Friday, May 13, 2005

More Fun Biddles...

these are exactly the questions that i've been asking for ages...!!!

i saw a girl reading this book on the bus the other day...???
and also: i've been noticing alot of 'Convergences' happening to me,
most of them appear to be benign, but statistically improbable...???
does it all fit in with my belief that the world is coming to an end in 2012,
( along with every other 'thinking' news analyst )
and that history and its events are 'bunching up' as time slams into the back end of the universe...???

In the newspapers lately, i've been seeing stories about The Sex Offenders Registry,
and i was thinking... this is a Terrific Resource for Sex Offenders to find each other and start a club or support network for their arguably villainous activities...???

Catch up on the News for Last Week...

Do you like to Drink...?
Try Competing for Drunk of The Week...!

Police Work as Prose Poems...???

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