Sunday, March 13, 2005

Very Pretty Crazy Lady

Sadly-- this picture is of an even poorer resolution
that i'd imagined it would be...!
i'll have to try and get a better picture...!
You may however to able to just make out that in the middle of this Photo
are Three Large Parcels---
Which are on wheeled trolleys,
of the sort that are generally used on loading docks or at airport...
Behind this group of collections is yet another like them,
and the very attractive owner sitting beside it.
She is writing.
i don't know what she is writing.
i tried saying 'hi' to her a few months ago, and she ignored me.
i haven't tried talking to her since.
i never try talking to anyone, except for 'official bznz' purposes.
When i first came across her,
she only had two large parcels on trolleys.
One was about 3 times the size of the other.
Now; They are all about the same size.
Whenever she moves from one location to another,
she takes one platform to a location in the desired direction for about 30 feet,
then returns for the others, leap frogging over the original
so as to make her journey reasonably efficient.
A month or so ago, she used to spend her days in the lower basement of
The State Capitol Building. i don't know what she did down there,
but she doesn't do that anymore.
Nowadays; She spends her whole day in The Downtown Mall.
Then; in the evenings, she moves about 2 blocks over to a retail district
adjacent to China Town and spends the night outside.
It's times like this that i wish i wasn't so shy...
( contaminated with bad molecules )...!!!
But she seems to support this General Theory
that i have about street people,
particularly women, such that;
The more attractive the street person is--
The crazier they are.
( Otherwise: Someone would have 'Adopted them' by now. )

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