Monday, May 23, 2005

More Disasters...!!!

Ala Moana
The other day; Sunday, i was sitting around over at the Ala Moana Shopping Center listening to the news on my radio, and a Security guy comes over and throws me off the Mall...!!!
Apparently they have a New Policy that is trying to Clean Up their Mall...!!!
Eight months ago when i first started hanging out there, there was just me and this other guy, that i remembered from my first trip to Hawai'i, 17 years ago...!!! and He's still there, as a street person...!!! But since then, there have been more additions, and with each new wave of street people coming to the mall, they are getting scruffier & scruffier...!!!
Oh well... i need a new change of scene.

Just prior to this; in the previous 4 or 5 days, i was yelled at twice for using the electrical outlets...
Previous to that, i was allowed to use them, by default, for several weeks...???
i just hate getting yelled at...!!!

Assisted Housing...
The other day i noticed an article in the paper that said that there are about 10,500 people waiting for Housing assistance, and because that's so many more than Hawai'i can handle, they've decided to eliminate the problem by simply not taking any more applications...!!!

Not Quite Freezing...
i'd really like to return to the mainland, but i was checking night-time temperatures in Washington, Oregon and California -- And they are ALL still just above Freezing...!!! In the 40's and lower 50's...!!! Lower 50's would be just barely acceptable, but anywhere in the 40's is still too cold...!!! It's June ( Nearly ) for Goshs Sake...!!! What the Heck is going on around here...???

Library Card
i was over at the library the other day, and was trying to check out a Cthulhu's Mythos book that i haven't read yet ( Amazon lists 175 items under Cthulhu's Mythos...!!! ) But they wouldn't let me...! Because my Library Card needed to be renewed again...!!! It's been another 3 months already...!!! ( i really need to get out of here...!!! ) Then; after recovering from that shock, i decided to renew it at a different library, but they let me check out a book withOUT renewing it...!!!
Because it hasn't actually expired yet, it's just so close that the due date would have been past the expiration date, but this other library simply moved the due date up to the expiration date...!!!

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