and fished it out. What it was; was a Birthday card for Dominic Julian, Now 3 years old...! What his mother ( Nelvie ) failed to notice however, was that Auntie Kellie had also included a Waldomart Gift Card for $10...!!! Ha! i sent her a thankyou postcard-- asking her to extend my thanx to Auntie Kellie, who, for whatever reasons, did not include her return address on the envelope...!
  2. A few days ago when i got over to my usual sleeping place, i noticed that the air-conditioning units were still on, creating a dull & noticeable roar on one side of the building... i thought that this was 'odd', but since the building was dark, as it usually is, i didn't associate this anomaly with any additional, unreasoning worries &/or concerns. After i climbed into my sleeping bag, i noticed an peculiar odor... lemony, like a cleaning solution or floor polish, and then realized that it was coming from under the doors (3) on the porch... Apparently they'd cleaned or waxed the floors that day ( a Saturday ) and were now trying to 'air-out' the building... This still did not alarm me... Until-- around midnight, ( 4 hours later ) when i woke up with a noggin splitting head ache, a bladder full of poisonous urine, and a recollection of dream fragments that included a recursive gematria formula that had something to do with infinity. since i hate to get up in the middle of the night to pee, and then return to my hiding place, i put off getting up until 3:00am. What was particularly annoying, besides the bladder full of poisonous urine & the staggering migraine-- was this dream 'fragment' that just kept looping around & around in my head, it was like a 'puzzle' that i couldn't solve... and every time i would rouse myself to check the time, or furtively glance around after hearing an unusual sound, the fragment would return again, to bounce off the inner sides of head; ad infinium... :: Thankfully-- the next night was free of the odor, and i slept better than i normally do, having gone without any reasonably normal sleep for about 30 hours...!!!
  3. i still haven't left 'The Islands' yet... i was thinking a few days ago that since it was still so cold here, it must be unbearably cold on the mainland...!!! and now it's starting to warm up a bit, but i just spent $40 on a new bus pass, so i have to use it for another week, or so, at least before i can go. Plus: i really, really, really, Really, REALLY-- do Not want to look for and move into another room, or worse, a quad. i'm just frozen with indecision. i need something to push me out of here... Like-- Lately: The Oahu Police have been clearing the beaches & freeway underpasses of Homeless people that have taken to setting up 'Shanty Towns' there... From the reports that i've heard on the Radio, it sounds like they've been very reasonable about it, but the reports have been gathered from the police spokesperson... They insist that they've been giving these vagabonds 2 weeks notice, and offered them 'alternative housing', which curiously, the homeless have turned down... What is not reported on the radio... ( ??? ) that maybe this 'alternative housing' is in jail...!!! While my sleeping arrangements have not had any of the features that are causing this crackdown on others, it may be only a matter of time that they will run out of Beach Towns to dismantle before they are redirected to less permanent settlements...???
  4. It's been a whole month now since i've gotten my Cell Phone, and it's only driven me crazy a little bit, and Cingular has been pretty nice, considering that i haven't had any contact with them since i started... ( When i was with Sprint, i was on the phone with their Customer Representatives nearly every day complaining about one thing or another...! ) One thing that has been keeping me busy is that i've been downloading games into it... i now have a Chess game, Frogger, Tetris, Maxim Pool & Bounce. Do you have Bounce on your Cell Phone? What level are you on... i'm on Level 9 now... and it looks like this may be the terminal level...??? What games do you have...? Which one is your Favorite...???
  5. Yesterday i was napping in the park, and i woke up, just as a crazy lady was dropping a bunch of food off beside me...! i kept saying 'No-- Please don't do that...!' but she kept on pulling things out of a plastic bag and dropping them beside me, rambling incoherently the whole time...??? Her husband (?) shyly & perhaps embarrassingly, stood several yards off... What makes this episode especially sad is that nearly all the items were Microwave dependent, or large bottles of half consumed condiments...???! There was no way that i was going to carry any of this around with me, so i ended up eating two boxes of microwave chili ( cold ) and feeding the cold wieners to the birds. Then i had to buy a whole loaf of bread to eat with the peanut butter, and that, combined with the chili made for some very rude farts. Plus: It really threw me off my diet...!!!
  6. You should always be very careful about giving away things... especially to people that don't want it, or-- if they do want it, have the will or resources to make use of it.
  7. i finally got over my cold about a week ago, and while i had my cold, my right foot, which had been hurting for several months now, Quit hurting...!!! But then: When the cold went away, My foot started hurting again...!!! ( ??? ) Was it the Antihistamines that were suppressing my foot pain, or making it better...??? Do you know anything about this sort of thing...???
  8. i am still agonizing over my Super Evil Cabbage Codes... it is driving me crazy that i can't seem to think of a way to make a group of essentially random numbers, & Letter combinations... LOOK Orderly...??? Any ideas for this will be eagerly accepted.

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