Friday, April 08, 2005

New Shoes...!!!

These are my Old Shoes that i bought from Waldomart,
About 3 1/4 months ago,
and they are already falling apart...!!!
Actually; They were falling apart after only the first month...!!!
...and i tried to fix the left one, which broke apart first, with ShoeGoo,
But it wouldn't harden fast enough... ( 8+ hours...!!! )
So when i started wearing them, all the Goo squished out,
and it was worse than ever...!!!

These are the new ones that i bought Wednesday.
They seem to be OK,
But i'm basing that on how well only the left shoe fits,
Since my right foot is so messed up,
i can't tell if the lumps i'm feeling are in the shoe
or on my foot...???

The Red Shoelace is from my previous collection.

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