Saturday, May 07, 2005

Do you Like your Cell Phone Company...???

Do you have a Cell Phone...???
Do you like it...???
Does it provide you with inexpensive, clear communications that are productive & emotionally fulfilling...???
i used to have a phone with Sprint, and now with Cingular...
And both are competent in some ways,
But more importantly;
Both have screwed with me endlessly...!!!
( Mostly Billing... Like Cingular: Every month they are supposed to extract my fee from my checking account, and every month, they fail, even though; every month-- i have gone to one of their kiosk's or called up their service line and 'straightened it out'...!!!
Then; On top of that, after cutting off my service for a few days, they'll cause some feature to malfunction, and that will remain broken for a few days as well... and then while i'm furtively trying to fix it, it will 'apparently' 'just start working again' contrary to all efforts that i may have made, or various service people may have made to fix it...??? ( !!! ) [ ! ] )
Can you recommend a Cell Phone Company for me...???
Does Working Assets have a Pre-Pay Plan yet...???
i highly recommend Working Assets as a Long Distance Provider...!!!

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