Friday, March 18, 2005

Steroids in The News

Steroids have been in The News lately,
And it's reminded me a little of the animosity that i've come to perceive when unattractive women complain about the shallowness of 'Beauty Pageants' and such...
It seems to me that The People that are now complaining about the use of Steroids are doing so because they themselves would never use them... and the principle reason that they wouldn't; Is because The Benefits of Steroid Use does not apply to their situation!
But what if it did?
What if you were a Musician and you could take a drug that would make you The Worlds Best Musician,

or more realistically, If 30% of All Musicians were taking this drug,
So that while you may still never be the best musician in the world, you would become a world class musician! ( ? )
And as a result of taking the drug, you'd knowingly shave 10 or 20 years off your life span,

Assuming that, all other things considered, you'd live; potentially, to 87... or whatever...?
Would you take the Drug?
What if you're weren't a Musician, but an Office Worker...?

And there was a drug that would allow you to get all your office work done every day,
so that you could go home; Stress Free...?
But it would peel off 10 years of your life...!
What if you could take a drug that would make you SuperMan or Woman for 5 years,

And then die immediately afterwards... Would you take that Drug...?
Maybe you would.
If there was a Drug that could make you, whatever it is that you want to excel at, the best or near best, or pretty darn close to being best at... and it would kill you a little bit...
Would you take it.
i think that there is definitely something to say for reaching your personal best...
and being willing to PAY FOR IT.
Most people just don't understand that.
Most of The Damp Masses will never accomplish anything that is even remotely special or come close to excelling at anything--And they know it.

These are the people that don't want anyone else to excel at anything either.
These are the people that beat up nerds in school,
And are filled with rage everytime they hear that Their Tax Dollars are going to some 'Arts Program'--
Rather than The Nuclear Bombs that they have a clearer understanding of.
And Steroids don't make you 'Inhuman'...!

They merely promote your 'Natural' Tissues to grow a little bit more than they might otherwise be inclined to...
Someday; Not so very far into our future, People with Bionic limbs will be wanting to play professional BaseBall...

Should we let them?
Will we Knowingly and Methodically discriminate against people that share their lives with Machines...?
Or will we take on a new way of looking at The Potential 'Potential' of People and allow them to become Supermen for a few years...
If they so choose.

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