Thursday, May 05, 2005

Recent Events { Early May }

  1. i was bad again...
    Starting last Saturday; i started developing a Cold... or at first, it seemed like just a Sore Throat, and i thought that it would develop into a cold... But-- Sunday; it was still just a sore throat, and then Monday, it was more like a sore throat, with just a little sinus congestion-- Then Tuesday, it was more like a cold-- Then Wednesday; after a night of being 'too hot' and tossing & turning, and coughing and being generally miserable, i went over to the 7-11 in Wahiawa and had a Coffee & Cinnamon Roll, and then sat in a restful stupor for the hour ride to Honolulu... without coughing or sneezing hardly at all...! The stupor was what was really responsible for that...! Then: This is coming up to where i was bad-- when i got to The Ala Moana Shopping Center, i got another coffee from FoodLand, and went up to the 4th floor, where all the fanciest shops are, and it's very nice up there-- But this early in the Morning; Before 8am-- when there are only the Mall Walkers... ( People that like to walk around the mall in the mornings...! ) -- So i was sitting there on one of the nice benches, listening to Morning Edition on NPR, and about a half an hour after i finished my Coffee-- i quite unexpectedly -- !!! -- without any additional queasiness... ( more than i was already feeling, for the last 3 days ) ...all the Coffee and a little bit of the Cinnamon Roll that i'd eaten 2 hours before that ( ! ) came hurling out of me...!!! i was able to catch some of it in my Orange Bandana, and i jumped up and hopped over to the Trash Bin-- and heaved some more...! But i left a trial of about a Cup of Barf that covered the bench & the floor...! Plus i felt just awful...!!! So after i thought i was through Squirting... i looked around in the other Trash Bins to see if i could find some Paper Napkins to Clean up 'The Spill'...!!! i'd used my Orange Bandana a little bit, and threw it away... ( boo hoo hoo...!!! ) ...But there was quite a bit left... so i managed to find some napkins in a McDonald's Sack... and tried wiping up what was on the Bench... and what amazed me--- was how 'Gelatiny' it was... not like a fluid-- But more like a living Blob that pushed itself away from the Napkins as i tried to catch it...!!! Which freaked me out...!!! So this caused me to heave some more, then i breathed in & out for about 2 minutes, and tried to get some more it, but it was just so completely Not Cooperating...!!! ...that i gave up, picked up all my stuff, and trudged over to the Park next door... i intended to 'tell someone' that i'd made a mess upstairs, but i didn't see anyone 'appropriate' on the way down and out, so i didn't... While i was laying in the park, i was thinking that i should do some 'penance'; such as stay away from The Mall for a Week or so... But i Depend on it so much, that i decided to instead buy a book from the book store...! ( i've already spent about 50$ there, but all things considered, given the amount of constant mischief that i get into over there, i am undoubtedly in the Red-- as far as paying for services that they've provided me with...!!! ) If the universe does mettle out some kind of justice, it will undoubtedly dispense some on me sooner or later...???
  2. HTML...???
    i looked up some stuff on HTML the other day, and i tried to implement some fancy routines into these 'pages'... But apparently...??? ...this html interpreter doesn't understand the commands that i was trying to give it...??? In the article that i got them from; it suggested that those particular commands, which would have allowed me to use lowercase alphabetical characters or roman characters for 'Lists'... were "Deprecated"... which means that they are Obsolete...!!! Now why would they discontinue such useful function...!!! This is further evidence of the phenomena that i've been observing for several years: and that is: that "New & Improved" -- Invariably means "More Complicated, Less Capable & Layered with Glitzy, Pointless Graphics"...!
  3. Squaring a Circle ( or Circling a Square )
    i'm pretty sure it's Squaring a Circle... that is: You take any Circle of any given size, and then, with just a straight edge ( ruler ) & a compass ( that kind that draws circles & arcs ) -- You construct a square that has exactly the same Area...! This is supposed to be impossible...! ...But i haven't looked into 'Why' it's supposed to be impossible, so i've been trying to figure it out... What i have so far-- is that the Square will have a side length that is twice the length of the radius of the circle, times .886226925453...!!! So the question then becomes; Where can i find this fraction ( ratio ) of the Radius...??? Well-- i've also been playing around the stellated Polygons, and what i call "Spectrum Tau Ratios"... and i hope to find this number in them-- somewhere...??? What makes me think that it MUST be there; is because a Stellated Pentagon ( Common 5 pointed Star ) has the Golden Ratio ( .618033988749 ) in it, and an Equilateral Triangle has a length of one side that is The Tau Ratio of Base 2 + 1...!!! ( .732050807568 ) What THAT is... is uhhh... Well; Consider the Golden Ratio: you take 1 & divide it by .618033... and you get 1.618033... that is; the fraction + the base...!!! Spectrum Tau Ratios asks what would happen if you replaced the Base of 1 with other whole numbers...??? Such as 2? 2/.732050... = 2.732050... And there are Ratios for all the Positive Whole Numbers... ( Actually 2 for each number; The Positive Ratio & a Negative one, which is just the inverse of the positive one...! ( e.g. -1.618033... for Base 1 ) For the Negative Numbers... they are kind of Quirky...!!! Base -5 turns out to be 1.38196601125 -- But the results are -5/1.3819... = -5+1.3819... = -3.61803398875... which is -3 + the golden ratio... But that's an anomaly of the Negative Numbers...!!! Base -6 is 1.26794919243 which equals ( B/r = B+r ) -4.73205080757, which is -4 + the tau ratio for 2...??? -4 is the most interesting... it's tau ratio is 2! -4/2 = -4+2 = 2. So anyways... the point being, these crazy fractions/ratios are all over the place, and they keep overlapping with other mathematical/geometrical forms...! So i'm just completely positive that the fraction: .886226925453 is going to be in there somewhere...! ( it may be hiding in a different form; such as a Square Root or Propositional Negative...!!! -- The hunt is On...! )
  4. Speaking of my Cold
    This is the 3rd Cold that i've had since i came to Hawai'i...!!! Before i came here, i would have One Cold every 2 years or so...!!! i've been sicker & more continuously injured for the last 7 months than any other time in my life ( this incarnation ) by about a factor of 643...!!!
  5. Remember in The Matrix...
    After Neo became 'Truly Aware' that he was existing in a Matrix of Maya/Illusion; he could do anything he wanted... i believe ( ? ) i am living in A World of Maya... ( Every Religion worth it's weight in Starchy Fats believe this as well... Even Christianity believes, Tacitly; That Heaven is The True Reality, and This World that we live in, is a Construct Created by 'The Word' of Gawd... Nothing more than his Imagination! ) But i don't see how this insight is going to help me fly around like Superman...??? The Reality Generator that produces this Illusion of Reality must have parameters that are independent of my perception & 'Belief' in them... Gravity doesn't hold me down, just because i believe it will... does it...??? i suspect however; That since this reality is a subset of another reality; then the expenditure of Memory is at a premium, just as we find in all computer systems & living brains... Such that The Reality Generator may be able to 'Conserve its Resources' by holding many 'Details' pertaining to my 'Personal Existence' within my allocated Memory Reserves...!!! So that-- to some extent --What i believe to be true, or what i expect to happen, will happen-- a goodly portion of the time. Occasionally; The Reality Generator may disregard what i expect will happen, and throw in an Anomalous/Wiggily Event... But such deviations from The Norm- will make its own functionality more precarious... As such: If i could find a way... ( The Big If-- ) really & truly BELIEVE things that i want to happen... then there is a greater chance that they WILL happen...!!! No matter how Outrageous these Desires may be. The trick-- Of Course --Is to actually believe impossible things... How can i do this...???
  6. Trisecting an Angle
    This is another of those impossible things that i'm working on... With this one; it seems like it SHOULD be easy to Trisect an Angle-- Because it's so easy to Trisect a Line, and to Trisect an Angle, you only have to Trisect an Arc that cuts through the Angle... And an Arc is a Line that is laid out over a Curved Space... OR -- A line is actually an Arc with a Radius of Infinity...! So what could the difficulty be...??? It's actually quite easy to Trisect an Arc of some indeterminate size, so i was thinking-- i would trisect an arc in two places inside the Angle to be Trisected, then draw a line from the tops of each trisected arcs, and this line, where it cuts through the top of the Angle... that's not it... BUT -- It's Close... so i'm trying to figure out how that point corresponds to the actual point along the Angle; Where the arc would be the same length as the artificially superimposed trisections that are on either side of it...??? This; i suspect, involves another of those crazy Ratios...! i will be famous, in a deeply unknown sort of way, when i figure this all out...!
  7. Rich People
    i have noticed that alot of 'Poor' Mailartists are, or are sympathetic with, Anarchy...! i am not! i have on many occasions defended The Rich, and the crazier they are, the more outrageously they spend their wealth, The better. i do not want to see them building medical facilities, or giving to the poor in Africa, or investing in Corn Futures... NO! i want to see The Rich blow their money on impractical Antigravity Flying Saucers, Pointless Stone Pyramids, Stupendously Huge Statues of Naked Women holding Swords and so on... ( ! ) i've also long insisted that, in these modern times, the wealthiest people have very little advantage over the poorest...! Even the poorest people in America; or most any other Industrialized Country, are comparatively Wealthier than the Royalty of a mere 100 years ago...! The One Thing that The Wealthy have over The Poor is the Ability to Solve Simple Problems Painlessly. Cancer is Cancer if your Rich or Poor... Getting hit by a train isn't going to bruise you any less if you're rich, Love comes to Poor & Rich alike, along with all the Heart-Ache that invariably follows... But if your Toilet breaks & you're poor, then it's a Disaster...! If you're rich, you just use one of your other bathrooms, or you call a plumber to come and fix it at 2 O'clock in the morning. So if you're poor... How can you 'Get Around This'...??? It's all done with 'Attitude'...!!! Just let hardship roll off your back like a common, acidic autumn shower is repelled off a $500 Goretex Rain Slicker. Crazy things will continue to happen, as they always have, and always will, because that's what The Reality Generator has been Programmed to Provide for us... But with a little, well placed; Lethargic Ennui you can beat the gawds and come away smiling.

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