Tuesday, April 05, 2005

More UnSorted Considerations...

  1. Dumb People are OK! i wouldn't want anyone to think that i am unnecessarily prejudiced against imbiciles, morons or lop headed kittens. NO! But the difference between a hamster that can't spell Wednesday & is befuddled when trying to recall the names of the Supreme Court Justices-- And a Damp Humanimal that thinks s/he can spell Wednesday & is constantly referring to the Hack-eyed Opinions of Justice Cheryl Day O'Conner... Is that the hamster is fuzzy and cute to watch when they're eating a SunFlower Seed...!
  2. i was looking at clouds the other day and became 'aware' that a lot of the clouds were adopting unusual geometrical patterns, such as stripes, spirals & granulated fields... and it became obvious to me that the tiny water particles that condensed around the dust particles, were choosing to form in some places and not in others...!!! It's like a crayon rubbing...! The Clouds are showing you the Invisible Textures that are in the Air all around us...!!! But what causes these textures... Flying Saucer Vapor Trails...? Transdimensional Animals...?? -- or places where The Universe 'Bunches Up' from all the damp breath of semiconscious entities bumping into one another...???
  3. Speaking of Clouds-- The Weather here has been very annoying for the last 2 Weeks or so... It has been Partly Sunny, which means Partly Cloudy, which means: Constant Drizzly Rain... Even though the Sun has been showing through the clouds rather consistently, there are all these clouds that break off from the Huge Cloud Thunder Head over the 'Mountains'... and Even when 'They' aren't Raining... The Wind from the mountains blows the constant rain from the mountain clouds over the city, and the result is not quite really, real rain, but instead a drizzly rain that usually dries almost immediately, but still-- It's just enough to keep you from lazily laying in the grass, or reading a book, or playing with Electronic Devices...!!! Instead; you're left with your only option of sitting somewhere, and letting this very light mist fall on you, that makes your skin itch in just that kind of way that is like asthmatic beetles coughing on you all day long.
  4. You may recall that the last time i had a Cellular Phone-- i experienced numerous traumatic episodes of craziness &/or frustration...!!! So-- Now that i have a Cingular Go-Phone... ( Last time it was with Sprint! ) ...i was hoping that i would have fewer Adverse Reactions... ( ??? ) ...and this has been true to --some-- degree; But Not Entirely. For one thing, their AutoDeduction Thinger that is supposed to remove my monthly scraping from my Checking Account-- Doesn't seem to work properly...! It has failed to work the last two months! Each time i had to completely reset-up the whole thing...! ( i just noticed today that it may be because they are spelling my name wrong... but i haven't verified this yet...??? ) Another thing is... ( as was the case with Sprint ) ...their 'Sales' People at their nearly ubiquitous 'Service Centers' are completely Useless...!!! As are their 'Technical' People that are Only Available via their 611 Call-In Option. This month, after i straightened out my AutoBilling Glitch (?) -- i noticed that i couldn't send any Eepmails...!!! The phone kept asking me for The 'Email Service Number' and when i went to the Service Center ( Two Different Ones ) Noone knew what this referred to, or how to fix it... The first place put me on the phone with their Technical Representative, and while he claimed to have fixed it, he didn't. Then i went to another Service Center 2 blocks away...!!! And there; One of the Geeky looking Sales People suggested out of the Blue that i try entering in 10 Zeros...!!! Which Amazingly Worked...!!! But i still had to figure out on my own how to make that solution work so that the phone would quit prompting for it during each Eepmail... ( Fortunately-- i am a subgenius...! ). Do you have a nice Cell Phone & Company... Share your Happy Experiences with me...!!!

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