Friday, May 27, 2005

Cheap Trick

This is an attempt to get More of The Damp Masses
To Read My Blog...!!!
...By tricking their Search Engines
Into Returning My Pages
While they are Looking for 'Something Else...???'
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Plastic Nude Girls
Georgian Booty
Wet & Soggy Vulvas
Russian Achloropstic Twat Puzzles
MegaBioElectric Penis Strands
Adorable Kittens on The Moon
Enlarged Caruncles Torn by Love
Academy Awards for Best Fellatio on Puppies
Amateur Night for Larger than Normal Grocery Sackers
Amazonian Cosmonauts in Woollen Underwear
Animated Graphics of Al Q'dae Emetophobics
Anna Kournikova in Shoes 5 Sizes Too Big
Acyrological Fun with Ricky Martin
Is Androstenol in Your Tapioca?
The Ablutomania Habits of Mother Teresa
Stephen King: Closet Accoucheur
Brobdingnagian Teletubbies
The Brachycephalic Head of Geena Davis
Bete Noire; n. Grand pet peeve
Another Famous Bagatelle -- Ian Thorpe
Brachiation: Locomotion by swinging from branch to branch
Bon Mot: n. A clever saying or witticism
Baku: Japanese lion-like creature that is Worshiped by Hamsters
Bhodisattva: Enlightened person who remains on Earth to show others how to reach Nirvana.
Concierge : All Knowing Servant of The Damp Masses
Britney Spears Fits inside a DragonBall
Bruce Lee Ghosts Writes the Drudge Report
Buffy the Vampire Slayer is Dean Kamen
Capital Punishment for Disney Executives
Casinos Redefine Bathroom Ettiquette
Cats from Mars
Chinesse New Year was First Celebrated in Japan
Christina Aguilera has Wrinkly Elbows
Christmas / Chrstmsa
Cindy Crawford in a Pants Suit
Classified Buttons
Cliff Notes while Hanging Around
Clip Art of Fingernail Remnants
College Football : More Boring than Baseball...???
Computers with Tiny Mishapen Wires
Cookie Recipes that include Ladybugs
Coyote Ugly & The Meaning of Salt in Your Wounds
Dale Earnhardt Guest Hosts; ZOOM
David Blaine Pulls Snot from His Nose
Day of the Dead in 4 Dimensional Barf Around
Death Penalty with Cream Sauce
A New Diet with Refreshing Lies
Dreamcast: What is it?
Eminem Meets The Easter Bunny
Father's Day In Neandertal Land
Inexpensive Fonts for The Poor
Foot and Mouth Disease found on Firestone Tires
Free FauxGames
Freebies for The Rich
Freeware & Sharepants
Friends and their Genealogy Connections
Gladiator Fun with Gnutella
Grammy Awards fro Grapa's
Greek Mythology: Girls Like It!
'Groundhog Day'
Halloween Mythology for Preteens
Hannibal Day for Groundhogs
How the Grinch Stole Harley Davidson
Holocaust / Weekend Party that Got out of Control?
Jokes written by Howard Stern & Joey Ramone
Lara Kroft is Kinky for Leonardo Di Caprio
Lingerie for Lord of the Rings Fans
Love Poems without Vowels
Love Stories for Bovines with Mad Cow Disease
Madonna visits The Mardi Gras
Marijuana & Martha Stewart
Martin Luther King Jr. buys a used Mercedes Benz
Michael Jackson's Other Hobbies
Was Canada's Moon Landing a Hoax?
Mortage Rates for the Napster Set
NASA & Nascar : Same or Different?
Nicole Kidman is Nostradamus' Grand Daughter
Nintendo Plays The Oprah Winfrey Game
Pamela Anderson vs The Periodic Table
Personal Homepages for Impersonal Homebodies
Playstation 666
Poetry is for Pregnancy like Linux is for Harry Potter
Prom Dresses for Gay Dogs
Prom Hairstyles with Plastic Bits
Publishers Clearing House Reveals; You didn't Win Anything!
Brown Quotes & Lavender Idioms
Ralph Nader: Does he wear underpants?
Ramadan is still dead.
Robert Blake didn't kill his wife, but he has...
...Masturbated to Pictures of Sailor Moon
Santa Claus = 666 : A = 6 B = 12 C = 18 ...
Science Fair Projects for Poets
Scooters that Kill
Swimsuit Issue with Real Swimsuits!
The Simpsons are based on George Bush's Inlaws
The Sims are Us...!!
A Solar Eclipse coming to an Anus Near You
South Park vs The Spice Girls
Star Trek : The Original Series was a Fantasy Program, Not SciFiction
Star Wars : Jedi Training for Preschoolers
Super Bowl Commercials without The Peanut Brittle
Swimsuits for Worms
Tattoos : Plan Ahead--- Please...!!!
Taxes that you owed from a Previous Life
The Bible; What are Your Favorite Bits?
The Postal Service is the Shadow Government
UFOs are as Real as You are!
Valetine's Day in Vietnam War
The Dwarves of Weather
Wimbledon for Wimps
Witchcraft : The Theory of...
Women with Very Long Toenails
World War I, World War II, World War III, World War IV
X Files for The Y Generation
What makes Cheerleaders so damn cheery...?
Yellow Pages / Yellow from what?
How many Zelda's can you Name?

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