Monday, April 11, 2005

Cingular Continues to Absorb AT&T

My new CellPhone Eepdress is Now:
Messages to this Eepdress must be in Text Only format,
NOT html...!!!
There is also a variation on this:
This Eepdress is more forgiving as to format type...!!! ( ??? )
But curiously (?) one is processed by the phone directly (?)
and one is accessed through the Internet Connection...!
Just recently i discovered a Preferences Menu
that allowed me to 'Turn On' the 'Alert'
for the Second Eepdress,
so that when i look at the phone,
i would know that i'd received an Eep in that format...!
i can't for a moment believe that your 'average' Damp humanimal
is capable of using their Cell Phone to even a Fraction of it's potential,
given the amount of trouble that i have figuring it out...
( and given that i'm a subgenius! )
( this goes for Computers, in General, too...!!! )
"Computers will never 'catch on'
until they're as easy to use as toasters!"
The Translucent Amoebae

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