Friday, May 27, 2005

More Cthulhu Fun...!!!
from: Dave Krieger Godling's Glossary:

Child, n
A larva that eventually turns into
a human being.
Universally loved --
anyone who claims not to love children
isn't cooking them properly.

Cthulhu loves the little children,
All the children of the world...
Baked or boiled, steamed or fried,
In the sauce or on the side,
Cthulhu loves the little children
of the world.
-- Old Tlonian Spiritual

Cheap Trick

This is an attempt to get More of The Damp Masses
To Read My Blog...!!!
...By tricking their Search Engines
Into Returning My Pages
While they are Looking for 'Something Else...???'
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Plastic Nude Girls
Georgian Booty
Wet & Soggy Vulvas
Russian Achloropstic Twat Puzzles
MegaBioElectric Penis Strands
Adorable Kittens on The Moon
Enlarged Caruncles Torn by Love
Academy Awards for Best Fellatio on Puppies
Amateur Night for Larger than Normal Grocery Sackers
Amazonian Cosmonauts in Woollen Underwear
Animated Graphics of Al Q'dae Emetophobics
Anna Kournikova in Shoes 5 Sizes Too Big
Acyrological Fun with Ricky Martin
Is Androstenol in Your Tapioca?
The Ablutomania Habits of Mother Teresa
Stephen King: Closet Accoucheur
Brobdingnagian Teletubbies
The Brachycephalic Head of Geena Davis
Bete Noire; n. Grand pet peeve
Another Famous Bagatelle -- Ian Thorpe
Brachiation: Locomotion by swinging from branch to branch
Bon Mot: n. A clever saying or witticism
Baku: Japanese lion-like creature that is Worshiped by Hamsters
Bhodisattva: Enlightened person who remains on Earth to show others how to reach Nirvana.
Concierge : All Knowing Servant of The Damp Masses
Britney Spears Fits inside a DragonBall
Bruce Lee Ghosts Writes the Drudge Report
Buffy the Vampire Slayer is Dean Kamen
Capital Punishment for Disney Executives
Casinos Redefine Bathroom Ettiquette
Cats from Mars
Chinesse New Year was First Celebrated in Japan
Christina Aguilera has Wrinkly Elbows
Christmas / Chrstmsa
Cindy Crawford in a Pants Suit
Classified Buttons
Cliff Notes while Hanging Around
Clip Art of Fingernail Remnants
College Football : More Boring than Baseball...???
Computers with Tiny Mishapen Wires
Cookie Recipes that include Ladybugs
Coyote Ugly & The Meaning of Salt in Your Wounds
Dale Earnhardt Guest Hosts; ZOOM
David Blaine Pulls Snot from His Nose
Day of the Dead in 4 Dimensional Barf Around
Death Penalty with Cream Sauce
A New Diet with Refreshing Lies
Dreamcast: What is it?
Eminem Meets The Easter Bunny
Father's Day In Neandertal Land
Inexpensive Fonts for The Poor
Foot and Mouth Disease found on Firestone Tires
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Freebies for The Rich
Freeware & Sharepants
Friends and their Genealogy Connections
Gladiator Fun with Gnutella
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Greek Mythology: Girls Like It!
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Halloween Mythology for Preteens
Hannibal Day for Groundhogs
How the Grinch Stole Harley Davidson
Holocaust / Weekend Party that Got out of Control?
Jokes written by Howard Stern & Joey Ramone
Lara Kroft is Kinky for Leonardo Di Caprio
Lingerie for Lord of the Rings Fans
Love Poems without Vowels
Love Stories for Bovines with Mad Cow Disease
Madonna visits The Mardi Gras
Marijuana & Martha Stewart
Martin Luther King Jr. buys a used Mercedes Benz
Michael Jackson's Other Hobbies
Was Canada's Moon Landing a Hoax?
Mortage Rates for the Napster Set
NASA & Nascar : Same or Different?
Nicole Kidman is Nostradamus' Grand Daughter
Nintendo Plays The Oprah Winfrey Game
Pamela Anderson vs The Periodic Table
Personal Homepages for Impersonal Homebodies
Playstation 666
Poetry is for Pregnancy like Linux is for Harry Potter
Prom Dresses for Gay Dogs
Prom Hairstyles with Plastic Bits
Publishers Clearing House Reveals; You didn't Win Anything!
Brown Quotes & Lavender Idioms
Ralph Nader: Does he wear underpants?
Ramadan is still dead.
Robert Blake didn't kill his wife, but he has...
...Masturbated to Pictures of Sailor Moon
Santa Claus = 666 : A = 6 B = 12 C = 18 ...
Science Fair Projects for Poets
Scooters that Kill
Swimsuit Issue with Real Swimsuits!
The Simpsons are based on George Bush's Inlaws
The Sims are Us...!!
A Solar Eclipse coming to an Anus Near You
South Park vs The Spice Girls
Star Trek : The Original Series was a Fantasy Program, Not SciFiction
Star Wars : Jedi Training for Preschoolers
Super Bowl Commercials without The Peanut Brittle
Swimsuits for Worms
Tattoos : Plan Ahead--- Please...!!!
Taxes that you owed from a Previous Life
The Bible; What are Your Favorite Bits?
The Postal Service is the Shadow Government
UFOs are as Real as You are!
Valetine's Day in Vietnam War
The Dwarves of Weather
Wimbledon for Wimps
Witchcraft : The Theory of...
Women with Very Long Toenails
World War I, World War II, World War III, World War IV
X Files for The Y Generation
What makes Cheerleaders so damn cheery...?
Yellow Pages / Yellow from what?
How many Zelda's can you Name?

Shroud of Turin

See (
EarthFiles ( With Linda Moulton Howe )
i'm just nutty for the Shroud of Turin---!!!
What most annoys me about it though,
Is that When you open up an Historical Photography book,
The author will invariably mention Joseph Nicéphore Niépce
( French Chemist )
As the creator of the First Photograph...!!!
While it is OBVIOUS that The Shroud of Turin is a Photograph
& That it predates Niépce's experiments by at least 500 years,
( <1839>or possibly much earlier! )
Another thing: ( Major Virulent Bete Noire # 736,379,267,626 )
Given that The Shroud of Turin is a Photograph,
And that; By many accounts, has been dated to around the 15th Century,
Many of The Damp Masses will invariably jump to the Conclusion
That it must have been Created by Leonardo Da Vinci,
Since-- They Argue, Genius is a Rare Hamburger with No Lettuce,
Thank you very much---!
And since Leonardo is the only Genius they're familiar with,
He is elected as the Creator of the Shroud of Turin.
While in Fact: --
Genius is so common; That you probably trip over 6 of them
Every time you take a trip down to your local McDonalds...!!!
( It may ( However ) be true that Genius Combined with Creativity
Is somewhat rarer, and since Genius alone is worth about
As much as a 64 Chevy without an Engine Block,
Genius' are often overlooked as Worthless, Which they often are! )
The Creator of The Shroud of Turin was undoubtedly
An Attentive & Talkative ( Plus an excellent listener ) Trader
That journeyed throughout The Middle East & Southern Europe,
And picked up The Bits & Pieces of Alchemical Knowledge
Which allowed him, or her,
To fabricate this First Photograph.
Why the burial cloth of The Christ...???
Why not...!
The Creator probably had a major peeve with The Catholic Church
And couldn't resist such a wonderful prank...!
Plus; In order to successfully pull it off as the Genuine Burial Cloth,
S/he couldn't very well go around making more of them--
Could s/he...??? ( !!! )
Thus the Secret of Photography was lost for 500+ years...!!!

Monday, May 23, 2005

More Disasters...!!!

Ala Moana
The other day; Sunday, i was sitting around over at the Ala Moana Shopping Center listening to the news on my radio, and a Security guy comes over and throws me off the Mall...!!!
Apparently they have a New Policy that is trying to Clean Up their Mall...!!!
Eight months ago when i first started hanging out there, there was just me and this other guy, that i remembered from my first trip to Hawai'i, 17 years ago...!!! and He's still there, as a street person...!!! But since then, there have been more additions, and with each new wave of street people coming to the mall, they are getting scruffier & scruffier...!!!
Oh well... i need a new change of scene.

Just prior to this; in the previous 4 or 5 days, i was yelled at twice for using the electrical outlets...
Previous to that, i was allowed to use them, by default, for several weeks...???
i just hate getting yelled at...!!!

Assisted Housing...
The other day i noticed an article in the paper that said that there are about 10,500 people waiting for Housing assistance, and because that's so many more than Hawai'i can handle, they've decided to eliminate the problem by simply not taking any more applications...!!!

Not Quite Freezing...
i'd really like to return to the mainland, but i was checking night-time temperatures in Washington, Oregon and California -- And they are ALL still just above Freezing...!!! In the 40's and lower 50's...!!! Lower 50's would be just barely acceptable, but anywhere in the 40's is still too cold...!!! It's June ( Nearly ) for Goshs Sake...!!! What the Heck is going on around here...???

Library Card
i was over at the library the other day, and was trying to check out a Cthulhu's Mythos book that i haven't read yet ( Amazon lists 175 items under Cthulhu's Mythos...!!! ) But they wouldn't let me...! Because my Library Card needed to be renewed again...!!! It's been another 3 months already...!!! ( i really need to get out of here...!!! ) Then; after recovering from that shock, i decided to renew it at a different library, but they let me check out a book withOUT renewing it...!!!
Because it hasn't actually expired yet, it's just so close that the due date would have been past the expiration date, but this other library simply moved the due date up to the expiration date...!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Curious Names...

Reproduced here from:
Weekly Highlights from: News of the Weird
Copyright 2005 by Chuck Shepherd. All rights reserved (except that you may forward this copy to anyone you wish as long as no commercial purpose is involved in any manner). "News of the Weird" is a registered trademark of Chuck Shepherd.
( without Permission )

* The Classic Middle Name (all-new): Arrested for murder recently: Darrell Wayne Maness, 19, Wilmington, N.C. (January);Timothy Wayne Ebert, 40, Cleveland, Tex. (February); John Wayne Blair, 49, Sevier County, Tenn. (April); Derek Wayne Jackson, 18, Norristown, Pa. (April); Nathaniel Wayne Hart, 34,Austin, Tex. (April). Convicted of murder: Donald Wayne Shipe,37, Winchester, Va. (May). Sentenced for murder: Emmanuel Wayne Harris, 28, Bisbee, Ariz. (February). Executed for murder: Dennis Wayne Bagwell, 41, Huntsville, Tex. (February); LonnieWayne Pursley, 43, Huntsville, Tex. (May). Committed suicide while suspected of murder: Eric Wayne Jacobs, 27, Castroville,Calif. (April).

This is a reoccurring theme that started ( became apparent ) after John Wayne Gacy's spree of serial murders became public...
Is there; in Fact, a disproportionate occurrence of the Name 'Wayne' amoung murderers &/or other Ner-do-wells...???

i also recall reading in a Flying Saucer book that at least one researcher had noticed & compiled a list of Names*, of people that have either been abducted or witnessed Flying Saucers, that seem to reoccur with unusual frequency.
Is this just a statistical Fluke or is it more direct evidence that The Reality Generator operated by the Xi.6 Controllers is specifically programmed to leave clues or hints embedded into our fabric of reality that all is not as it seems. ( ??? )

* ( i did a cursory search of the internet to locate such a list, but was unable to find it... )

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

i hate computers...!!!

i just was finishing up this huge posting for this blog on Asperger's and how it applied to me,
and as i was working my way through it with the spell checker,
the 'Public Browser' that i'm using at The Hamilton Library
on The University of Hawai'i's Campus,
and it was mostly lost...!
( except for the first 20 lines or so, which were somehow saved by the Blogger Host Computer...!!! )
What a pickle.
i'm just not in the mood to reconstruct it right now.
oh well.
i think that maybe, this, like everything else, was/is arranged by angels,
and they didn't want you to read about my person quirks and such...???

Odd Comment...???

Date: Mon, 16 May 2005
15:07:19 -0700 (PDT)
From: Anonymous
Subject: [The Translucent Amoebae Consortium]
5/16/2005 11:56:11 AM

That's an ugly bird.

And i didn't learn anything.

What do you suppose they meant in this second line...???

Posted by Anonymous
in Response to The Zebra Doves Posting
at 5/16/2005 11:56:11 AM

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Penance Corrupted

You may recall that i decided to do Penance for making a mess at The Ala Moana Shopping Mall; by buying a book at the bookstore there...
Well-- the book that i was going to get was an autobiography of either kurt godel
or the other guy that i'm always confusing him with...???
i had a note on a slip of paper that had the title on it, but i lost it...
But anyways--
They didn't have that book, so i got another book that i'd heard of,
and i had this 'feeling' that i'd heard some good things about it...
so i got it:
The Elegant Universe $16.61
But after opening it and reading through a little bit of it,
i discovered that it was about 'String Theory' and i hate! string theory...!!!
i'm just sick of physicists that are just 'making stuff up' nowadays, and passing it off as 'Good Science' while they continue to completely ignore mountains of evidence for topics that they simply find 'disagreeable' -- such as 'Alien Abductions' or 'Mind Reading'...!!!
But i still forced myself to read the first chapter, and some of the second chapter before i began to see a familiar pattern that i've found in other physics books;
and that is; to state various 'conclusions' without the tiniest hint of where they came from...!!!
i would like to read a complete description of Bell's Inequality Experiment one of these days,
or the Evolutionary path of E=MC^2...!
Why in the world would it contain 'C' anyways...!!!
( the speed of light )
i really think that some of these experiments contain fatal flaws...
Particularly ones which suggest that individual photons are streaming towards measuring devices, or that individual photons, electrons or such are bouncing off mirrors or passing through len's, without changing their elemental properties...!!!
When a photon passes through a sheet of glass or bounces off a mirror,
it's not the same photon that exits the other side...
Did you ever wonder what the photon is 'bouncing' off of...???
It's not bouncing off anything...!!!
It's absorbed by an Electron in an Atom in the Glass,
Then a moment later, ( a very tiny moment ) the Electron reemits the Photon in a completely random direction...!!!
The only reason that mirrors and glass work is due to the overwhelmingly, fantastically huge number of Photons interacting with the mirror or glass, and consequently create a statistically perceivable 'Interference Pattern' that just happens to look like what's on the other side...!!!
So-- i donated that book to the library.
I'm thinking of getting a new book:
( If i don't check it out from a library first...
it wasn't at the main branch, but they may have one at Kapolei )
The Curious Incident of A Dog in The Night Time
Which is a line from a Sherlock Holmes Book...!!!
It refers to a mystery in which a dog does NOT bark at a burglar...!!!
The book however is a first person ( fictional ) account of an autistic ( asperger's ) child that solves, or at least investigates, the killing of a dog in his neighborhood...!!!
Speaking of Ala Moana Center...!!!
While i was over there this morning; i'd just come out of the FoodLand with a fancy coffee and two Danish thingers ( $4.14 ) and i'd set down the coffee & danishes and was putting my wallet away, when i heard a rather distinct, but faint: 'POP!' ...???
i got everything together and looked around a little bit, and noticed an apparently mute woman insisting to some people sitting nearby that while she had been walking along the mall strip at that moment, she had nothing to do with the Glass Door that had just moments before--
i went over to where the door was and briefly examined it...
It was 'Crackled' throughout, as Safety Glass is supposed to do, without actually breaking apart.
But near the very top, i could discern a circular impact point that did not appear to penetrate the door... it may have been made by a rock or BB or a low caliber Bullet...!!!
So i looked around; but didn't see anything suspicious...
Although; this scanning of the underground parking area was very superficial...
Thinking that it may have been a bullet...!!!
...i quickly left the area, and on my way upstairs, i passed a woman in an orange vest, apparently on her way to the incident... i told her that something 'Weird' had just happened and pointed vaguely in the direction of the door, but she seemed to already be aware that something weird had just happened, even though it had only been, literally a minute before, or so...???
After noting into her walky talky that a door had been shattered,
she immediately left the area...
So i went upstairs, besides Sears, and had my coffee and donuts---
and when i'd finished, i went back downstairs to see how the mystery of the broken door was playing out, and found only two security officers mulling around the door, that they'd secured off with 'DANGER' tape...!
There weren't any Police there, although 20 minutes must have passed by then...???
Does Ala Moana have a Sniper...!!! ( ??? )
Only time will tattle...

Friday, May 13, 2005

More Fun Biddles...

these are exactly the questions that i've been asking for ages...!!!

i saw a girl reading this book on the bus the other day...???
and also: i've been noticing alot of 'Convergences' happening to me,
most of them appear to be benign, but statistically improbable...???
does it all fit in with my belief that the world is coming to an end in 2012,
( along with every other 'thinking' news analyst )
and that history and its events are 'bunching up' as time slams into the back end of the universe...???

In the newspapers lately, i've been seeing stories about The Sex Offenders Registry,
and i was thinking... this is a Terrific Resource for Sex Offenders to find each other and start a club or support network for their arguably villainous activities...???

Catch up on the News for Last Week...

Do you like to Drink...?
Try Competing for Drunk of The Week...!

Police Work as Prose Poems...???

Thursday, May 12, 2005

More Curious News From The Carbon Based Mistake...

Date: Fri, 6 May 2005
00:35:01 -0700
From: mistake
To: "Chrs-"
Subject: Re: Inane Cruelties...

...Deleted Bits...

[ Good News! ] A local museum
(which doubles as a record store and clothing shop,
which also sells statues of the Virgin Mary and Dinosaurs...)
named "The Museum of Unfine Art"
wants to have an exhibit of pages from
"Translucent Volume 1"
I will print out 18"x18" prints of about 20 pages,
and they will be on display the first 2 weeks of october.

- marc calvary

publish and be damned.

Monday, May 09, 2005

More Recent Events... SecondWeekOfMay

  1. Cingular is Definitely Evil...!
    So what i find most surprising... i find so many things surprising all the time, because, i suspect, i am hopelessly naive about everything... Or maybe it has to do with the bad molecules that are tumbling around inside my brain like hopped up hamsters on rocket fuel & Coke a Cola...??? Anyways-- What i find most surprising about The Cingular Sales & Service Centers is that they provide Absolutely NO Service What-so-Ever, and they are Entirely UnApologetic About it...!!! They are Sales People, and are there to Sell you Crap, Not answer alot of Damn Fool Questions, or Actually get your Phone Working again, after their Computers have Pointlessly Shut it Off, Again...! For no reason at all. -- The Problem i've been having is that every month, when they are supposed to take 53$ out of my Checking Account, and Turn on my Phone for another Month-- They Don't...!!! Apparently, They have somekind of 'Bug' in their System that makes it keep forgetting that keep telling them it's OK to take the money out of my Account... If only the Computers at 'Smart Wireless' had been that shy... They were just the opposite, they would keep dipping into my Account for no reason at all...!!! -- Anyways... So when i went over to the Cingular Center at Kapolei, they told me in no uncertain terms to get the Hell out of their store if i was going to persist in asking embarrassing service related questions, and insist that they help me get my phone back on... -- i started screaming. -- normally; i'm a pretty calm, stoic sort of bowl of tapioca pudding, but when i come across pinworms like this that crawl into my anus and start biting my tiny intestinal linings and throwing litter around in there... Well---it gets my goat. -- So 2 days later, i calmed down a bit and went over to the kiosk at Ala Moana Center and absolutely insisted that they get my phone working again. i was VERY Persistent. i would not leave. i was being tended to by a clerk that may well have been there for less than a week. He didn't seem to know much about anything, and insisted that before he make the tiniest decision, he ask the manager first. Hours went by. i occasionally advised other customers to choose another Cell Phone Company. Finally; The Sub-Manager came over and decided to call Customer Service for me. It should be noted here, that the Sales People have Absolutely No Authority to Do Anything WhatSoEver... It all has to be done by an Indian ( In India ) Through their call in Service Center. So after she'd threaded through most of the Phone Hierarchial Menu's for me, she insisted that i talk to 'Frank' myself, Which i absolutely Didn't want to do, because along with their adorable and incomprehensible accents, the phone lines to India are decidedly substandard, Plus, in the hallway at Sear's, i had to listen to their Intercom System Constantly reminding shoppers of various Specials & To keep an eye out for Roving Clowns... ( ??? ) Somehow; Frank began to comprehend why i'd called, and while referring to his computer screen, put me on hold for about 20_minutes. When he returned, he suggested that this 'problem' of mine was due to a Technical Error that was endemic, But it was now Fixed...???!!! Then he took all my personal Information again, which they do every month when i call to turn my phone back on... ( This has been going on for 4 months now...! ) ...and then i had to listen to all the legal babble again, so that i could press [1] to indicate that i was giving them permission, again, to take the 53$ out of my checking account. He assured me that everything was all fixed now, and i wouldn't have anymore Problems. -- Five hours later, my phone is working, but it won't connect with the Internet. The Clerk at the Ala Moana Kiosk suggested that it may take 24-hr's before that would 'Come-Back-On'. i told him that he was working for Satan and that he would surely burn in hell for all eternity. He seemed to think i knew what i might be talking about, because he had the most curiously 'bedeviled' expression on his face ( ?) Some people can just tell when the truth is being spoken to them.
  2. Wiener Dogs
    i've been seeing alot of Wiener dogs around here lately that look like other dogs... Like German Shepherds or Collies or Those Shaggy Cream Coloured Dogs...??? What is the deal with that... Are they a Fad where you live...???
  3. Another Example of Cingularistic Evil...!
    After i discovered my last bout with Cingular's Billing Practices, i wandered over to their Service Center in Kapolei, and while they were ignoring me; i found a brochure that announced a 'new' billing option that consisted of Prepaid Cards... i don't know what the cards would actually do, if anything, but the net gist of it was that you could buy 'packets' of minutes for fixed amounts, when you needed them...? Then these packets would remain 'good' for a fixed amount of time, such as; 30, 90 or 365 days...! This sounded wonderful; i would actually save money under this plan, and it would provide me with the incentive i needed to stop fooling around on my phone so much...! So when i asked about this... ( later at the Ala Moana Center, since shortly after they got tired of me pawing at all their display phones at the Kapolei store, i had a snippity fit when they accused me of being Broke... ( the reason my phone wasn't working, was because my Checking Account was Empty ( So they Claimed...!!! ) -- But this was NOT So...! and i let them know this-- Then while the Sales Pinworm was being OH-SO GawdDang Polite-- i just about lunged over the counter and began throttling his pudgy brown neck and shaking his head back & forth until his eyes rolled freely in their sockets... [ but i digress ] ... So-- The next day when i was over at the Ala Moana Service Center, i asked about this Card Plan, Which is specifically aimed at Cingular's GoPhone Customers... ( it may be noted at this point that before Cingular bought out AT&T-- They had No Go Phone Program... That was an AT&T promotional do-dad... ) So that NOW-- When Cingular says that My AT&T phone, Bought at a Cingular Store!-- Won't work with 'Their' GoPhone plan...!!! OH! Doesn't that make your genitals itch...! So anyways, if i wanted to get into their Pay As You Go Card Plan, i would have to Buy A Whole New Phone...!!! It was about this time that i began to lecture them about how it's the software in the phones that allows them communicate with the Service Provider... and such...! All they would need to do; Is plug a new SIM Card into my Phone, and i would be able to switch plans... If even that...! -- It seems to me that any changes would be with my Billing File in their Computer, and it wouldn't/shouldn't change AnyThing about My Phone or service at all. Curiously; They were undeterred by my logic, and continued to ignore me, and it was several more minutes, dozens perhaps, before they finally became so fatigued by my haranguing of their potential customers, that the sub-manager finally called their Service Department for me... -- The Reason that i didn't want to call, myself... was that their Automated Menu Selection Operator is -- Just Plain Broken...!!! It keeps breaking up, and it refuses to understand my selections, and worse-- perhaps, ( most frustrating ) is that it's constantly inserting into my attempts to find a person to help me; It's catch phrase "I'm sorry, i couldn't understand your last request, If you'd like me to help you, please allow me to list your following options; When you hear the choice you'd like, Just repeat to me... " and then when i do repeat it, Over her reading of the next option, because she never pauses to allow me to say what i want, she'll insert that blurb again...!!! So-- The service lady at the Ala Moana Store navigated through that for me...-- i think she was Pressing Buttons, and not saying anything...!!! ( Secrets that Customers are Never Told About...!!! ) -- But anyways... i didn't get to change to The Pay as you go Card plan. What a Rip Off...!!!
  4. Disaster...!!!
    Some crazy person installed a Porch Light on the Porch where i usually sleep...! A really Bright One...!!! i've been sleeping there for like Seven ( 7 ) Months...!!! So it's probably overdue...! Still, i think it's kind of 'ironically' twisted that i'm forcing them to spend Moocho Hawai'ian Electrical Dollars to keep me off their Porch, While maybe it would be in everyone's better interest, If they took that money and spent it on somekind of crazy program that would provide The Homeless with a more permanent solution. But of course; No one in Bush's America Thinks that way. No one in Clinton's America thought that way either...??? Or Reagan's America...!!! Maybe it's just not the American Way...! -- So the net effect is that i've had to move to new ( undisclosed ) location that is actually better in 'some' ways-- i'm sleeping better, although; it's a little more cramped, and it may be a little dirtier... and it's alot Darker...! But it will do for awhile... ( ??? ) i was looking around right after the porch light went up, for a new place to sleep... and i haven't found AnyThing that is even a plausible alternative...!!! Partly because there are so many homeless in Hawai'i competing for good places, and partly because i'm so Picky...!!! A lot of homeless people camp out at Bus-Stops, and i've tried that -Once- But i didn't like it all that much... ( it will work in a pinch, so long as it's not Raining too terribly hard...!!! ( ? ) )
  5. More Money Woes...!
    When i first got here, i was determined to save my money, so that i could fly back to the mainland and find a place to live...! But after this recent Fiasco on the Mainland, i've become very depressed, and i've been spending money like a monkey with burning trousers...! Often as much as $4.00 a day for food...!!! i'm completely out of control...!!!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Do you Like your Cell Phone Company...???

Do you have a Cell Phone...???
Do you like it...???
Does it provide you with inexpensive, clear communications that are productive & emotionally fulfilling...???
i used to have a phone with Sprint, and now with Cingular...
And both are competent in some ways,
But more importantly;
Both have screwed with me endlessly...!!!
( Mostly Billing... Like Cingular: Every month they are supposed to extract my fee from my checking account, and every month, they fail, even though; every month-- i have gone to one of their kiosk's or called up their service line and 'straightened it out'...!!!
Then; On top of that, after cutting off my service for a few days, they'll cause some feature to malfunction, and that will remain broken for a few days as well... and then while i'm furtively trying to fix it, it will 'apparently' 'just start working again' contrary to all efforts that i may have made, or various service people may have made to fix it...??? ( !!! ) [ ! ] )
Can you recommend a Cell Phone Company for me...???
Does Working Assets have a Pre-Pay Plan yet...???
i highly recommend Working Assets as a Long Distance Provider...!!!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Recent Events { Early May }

  1. i was bad again...
    Starting last Saturday; i started developing a Cold... or at first, it seemed like just a Sore Throat, and i thought that it would develop into a cold... But-- Sunday; it was still just a sore throat, and then Monday, it was more like a sore throat, with just a little sinus congestion-- Then Tuesday, it was more like a cold-- Then Wednesday; after a night of being 'too hot' and tossing & turning, and coughing and being generally miserable, i went over to the 7-11 in Wahiawa and had a Coffee & Cinnamon Roll, and then sat in a restful stupor for the hour ride to Honolulu... without coughing or sneezing hardly at all...! The stupor was what was really responsible for that...! Then: This is coming up to where i was bad-- when i got to The Ala Moana Shopping Center, i got another coffee from FoodLand, and went up to the 4th floor, where all the fanciest shops are, and it's very nice up there-- But this early in the Morning; Before 8am-- when there are only the Mall Walkers... ( People that like to walk around the mall in the mornings...! ) -- So i was sitting there on one of the nice benches, listening to Morning Edition on NPR, and about a half an hour after i finished my Coffee-- i quite unexpectedly -- !!! -- without any additional queasiness... ( more than i was already feeling, for the last 3 days ) ...all the Coffee and a little bit of the Cinnamon Roll that i'd eaten 2 hours before that ( ! ) came hurling out of me...!!! i was able to catch some of it in my Orange Bandana, and i jumped up and hopped over to the Trash Bin-- and heaved some more...! But i left a trial of about a Cup of Barf that covered the bench & the floor...! Plus i felt just awful...!!! So after i thought i was through Squirting... i looked around in the other Trash Bins to see if i could find some Paper Napkins to Clean up 'The Spill'...!!! i'd used my Orange Bandana a little bit, and threw it away... ( boo hoo hoo...!!! ) ...But there was quite a bit left... so i managed to find some napkins in a McDonald's Sack... and tried wiping up what was on the Bench... and what amazed me--- was how 'Gelatiny' it was... not like a fluid-- But more like a living Blob that pushed itself away from the Napkins as i tried to catch it...!!! Which freaked me out...!!! So this caused me to heave some more, then i breathed in & out for about 2 minutes, and tried to get some more it, but it was just so completely Not Cooperating...!!! ...that i gave up, picked up all my stuff, and trudged over to the Park next door... i intended to 'tell someone' that i'd made a mess upstairs, but i didn't see anyone 'appropriate' on the way down and out, so i didn't... While i was laying in the park, i was thinking that i should do some 'penance'; such as stay away from The Mall for a Week or so... But i Depend on it so much, that i decided to instead buy a book from the book store...! ( i've already spent about 50$ there, but all things considered, given the amount of constant mischief that i get into over there, i am undoubtedly in the Red-- as far as paying for services that they've provided me with...!!! ) If the universe does mettle out some kind of justice, it will undoubtedly dispense some on me sooner or later...???
  2. HTML...???
    i looked up some stuff on HTML the other day, and i tried to implement some fancy routines into these 'pages'... But apparently...??? ...this html interpreter doesn't understand the commands that i was trying to give it...??? In the article that i got them from; it suggested that those particular commands, which would have allowed me to use lowercase alphabetical characters or roman characters for 'Lists'... were "Deprecated"... which means that they are Obsolete...!!! Now why would they discontinue such useful function...!!! This is further evidence of the phenomena that i've been observing for several years: and that is: that "New & Improved" -- Invariably means "More Complicated, Less Capable & Layered with Glitzy, Pointless Graphics"...!
  3. Squaring a Circle ( or Circling a Square )
    i'm pretty sure it's Squaring a Circle... that is: You take any Circle of any given size, and then, with just a straight edge ( ruler ) & a compass ( that kind that draws circles & arcs ) -- You construct a square that has exactly the same Area...! This is supposed to be impossible...! ...But i haven't looked into 'Why' it's supposed to be impossible, so i've been trying to figure it out... What i have so far-- is that the Square will have a side length that is twice the length of the radius of the circle, times .886226925453...!!! So the question then becomes; Where can i find this fraction ( ratio ) of the Radius...??? Well-- i've also been playing around the stellated Polygons, and what i call "Spectrum Tau Ratios"... and i hope to find this number in them-- somewhere...??? What makes me think that it MUST be there; is because a Stellated Pentagon ( Common 5 pointed Star ) has the Golden Ratio ( .618033988749 ) in it, and an Equilateral Triangle has a length of one side that is The Tau Ratio of Base 2 + 1...!!! ( .732050807568 ) What THAT is... is uhhh... Well; Consider the Golden Ratio: you take 1 & divide it by .618033... and you get 1.618033... that is; the fraction + the base...!!! Spectrum Tau Ratios asks what would happen if you replaced the Base of 1 with other whole numbers...??? Such as 2? 2/.732050... = 2.732050... And there are Ratios for all the Positive Whole Numbers... ( Actually 2 for each number; The Positive Ratio & a Negative one, which is just the inverse of the positive one...! ( e.g. -1.618033... for Base 1 ) For the Negative Numbers... they are kind of Quirky...!!! Base -5 turns out to be 1.38196601125 -- But the results are -5/1.3819... = -5+1.3819... = -3.61803398875... which is -3 + the golden ratio... But that's an anomaly of the Negative Numbers...!!! Base -6 is 1.26794919243 which equals ( B/r = B+r ) -4.73205080757, which is -4 + the tau ratio for 2...??? -4 is the most interesting... it's tau ratio is 2! -4/2 = -4+2 = 2. So anyways... the point being, these crazy fractions/ratios are all over the place, and they keep overlapping with other mathematical/geometrical forms...! So i'm just completely positive that the fraction: .886226925453 is going to be in there somewhere...! ( it may be hiding in a different form; such as a Square Root or Propositional Negative...!!! -- The hunt is On...! )
  4. Speaking of my Cold
    This is the 3rd Cold that i've had since i came to Hawai'i...!!! Before i came here, i would have One Cold every 2 years or so...!!! i've been sicker & more continuously injured for the last 7 months than any other time in my life ( this incarnation ) by about a factor of 643...!!!
  5. Remember in The Matrix...
    After Neo became 'Truly Aware' that he was existing in a Matrix of Maya/Illusion; he could do anything he wanted... i believe ( ? ) i am living in A World of Maya... ( Every Religion worth it's weight in Starchy Fats believe this as well... Even Christianity believes, Tacitly; That Heaven is The True Reality, and This World that we live in, is a Construct Created by 'The Word' of Gawd... Nothing more than his Imagination! ) But i don't see how this insight is going to help me fly around like Superman...??? The Reality Generator that produces this Illusion of Reality must have parameters that are independent of my perception & 'Belief' in them... Gravity doesn't hold me down, just because i believe it will... does it...??? i suspect however; That since this reality is a subset of another reality; then the expenditure of Memory is at a premium, just as we find in all computer systems & living brains... Such that The Reality Generator may be able to 'Conserve its Resources' by holding many 'Details' pertaining to my 'Personal Existence' within my allocated Memory Reserves...!!! So that-- to some extent --What i believe to be true, or what i expect to happen, will happen-- a goodly portion of the time. Occasionally; The Reality Generator may disregard what i expect will happen, and throw in an Anomalous/Wiggily Event... But such deviations from The Norm- will make its own functionality more precarious... As such: If i could find a way... ( The Big If-- ) really & truly BELIEVE things that i want to happen... then there is a greater chance that they WILL happen...!!! No matter how Outrageous these Desires may be. The trick-- Of Course --Is to actually believe impossible things... How can i do this...???
  6. Trisecting an Angle
    This is another of those impossible things that i'm working on... With this one; it seems like it SHOULD be easy to Trisect an Angle-- Because it's so easy to Trisect a Line, and to Trisect an Angle, you only have to Trisect an Arc that cuts through the Angle... And an Arc is a Line that is laid out over a Curved Space... OR -- A line is actually an Arc with a Radius of Infinity...! So what could the difficulty be...??? It's actually quite easy to Trisect an Arc of some indeterminate size, so i was thinking-- i would trisect an arc in two places inside the Angle to be Trisected, then draw a line from the tops of each trisected arcs, and this line, where it cuts through the top of the Angle... that's not it... BUT -- It's Close... so i'm trying to figure out how that point corresponds to the actual point along the Angle; Where the arc would be the same length as the artificially superimposed trisections that are on either side of it...??? This; i suspect, involves another of those crazy Ratios...! i will be famous, in a deeply unknown sort of way, when i figure this all out...!
  7. Rich People
    i have noticed that alot of 'Poor' Mailartists are, or are sympathetic with, Anarchy...! i am not! i have on many occasions defended The Rich, and the crazier they are, the more outrageously they spend their wealth, The better. i do not want to see them building medical facilities, or giving to the poor in Africa, or investing in Corn Futures... NO! i want to see The Rich blow their money on impractical Antigravity Flying Saucers, Pointless Stone Pyramids, Stupendously Huge Statues of Naked Women holding Swords and so on... ( ! ) i've also long insisted that, in these modern times, the wealthiest people have very little advantage over the poorest...! Even the poorest people in America; or most any other Industrialized Country, are comparatively Wealthier than the Royalty of a mere 100 years ago...! The One Thing that The Wealthy have over The Poor is the Ability to Solve Simple Problems Painlessly. Cancer is Cancer if your Rich or Poor... Getting hit by a train isn't going to bruise you any less if you're rich, Love comes to Poor & Rich alike, along with all the Heart-Ache that invariably follows... But if your Toilet breaks & you're poor, then it's a Disaster...! If you're rich, you just use one of your other bathrooms, or you call a plumber to come and fix it at 2 O'clock in the morning. So if you're poor... How can you 'Get Around This'...??? It's all done with 'Attitude'...!!! Just let hardship roll off your back like a common, acidic autumn shower is repelled off a $500 Goretex Rain Slicker. Crazy things will continue to happen, as they always have, and always will, because that's what The Reality Generator has been Programmed to Provide for us... But with a little, well placed; Lethargic Ennui you can beat the gawds and come away smiling.