Monday, June 27, 2005

Second Comment to this Blog...!!!

From: William T-
Sent: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 00:07:45 +0800
Subject: Your blog, and some gematria stuff
Dear Translucent Ameobae Consortium,

I've just discovered your blog and was quite impressed with it.
You certainly have more original and interesting ideas than most Internet
People. I enjoyed your gematria proofs that Bush, Kerry, and Nader
are all the Antichrist.
An interesting fact: In English ordinal gematria
(where A=1, B=2, and so on, down to Z=26),
"George W. Bush", "John F. > Kerry", "Washington", and "warmongering"
all add up to the same value -- which, unfortunately, is 130, not 666.
(To get 666 with that kind of gematria, you need something really long,
like "folk music icon Robert Allen Zimmerman,
commonly known as Bob Dylan.")
"The United States" and "Star-Spangled Banner"
also add up to the same number, 190.
Lots of other interesting examples.
Anyway, enjoyed your blog and look forward to reading more.
Keep it up.
------- End of Original Message -------

Friday, June 24, 2005

Recent Events...!!! ( Late June )

Well; i would really like to return to The Mainland early next month ( July ) ...
But it is still awfully cold at night there, but when is it going to get any warmer...???
i don't seem to recall that it got as cold as it is now, all the many years that i lived there,
and all the many years that i was a street person in Washington & along the coast...???
It seems awfully cold at night, especially in the mornings--
Here in HAWAI'I...!!!
It must be that i'm getting too dang old...!!!
i'm very discouraged that i will be able to find someplace really inexpensive to live...
The more i reflect on it, the more i'm convinced that it was a Freaking Miracle that i was living in such a nice little room in Bremertowne for only $220 a month ( + phone ) only a year ago.
i have to keep reminding myself that my angels will take care of me.
Speaking of Angels--
Mine have been VERY mischievous lately...!
Maybe they are just bored...!!!
Does anyone NOT get into unimaginable mischief when they are bored...???
i know i do.
This is what they've been up to.
On Monday i found some Irresistible Pizza with Too Much Cheese, and then later on that night, i found a WHOLE Super Deluxe Super Cheese Burger with 2 packets of Greasy Onion Rings...
So that all day Tuesday, and part of Wednesday-- i had Diarrhea...!!!
i've got to keep reminding myself NOT TO EAT CHEESE...!!!
Plus: Monday and Tuesday were very stressful for other reasons...
There were alot of weird & troubling CONVERGENCES...!
People just popping up and getting in my way, where there shouldn't have been anyone there to begin with...!!!
Then i got A BIG Owie on my the inside of my thigh, where the skin is very Thin & Delicate...!!!
So i put a big wide bandage on it, and secured that with two long strips of Medical tape,
and i wrapped all the way around my leg, so that the bandage wouldn't fall off...!
But the next day, when i took that all off to change the dressing,
The tape and sticky parts of the bandage pulled off a HUGE amount of my SKIN...!!!
So that NOW, besides The Original Owie, i have several long strips of new Owies...!!!
and i can't very well put bandages on them can i...!!!
Fortunately; They are all pretty much scabbed over now.
But they still hurt ALOT...!!!
Cingular is MESSING WITH ME again...!!!
i changed my 'Plan' a few weeks ago, to a cheaper one...
i was hoping that the cheaper plan would be $20 cheaper,
But it is closer to $16, and i lose about 3/5 of my Minutes,
and the remaining Minutes are more expensive...!!!
But when i changed over, they forgot to attach my Mmode...
Even though The Indian on the Service Line specifically asked about that,
and i specifically said YES...!
So now, i still have Mmode...???
But their computer says i DON'T...???
The only difference is that i can't examine my Ewallet Account online,
or send Email through the Mmode deallie...
What is most annoying is that The Ewallet Account has deducted some things from my Checking account,

and i don't know what they are for, and i am just TOTALLY LOATH to call the Service Line again to straighten it out, since the connection is always So Horrible, and the Indian Representatives are So Hard to Understand...!!!
AND-- i can't go to a local Service Center to straighten it out,
because they just POSITIVELY REFUSE TO HELP ME AT ALL...!!!
AND-- i can't straighten it out on the Internet...!!!
It is all SO FAWKING STUPID...!!!
So now--
i was just reading today about another phone service called Beyond Wireless...?
Have you heard of them...???
If you have, tell me if they are good or bad...!!!
Be sure and fill in Comment Thinger whenever you visit this site, or any other...!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Alternative NotSoGolden Ratios...!

If you've read that terrible book 'The Da Vinci Code' recently,
You may recall that within it's drab & characterless pages,
Dan Brown considered The Golden Ratio

for a few if those sheets...
As a quick reminder:
The Golden Ratio is a rather Magickal Number

that adheres to this formula;
1 / x = 1 + x
Where x = .618033988749 ( and then some more digits... )
1 / .6180 = 1.6180 = 1 + .6180 = 1.6180
Isn't that clever...!!!
What is somewhat less well known--
Is that there is another x that satisfies this same Expression...!
It is -1.618033988749...
That doesn't look so Very Surprising does it...
But in a moment, it will look more Surprising...! ( ? )
What if you took The 1 in the above Expression
And changed it to some other number...???
Like a... uhhh... oh-- a 2!
What would you get?
The solution for x would then be: .732050807569...
And it's AntiSolution would be: -2.732050807569...

[ i call these alternative Base Ratios; "Tau Ratios" ]

This still isn't Very Surprising... ( is it? )
But there are solution for all of The Positive Integers...
And All of The Positive Real Numbers ( with fractions )
If The 1 ( or 2 ) is replaced with a .5 ...
The Solution for x is: .5 & -1
That's a little bit more Surprising...???
But then;
What if we try Negative Numbers...!!!
Then it becomes VERY Surprising...!!!
...Because while there are

NO SOLUTIONS for -1, -2 & -3...
There is a Solution for -4...
It's -- 2 ...!
-4 /2 = -2 & -4 + 2 = -2
This is the Only time where x is a Whole Number...!!!
-5 has a Very Different kind of Solution,
As do all the other Negative Numbers...
-5's Solution for x is: 1.38196601125 & 3.61803398875
-5 / 1.3819... = -3.6180... & -5 + 1.3819... = -3.6180...
-5 / 3.6180... = -1.3819... & -5 + 3.6180... = -1.3819...
Look at that...!
Not only are the two solutions

Very different looking from each other,
But the Equalities are Reflections of One Another,
Rather than Inverses...! ( ? )
And The AntiSolution contains The Golden Ratio...!!!
This is Very Unusual...
Or is it...???
The Solution for x when -6 is used...
Is: 1.26794919243 & 4.73205080757
The AntiSolution contains The 'Tau' Ratio for '2'...!
( .73205080757 ) !!!
For -7; x = 1.20871215252 & 5.79128784748
Guess what...
.79128784748 is the Tau Ratio for '3'...!!!
What i think is The Most Interesting

About these Tau Ratios
Is that -1, -2 & -3 DON'T have solutions...???
What is up with that...???

Thursday, June 16, 2005


When was the last time that you wanted to draw an Eleven sided Polygon,
But were Stymied by your inexperience with The Fundamentals of Geometry...??? ( ! )
It's easy enough, with only a few simple tools:
Such as;
A Sheet of Paper or Other Inscribable Surface,
A StraightEdge; ( Commonly called a Ruler ),
A Compass ( The Kind that Allows You to Draw
a Circle or Part of a Circle ( An Arc! ),
A Protractor; ( Typically--A Half-Circle of Plastic
with Marks to Indicate Angular Progress along The Arc )
and a Writing or Inscribing Utensil.

To Draw an Eleven Sided Polygon ( An Ennagon )
Simply divide The Number of Degrees in a Circle; ( 360 )
By The Number of Desired Sides ( 11 )--
Which Equals 32.7273!

Draw a Circle,
Carefully Marking where The Center is,
With a Radius of The Desired Amount,
Then Draw a Line through The Circle,
So that it passes through The Center,
This Line is to be Called 'Alice'.
Where this Line passes Through The Edge of the Circle,
Mark as 'Betty'.
Align your Protractor along Alice
So that it's Center Marking Overlaps The Center of your Circle.
Then Find Where 32.7273 is along The Protractors Arc,
And make a small 'Tick' Mark on your Inscribing Surface.
Use your Straight Edge to Draw a Line ( A Finite Ray )
So that it passes through the Center of your Circle--
The Newly made Tick Mark, and The Edge of the Circle.
Where this Line Intersects the Circle, Label it 'Cindy'.
Carefully place The Pointy Metal Spike of your Compass on Betty,
And move The Adjustable Arm back & forth
Until it's Angle reproduces The Length from Betty to Cindy.
Take care to Preserve this Angle on your Compass...!!!
...As you place The Pointy Metal Spike on Cindy
And Make another tick mark along the Circle's Edge,
Moving Away from Betty.
( You should be Moving Counter-Clockwise,
But if you're not, That's OK too...! )
Repeat this procedure, over and over,
Moving The Pointy Metal Spike at each interval
To the Tick Mark that you've just made,
Until your most recent Tick Mark is where Betty is.
It may be entirely possible
That this most recent Tick Mark will not be exactly where Betty is,
But it should be pretty close...!!!
If it's WAY OFF...!!!
Then you may either decide that it's 'Good Enough' or you may want to Do It Over.
When all the Tick Marks are Done;
Use your Straight Edge to Connect them into your Ennagon!
Wasn't that Simple...?
But what if you Don't have a Protractor...!!!
What if you have a Straight Edge, Compass, Writing Utensil & Inscribing Surface...
But no way to determine how much of an Angle 32.7273 would be...???
The General Solution!
A General Solution is one that applies
Not only to what you want to do for a Specific Problem,
But will work on Any Problem of that Kind...!!!
This Solution is Not Completely a General Solution,
Since it will only work for Polygons up to 19 Sides...
But that should be plenty,
Even if you're VERY Neat & Careful with A Straight Edge, Compass & Writing Utensil...
You really can't make Polygons with more sides than this...
With any Reasonable Degree of Reliability...!!!
Step One:
Draw a Circle of a The Desired Radius.

The Radius is from Center to The Circle's Edge.
The Diameter is from The Circle's Side to Side.
When you're Calculating The Circumference of a Circle;
The Formula is 2 times Pi times r^2.
It's 2 times... Pi r squared,
Because Pi is a function of the Circumference, Not the Radius,
Even though all Modern Geometers always think of Circles
by their Radius' as how big they are...
The ancient Greeks, that Discovered pi,
thought about The Size of Circles by their Diameters!
But by the time Modern Geometry came along,
The Value of Pi was already firmly ingrained into everyone's heads...!

Step Two:
Draw a Line through the Center,
Extending through both Sides, And then some.

Step Three:
Use this 'Look Up Table' to find The Polygon that you're Interested in.
Nearly Each Polygon is provided with 2 Right Triangles,
Such that the Accumulative Angles at The Center of the Circle
Will very nearly match the Desired Angle for Creating your Polygon... ( ? )
To Use this Information:
Find The Desired Polygon
Note The Angle, for your Personal Enrichment
Then make a note of The Two Ratios that Follow
The Triangles Angles are given after that,
Again just for your Personal Enrichment,
Along with the Margin of Error.
What you're really;
And Only Interested in though,
Is The Ratios.
So; As an Example--
For an Ennagon;
The Two Triangles are 7:3 & 6:1
These Triangles produce The Angles 23.2 Degrees & 9.46 Degrees,
Which Add Up to 32.66, Pretty close to the Desired 32.73
All the Ratios are given with Fairly Small Integers,
So that the Triangles that you'll be drawing will be easy to measure... ( ! )
Proceed to Step Four...

Look Up Table for Polygon Drawing...
Triangle..120......5:9 + 3:5...60.94 + 59.04....0184
Square.....90......1:1 + 1:1...45....+ 45.......0
Pentagon...72......5:6 + 5:2...50.19 + 21.80....0042
Hexagon....60......5:3 + 9:5...30.96 + 29.05....0184
Septagon...51.43...7:5 + 7:2...35.54 + 15.95....0545
Nonagon....40......3:2 + 9:1...33.69 + 6.34.....0303
Decagon....36......2:1 + 6:1...26.57 + 9.46.....0274
Ennagon....32.73...7:3 + 6:1...23.2. + 9.46.....0664
12agon.....30......7:2 + 4:1...15.95 + 14.04....0184
13agon.....27.69...8:3 + 8:1...20.56 + 7.13.....0113
14agon.....25.71...3:1 + 8:1...18.43 + 7.13.....1543
16agon.....22.5....5:1 + 5:1...11.31 + 11.31....1199
17agon.....21.18...8:1 + 4:1....7.13 + 14.04....0152
18agon.....20......9:2 + 8:1...12.53 + 7.13.....3462
19agon.....18.95...6:1 + 6:1....9.46 + 9.46.....0227

Step Four:
This Step Assumes
That you already know how to make a Right Angle
That Intersects with a given Line.
If you don't know how to do this with a Straight Edge & Compass,
The use the Corner of a Sheet of Paper.
You want to create a Triangle so that its bottom is The Base Line
That intersects through your Circle.
This Triangle also needs to have Sides that Equal the Ratio Values.
For this Ennagon:
The first Triangle is 7:3...
That's 7 Units along The Bottom, and 3 Units Up.
These 'Units' may be any length,
So long as they agree with one another.
You can even use different sized Units for the Second Triangle...!
( Although... Why would you WANT to...??? )
To get 7 Units,

Think of The Distance from The Center of your Circle
To the Outer Rim as 4 Units,
Then Divide this Length
in Half, and Half again,
Yielding 1 Unit Increments.
The Double that 4 Unit Length Along the Base Line,
So that it's now 8 Units.
Subtract 1 Unit, So that it's 7 Units.
Draw a Right Angle at this Point.
Extend that Height to 3 Units.
Then Complete the Triangle by Connecting That Point to the Center.
This Newly Drawn Line is The New Base Line!
Repeat this Procedure for The Second Triangle. ( 6:1 )
( You've already got your 1 Units, So this should be easy! )
The Two Triangles now create a Accumulative Angle
That passes through your Circle at 32.66 Degrees.
Make a Tick along the Circles Edge
Where The Second Triangles Hypotenuse Intersects it!
( The Hypotenuse is the longest side of The Triangle! )
Use this 'Measurement' with your Compass
To Mark Off the rest of Vertices ( Points ) for your Polygon.
Connect these Vertices with your StraightEdge!
Your Done...!
Wasn't that Easy...!
Well... Pretty Easy...???

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Constitutional Amendment

Now that we have the momentum of the Michael Jackson Trial behind us,
We should all write to our Congressmen &/or Senators
And demand that Masturbation Be Legalized in all 50 States,
Perhaps with a Constitutional Amendment...!!!

It wasn't so very long ago that U.S. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders was dragged out of her Capitol Hill office, by her feet, & publicly flogged by White House Staff member Bernard Nussbaum as Janice Reno & Paula Jones 'Made-Out' and Jeered as The Surgeon General espoused her radical left wing convictions regarding The Legalization of Medically Prescribed Marijuana & The Education of American Children concerning The Proper use of Artificial Vagina Lubricants & The 'Then' Heretical Identification of The 'G' Spot-- Between TWACKS of the horse hide strips that cut deeply into her raw backside!

Let us not forget why our Forefathers came to this untamed & only slightly pre-founded Continent-- It was because ( amoung other reasons ) that King George believed that Masturbation was the cause of his Syphylis, and had outlawed, not only this act, but mutually consentual tickling & sugar added to Coffee...!

We are told --Constantly-- that we are FREE, but what does Freedom really mean...?

Are we Free to Be Human Beings...!

NO! We are not...!

Our Government & Western Civilization in General, has made it a CRIME to be The Biological Organisms that Gawd designed us as...! This is most clearly expressed with it's enforcement of Fashion Laws that make us cover our living flesh with layer upon layer of religiously prescribed garments, So that we will never mistakenly believe that we are 'Natural' Beings...!!!

Why is it that Ugly People can openly display their faces,

But attractive people can't unveil their genitals...

Beautiful & Innocent Genitals...!!!

What is WRONG with us...???

Friday, June 10, 2005

Recent Events... ( June 10th 2005 )

Last night, i was walking along this path, that was paved, and i wasn't paying attention to what i was doing, and i may have been in a mental fog at the time, so that, as a result of this state, or some other state that i was not aware of, i stumbled a little off of the path, and very slightly, lost my balance, but quickly recovered myself--
At that same Instant...!!! Off to my left, where a Deep Ravine was, a huge disturbance of somekind occurred...!!! Such that it seemed like a very large object crashed through the overhead trees, Falling and crushing a bush about 5_ft. from me, and then disappearing into the gully...!!!

Afterwhich, No other sounds or movements could be observed.
i attempted to go over to where the crushed bush was, but there was a substantial amount of vegetative growth between myself and the bush, so i wasn't able to find the object that fell...???
"Stop Looking for Proof!"
( A new slogan i'm considering that will supersede: "Keep Busy!"
There was an item on the news the other day, deriding a new trend, or program, that was promoting an advanced curriculum for Kindergarteners...! and the radio host was suggesting that this program, as such, ( et. al. ) was robbing these participatory children of their childhoods...!!!
From time to time, there are stories like this, and on each occasion, i would very much like to 'Call in' and remind them that Ones Childhood may be ( Can Be ) Experienced at any time during ones life, and you needn't discard the idea of shamelessly enjoying yourself, or participating in simple distractions, once you get past the age of 17.
When i was in the 8th grade ( or so ) i became aware that there were essentially 3 categories of students, two of which were 'happy' and one wasn't...
i decided ( observed ) that the two happy ones were the really dumb students that were forever just enjoying school, free of any responsibilities or expectations, and the really smart students that were 'taking it all in' and rolling with the punches.
But the 'normal' students were constantly being, and allowing themselves to be, oppressed by the circumstances of social order & what their futures held.
The 'nut of this' is that to enjoy life, you have to 'let go'...
Don't allow Adulthood to spoil that childhood that you should be enjoying all throughout your life!
Andrei Condrescu... Suggests that _The Da Vinci Code_ is a Terrible Book...!
i was thinking about taxes the other day, out of the blue, and it occurred to me that at any given intermediate level, a given $100 is taxed, then passed along, and taxed again, and again, and again...
i wonder how much tax revenue any given $20 Bill makes for the government...???
So then; to comfort myself, i was thinking...
The MONEY itself is not being taxed, it's the product or services that are being taxed only once, as they should be... But what if you have $100 and you earned that, and paid taxes on it,
Then have your house painted, and pay the painter the $100, and s/he pays taxes on that $100,
it seems to me that the home-owner & the painter both paid taxes on the same $100 for that same service...???
In other cases, does the government somehow receive payment for a given product or service many times over...???
This sounds like a Rip-Off to me...???
No wonder we can so frivolously have 2 Wars going and throw away brand new shoes with day old laces still in them...

Zero to One

One of the Mathematical Venues that interests me The Most,
( Aside from The Gematria & Recursive Mandalas... )
Is the Region from Zero to One!
You can put the whole Number Line in there,
Either just The Positive Numbers,
HP RPL Program Listing
Converts Any Real Positve Number
To it's 0 to 1 Equivalent
Input :
1: Any Number from Zero to + Infinity
1 + INV 1 SWAP -
The Curious part here is the adding & subtracting of 1.
It would work fine for all numbers without that...
Except for Fractions Less than 1...!!!
or Both The Positive & Negative Numbers...!
HP RPL Program Listing
Converts Any Real Positve Number

To it's 0 to 1 Equivalent
Input :
1: Any Number from - Infinity to + Infinity

The Curious part here is ARG COS which replaces SIGN,
Which fails with Zero...!
ARG COS returns 1 for 0, as it should!
This allows you to Graph Stuff without having to worry about
Numbers Falling Outside The Parameters of your Picture...!
One aspect of Zero to One is considering Just Zero & One.
On The HP48, The graphics ( are normally ) either Black or White.
Included with The Calculator's Functions & Commands,
Are Two Graphic Operators...
( Three; if you Include Replace ( ? ) )
Graphic OR & Graphic XOR ( Exclusive OR )

With OR; When you combine two graphics,
All The Black pixels on Graphic-A will remain Black
If The Pixel that overlays it, From Graphic-B, Is Also Black!
If The Pixel on Graphic A is White
& The Pixel on Graphic B is Black;
Then The Pixel will be Black!
If Pixel A is Black & Pixel B is White;
Then The Resulting Pixel will be Black!
If Both Pixels on Both Graphics ( A & B ) are White;
Only Then will the Resulting Pixel be White.

This is normally shown Schematically like so:

-------------- Graphic A
-------------- Black -:- White
-Graphic B -----------:-------
---- Black ----Black -:- Black
---- White ----Black -:- White

Another way of writing this is : BBBW

Exclusive OR works like this; Almost the Same,
Except that Black & Black Makes White...!!!

-------------- Graphic A
-------------- Black -:- White
-Graphic B -----------:-------
---- Black ----White -:- Black
---- White ----Black -:- White

This would be written as : WBBW

Since there are Two Options with Four Variations
There are 16 Possible Ways
To Combine The Two Graphical Pictures.

You may be wondering WHY
You would want to overlay two pictures in such a way
So that they either Reinforce or Cancel-Out
One or the others Colour...???
Amazingly; There are LOTS of Applications for this sort of thing...!
The most Notable is when you want to Fill In an Area
On a Graphical Picture with a Pattern.
To do this;
You First Make a copy of The Original Picture
and Set it Aside, [ Picture A ]
Then Fill in The Selected Enclosed Area with Black, [ Picture B ]
Then GXOR Picture A over Picture B and All the Pixels,
Except those in the Newly Filled Area will Magickally Disappear...!
Then Reverse that; So that White turns Black & Black turns White.
Then Create another Picture of the same size,
But contains nothing But the Pattern you Want, [ Picture C ]
Reverse This Picture as well.
Then Use GOR to combine these two pictures, And Reverse them.
The Area that you chose will now have The Pattern in it...!
The last step is to GOR Picture A on top of this latest Picture,
And that will restore all the other Picture Elements
From the Original Picture...!
When you actually do this on a computer,
It's all done; 'Behind the Curtains'
So that when it's all done,
And suddenly POPS onto your screen,
It looks like it just happened without any effort at all...!!!

There are LOTS of other applications as well...
But that's not what i'm interested in right now...

i got to thinking some time ago
That there should be another Functional for Graphic AND...
Only Black on Blacks would be Black,
And all other Pixels would turn White!
Then it further occurred to me
That there are still another 13 Possible Operations
Left Unaccounted for...!!!

At first i was thinking;
Many of these will require lots of fickling around...

Such as The Right Handed GXOR
That turns Black on White Pixels Black,
While leaving White on Black Pixels White...!!!
Black on Black turn White & White on White Stay White...!

BUT it turns out that
They are All Very easy & Simple to Construct...!!!

Here's a list of them:
-1 -WWWW- DROP OVER NEG GOR NEG - - - - - - - Null

The programs are all in RPL for the HP48 Series of Calculators,
The Input for each Program is the Same for Either GOR or GXOR or REPL

- -- 3: Graphic or PICT
- -- 2: (x,y) or { # xb #yb }
- -- 1: Graphic

-2 -WWWB- GOR NEG - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~GOR
-3 -WWBW- SWAP ROT NEG GOR NEG - - - Graphic Minus
- - - - - - - - - - -3 is also The W on B AntiGXOR
-4 -WWBB- NEG 3 ROLLD DROP2 - - - - - - - - - - ~B
-5 -WBWW- NEG GOR NEG - - - - - - -B on W AntiGXOR
-6 -WBWB- DROP2 NEG - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~A
-7 -WBBW- GXOR - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -GXOR
-8 -WBBB- NEG SWAP ROT NEG GOR - - - - - - - ~GAND
10 -BWWB- NEG GXOR - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~GXOR
11 -BWBW- DROP2 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -A
12 -BWBB- NEG GOR - - - - - - - - - - - -~AntiGXOR
13 -BBWW- 3 ROLLD DROP2 - - - - - - - - - - - - -B
14 -BBWB- SWAP ROT NEG GOR - - - - - - - ~AntiGXOR
15 -BBBW- GOR - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -GOR
16 -BBBB- DROP OVER NEG GOR - - - - - - -Tautology

As an Extension of this...
There are also 16 Fractional Propositional Logic Operators
That work on all The Intermediate Numbers
From Zero to One--
Rather than The Normal Zero OR One
For Ordinary Propositional Logic...!!!

These are also written for the HP48
So that Operators are First Laid Out
Then An Operation is Performed on Them...!

Such that:
[ p q + ] is equivalent to ( p + q ) anywhere else on the planet...!

For ( 2 ) : 1 p q MAX -
Means : 1-(MAX(p,q))

Input for These Routines would be:
- -- 2: - - - - p
- -- 1: - - - - q
Both p & q are Fractional Truth Values
Between & Including : Zero & One

Output is A Fractional Value as Well...
Signifying the Resultant Truth Value After The Operation.
These should be consistent with
Conventional Truth Tables,
In so far as, Zeros & Ones are Concerned...!

-1 -0000- 0 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Null

Everything is Wrong : The World is Maya
-2 -0001- 1 p q MAX - . . . . . . . . . . . ~OR
Wrong is Right

-3 -0010- p 1 q - MIN . . . . . . . .I Said So!
p is Right, Unless q Agrees with p

-4 -0011- 1 q - . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .~q
q is Wrong

-5 -0100- 1 p - q MIN . . . . . . Just Because!
q is Right, Unless p Agrees with q
-6 -0101- 1 p - . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .~p
p is Wrrong

-7 -0110- p q - ABS . . . . . .Not Equal or XOR
Just so long as p & q Disagree, Then that is Right

-8 -0111- 1 p q MIN - . . . . . . . . . . . .~&
If p & q Both think that it's Right, Then it's Wrong

-9 -1000- p q MIN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . &
If Both p & q Think it's Right, Then it's Right!

10 -1001- 1 p q - ABS - . . . . . Equal or ~XOR
If Both p & q Agree, Either Right or Wrong, Then it's Right

11 -1010- p . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . p
pis Right
12 -1011- p 1 q - MAX . . . . . . . . . Because
p is Right, Because q is Right

13 -1100- q . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . q
q is Right

14 -1101- 1 p - q MAX . . . . . . . . . If Then
If p is Right, Then q is Right

[ There is an Odd Bit here... It seems to imply That if some crazy thing
'p' is Given as False; Then Some Crazy thing q will be True...!
What it is Actually saying is that the Truth Values of p & q Determine
The Validity of the Operator... If p is False & q is True, The Operator is
Valid, But q is True for it's own reasons, Not because p is False.
This is perhaps the most compelling evidence that
Propositional Logic Is Inherently Flawed
& Why the Aliens have not yet Overtly Contacted Us. ]
15 -1110- p q MAX . . . . . . . . . . . . . .OR
When p or q is Right, Or Both are Right
16 -1111- 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tautology
Everything is Right with The World,
Everything is exactly what it is,
Everything that is exactly what it is, Is True,
Everything that is True, Is Beautiful

Bonus Feature...!
PhotoEmulsion Propositional Arithmetic...!!!

With PhotoEmulsion Propositional Arithmetic,
You are only allowed to use the Physically Possible Tools
Of either Adding Two Photos Together by overlaying transparencies,
And Creating a Third Image ( Transitionally Negative )
Or Inverting an Image by Exposing it to The Proper Emulsified Plastic or Paper Material...

Curiously; When you Add Photographic materials together in this manner,
The Results may be Somewhat CounterIntuitive...!
When you add a 100% Black Transparency
To Another 100% Black Transparency,
The Result will be
( After the Usually Negative Intermediate Stage )
A100% Black Image...!!!
When you add a 50% Black Image
To a 50% Black Image,
The Result will be a 75% Black Image...!!!
This is because some of The Silver or Dye Pixels on the Emulsion
Will exactly overlay the pixels on the second image,
Nullifying their accumulative effect...!
It is simple to see that if Image A is 50% Covered with Pixels,
It will Block Out 50% of the pixels on Image B...
So that if Image A is 60% Black,
And Image B is 12% Black,
60% of Image B will be Nullified,
Leaving 40% of the 12%
To Add to the 60% of Image A...
Thus Creating an Image of 64.8% Blackitiness...!!!
9% + 16% = 23.56%...!!!

Inverses; On the other plate, Will be exactly the opposite,
Just as you would expect them to be...
...Pixel count wise...
60% Inverts to 40% -- And so on...
This method of Inverting a Quantity is intended for Fractional Values Only...
So that 60% = .6 & 40% is the result of subtracting .6 from 1...! ( ? )
To Obtain the % Value; Multiply by 100...!

[ As a harmless Digression...
This is The Third Way to Oppositify a Number...!
Method One ) The Opposite of 3 is -3
Method Two ) The Opposite of 3 is .333...
Method Three ) The Opposite of .3 is .7

Method Four ) The Opposite of 30 is 210
Method Fourb ) The Other Opposite of 30 is 330 !
Method Five ) The Opposite of 3 is...???


+ means PhotoEmulsion Addition
. . . HP RPL Version : p q + p q MIN p q MAX % 100 * -
~ means PhotoEmulsion Inversion
. . . HP RPL Version : 1 p -

-1 -0000- 0 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Null
-2 -0001- p q + ~ . . . . . . . . . . . . .~OR
-3 -0010- p ~ q + ~. . . . . . . . .I said So!
-4 -0011- q ~ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ~q
-5 -0100- p q ~ + ~. . . . . . . Just Because!
-6 -0101- p ~. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .~p
-7 -0110- p ~ q + ~ p q ~ + ~ +. . . Not Equal
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . or XOR
-8 -0111- p ~ q ~ + . . . . . . . . . . . . ~&
-9 -1000- p ~ q ~ + ~ . . . . . . . . . . . .&
10 -1001- p ~ q + ~p q ~ + ~ + ~ . . . . Equal
11 -1010- p . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p
12 -1011- p q ~ +. . . . . . . . . . . Because
13 -1100- q . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .q
14 -1101- p ~ q + . . . . . . . . . . .If Then
15 -1110- p q + . . . . . . . . . . . . . . OR
16 -1111- 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . .Tautology

Extra Bonus:
Is there a way to Codify Fractional Propositional Logic

For a Mechanical System;
Such as Techno-Lego Blocks ( And Accessories )

or Tinker Toys...???

Monday, June 06, 2005


This is looking across the patio
from where i like to go & shave every other morning.

Lady sunning herself on Waikiki
( apparently trying to keep her head, milky white! )

Dead Hawai'ian Prince
( hiding his erection ( ? ) )

Weird Hawai'ian Tree

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Experiments that May Change The World...!

From the:
Experiments that May

Change The World Department...


The Background
Quirkiness Factor...

Every so often; A collection of circumstances will occur that will hold the interest of The Damp Masses, and surrounding these events will be a knot of peripheral incidents that will strike the attentive news-watcher as; Quirky.

Such as;
The distribution of gloves in the Simpson/Goldman Murders.
The Collapse of Building Number 7 on 911.
The Starmap recalled by Betty Hill.
The Foo Fighters of WWII.
The Missing Plane at The Pentagon on 911.
The Many, Many Unsubstantiated Reports of Molestation by Michael Jackson.
and so on...

In all these cases; The quirkiness factor gets in the way of determining what is real and what isn't...
The quirkiness elements seem to suggest that 'something' 'else' was going on,
and that that something isn't being addressed by the people that have been charged with investigating the principle phenomena...!!!
Don't they See These Things...!!!
Do they KNOW about them,

and are trying to COVER THEM UP
Because the truth will only Distract us from Their Agenda...!!!
What we Need-- i think, is to have available to us;
A Quirkiness Index!

This is a measurement of how much quirkiness is surrounding us all the time,
and that we should expect it.
So that when some 'Big Event' takes place,
we'll be able to reliably discount & ignore a statistical amount of quirkiness before we have to begin questioning the motives and operational methods of our Government & those that we've entrusted with our safety &/or financial interests.

Once this index is made public though,

It may well turn out that we'll begin to notice...
That is; Become aware of the quirkiness that we have acclimated ourselves to ignore,

for the benefit of our tenuous mental health.
Once we Know that there is quirkiness surrounding us,

All the time; It may suddenly become unbearable to simply function,
While; out of the corners of our eyes,
We are waiting for some bit of quirkiness to jump out and surprise us.

So it may require
a more extensive examination...
What is more important...

That we understand the limits of how to apply our 'good faith' in trusting our government,

or that we're able to function within the confines our our daily existence,
But have an unquantified level of suspicion that we necessarily apply to everyone & everything around us...
( as is the current state of affairs... )

World Affairs...!

i don't normally concern myself with World Affairs...
So this will be short & to The Pointless...!

It's recently been in the news that Iran & North Korea may be developing Nuclear Weapons, and that most pundits consider this a 'Bad Thing'.
i would like to differ.
It seems to me that for our ( The United States ) own good, it is in Our Best Interests to allow them, and every other 3rd World Country, to have their own Nuclear Arsenal.
Countries like Iran & North Korea are most Definitely under The Threat of Invasion by The United States, and in order to Keep us out of War ( More Wars ), it may ( arguably ) be that our government will refrain from ( or at least, hesitant in ) attacking a country with Nuclear Weapons.
Without them, It is certainly only a matter of time--
Not If-- But When(!) we will invade them-- Otherwise.

During a recent trip to somewhere or another, President Bush read a letter from someone... that was dead, as a result of the war in Iraq... ( i'm not particularly sure of the details here, or how a dead soldier could write a letter... but the gist of it was... ) ...that the soldier insisted that after all The United States has committed to Iraq, & such, it would be a tragedy if The United States 'Pulled Out' now... As that would make his own ultimate sacrifice to have been in vain.
Very moving words.
Bowel moving perhaps...???
Of course; Taking into consideration that we invaded a perfectly sovereign nation that was of No Threat to Us Whatsoever, and had nothing to do with the so-called 911 attack, It does mean that all the soldiers that WILL die every new day that the war goes on, are dying in a futile and purposeless manner to serve the vanity of politicians that are fearful of losing 'face'.

It seems to me that the attack on September 11th,

if performed by foreign nationals, and it may well be that it was NOT...!!!
But if it was, Or Not--
Then whoever did it are simply well motivated criminals.
i really don't see a distinction between criminals that commit big crimes or little ones--
And most of the time, our judicial system doesn't either.
As such;

If i were in charge, i would close down Guantanamo, give it 'back' to Cuba,
Bring all the Detainees to 'The Mainland' where they would summarily receive every protection of our Constitution, and dealt with as such.
It makes me completely crazy that our Government thinks that it can simply move prisoners off our Territorial Grounds so that they suddenly no longer have basic human rights,

or rights that we 'live by'...!!!
It's not a Spatial Problem...!
Of course; If we did that--

And considering that any of them that weren't Terrorist before 911,
are probably Terrorist NOW...!
So we may have to deport them to wherever their grandparents came from 80 years ago...

i would really like to see the other countries of the world stand up to The United States and rein in our Leash...!

We should be accountable to someone, and that someone should be the other nations of the World...
Why are they so Reluctant to tell us to Behave...?
Why is the Governor of Washington so reluctant to tell MicroSoft to Behave...???
Power not only corrupts the powerful,

But those that imagine that they can benefit from being on The Winning side of The Powerful, Little realizing ( C- Students of History ) that The Powerful give no allegiance to anyone...
How long ago was it that Iraq was one our best friends in The Middle East...
Did it do them a bit of good...?

When was the last time that you were so annoyed with someone or some multi-international Cellular Phone Company ( for example ) that you'd be willing to blow yourself up, just on the slim to zero chance that by doing so, it would raise sufficient publicity, that your personal, hysterically righteous disgruntlement would come to light in the public sector?
i would kind of like to know 'why' so many Arabs are blowing themselves up in ( so called ) The Middle East / North Africa...??? The pat answer that they are expecting 23 Virgin Brides or a Case of Bud-Light every week for the next Million years-- Just doesn't sound plausible to me...??? Why won't our news agencies explain this to us...! ( ? )

What Gawd Tells Me... ( ? )

It may be difficult to see this,
( pertaining to figure a )
But if you were to extract this picture
And Enlarge it a little bit,
Then maybe you could more easily make out--
That right below The Lamp on the lamp-post
In the middle of this Amazingly Poor Photograph
Is 'A Notch' in The Cloud
That depicts a Perfect 90 Degree ( Right ) Angle... [ ! ]
( figure b is somewhat clearer )
Why is it there...???
It's there to let me know that everything is 'Right' with The World.
Even though things may not seem right, they are.
The gawds ( Xi.6 Controllers ) are talking to you all the time,
Are you Listening...??? ( ! )

Fig. a
Taken from Ala Moana Park,
Looking mostly East, towards Ala Moana Center,

Where from; i was recently evicted, permanently...!

Fig. b
Taken from Kapolei Park, Looking mostly North(?),
Towards The Apparently Uninhabited Police Station.
( i have never observed any acitivity eminating from that building...??? )

Friday, June 03, 2005

Hate Hate Hate...!!!

The Babynous Cult once suggested that:
The Trouble with The World is Not that There is Too Much Greed,
But that The World is Not Greedy Enough!

The Translucent Amoebae would like to now assert that;
The Trouble with The World is Not that There is Too Much Hate,
But that There is Not Enough Angry, Confused Hatred in The World...!!!

i have recently been reminded that Cingular is;
The Most Evil Company in The World!
If there are any International or Domestic Terrorists; Disgruntled Schizophrenics, Unemployed Television Actors, Recently Divorced Airline Pilots, Interstate Truck Drivers with an Inoperable Brain Tumor or Any of the many Diminutive Extraterrestrials with a decidedly Amoral Perspective on The Well Being of HomoSapiens--

Out There that are looking for a Fresh &/or Novel Devotion for their Pointless Aggression & Desire to 'Blow Stuff Up'...
i would like you to keep:
_Cingular; The Cell Phone Company_ under consideration.

What have they done to me recently...???
Just this morning i went over to 'The Service Center' in downtown Honolulu,
and brought with me a brochure that says this:
Pay as You Go cards.
The name changed. The value stayed.
- Cingular prepaid phone service in now called
GoPhone Pay As You Go.
- Pay As You Go cards work with GoPhone Pay As You Go, KIC, Cingular Prepaid and Free2Go service.
- ( additional bits ... )

i have a GoPhone that i purchased at a Cingular Store a few months ago,
after Cingular purchased AT&T...
This new program specifically says that it works with GoPhones.

But it DOESN'T...!!!
Cingular discontinued the old AT&T GoPhone plan,
took the name "GoPhone" & reapplied it to their new service plans...!!!
So that even though i have a Phone purchase at a Cingular store,
and it's called a GoPhone,
i can't switch to the new 'Card' plan...!
( which would save me a ton of money...!!! )
To take advantage of this new plan,
i would have to buy a NEW PHONE...!!!
When i asked which phones would work with this new plan,
the service rep- looked around and said...
"Well... uhmmm, any of these phones that we have here..."
"Any phone that Cingular offers then... EXCEPT MINE...!!!" ...
i tried to clarify...

Apparently they don't seem to realize that it's a software issue...
Simply take out my old SIM Card, and install a new one,
or Reprogram my phone with a direct line connection...
If even that would be Necessary...???
It seems to me that any changes along these lines would be a Billing Issue,
and that simply changing a Notation or 'flag' in my Personal Account Billing Records would be Sufficient...???
They seem to think that there is something 'magickal' in the phones themselves...???
[ Why do The Smart People let The Stupid People run The World...? ]

But this is not the end of the story...!
This happened about a month ago at The Ala Moana Store...
( ...The bit about which phones would work with The new plan...
i was over there to mostly straighten out a billing problem,
and i asked about the new GoPhone plan...
and got NO-WHERE...!!!
and i was so frazzled that i gave up on them... )

But ToDay,
i was at The Honolulu Store,
trying to find a more 'Reasonable' Service Representative,
and he explained ( ? ) that my old phone wouldn't work...
But this came after The Most Notable Expression of EVIL...!!!

When i went in, i placed the Brochure on the countertop and said;
"i want one of these..."
"Which one?"
"The $50 one..."
"O.K." and he went over to the drawer and pulled out a card and started typing on his computer...
i was becoming a little alarmed because they were so 'difficult' at the Ala Moana Store that i asked;
"Is there any way that this won't work with my phone..."
He looked quizzical...
After some more confusion, he apparently wasn't clear what i meant,
so he offered to look at my phone, then he disassembled it, looked under the battery, and announced that it was an AT&T phone, and that it was not eligible for this plan...
Then he got really snotty when i tried to explain to him that this was NOW AT&T,
and he insisted that NO it was NOT AT&T...
Despite that Cingular had Bought out AT&T,
They were keeping the Customer bases separate...
When i insisted that i bought the phone at an Cingular Store,
and that i was NOT an 'Old' AT&T customer,
he seemed mildly confused,
But decided to become all the more surly to make up for the fact that i was gaining ground in this argument...
"I'm going to have to ask you to leave if you persist in being Inquisitive..."
i pressed on, asking him to explain why i couldn't use my old phone with this new service,
and he resorted to TechnoBabble...!!!
i HATE IT when they do that...!!!
Seeing that i wasn't going to gain any further ground,
and on the verge of a TOTAL HISSY FIT,
i decided to leave instead.


What especially annoyed me about this conversation was that he was completely willing to KNOWINGLY sell me a 'Calling Card' that wouldn't work with my Phone...!!!
He seemed to take Pride in that he was doing an Excellent Job,
According to his own definition of 'Good',
By which; If an Ill-Informed, Confused or Bewildered Customer were to ask for a product or service that was ill-suited for their needs,
Then he would cheerfully sell them that product or service,
Which would cause them untold grief, angst or torment.
i had long ago realized that there are Good Teachers ( along with salespeople & philosophers )
And Bad Teachers...
Whose principle distinguishing feature is that the Good Ones are looking for The Truth,
and the Bad Ones are acting on the superficial details of their immediate circumstances...!
e.g., When asking a Good Teacher a Question,
The Good Teacher will magickally divine what it is that you're really asking,
and answer that question, rather than the one you actually asked.
A Bad Teacher; that is attempting to emulate the good teacher,
will reinterpret your question to form a new question that they are more comfortable with,
and answer that one.
This is sometimes called; Addressing the Strawman.
A flat out Bad Teacher will simply answer your poorly formed question,
Taking into account your misuse of terminology & shape their answer to incorporate your literal vocabulary,
So that the answer they give will make no sense whatsoever...!
When applying this to Philosophers ( Seekers of Truth );
You have your Genuine Scientists that are trying to find the truth--
that is often well hidden behind several cloaks of disinformation, confusion &/or poor observation...
Such as; in the case(s) of Flying Saucer Reports or BigFoot Sightings.
The Bad Scientist; or Debunker, will simply take the literal account, reinterpret it to exclude all relevant &/or authentic bits of useful information, then declare that the inconsistencies & misuse of jargon, place names or their personal vernacularisms; Prove that the account was either 'made up for financial gain' or the consequences of a diseased mind.
When this is applied Salespeople, The only relevant factor is The Commission.
The curious thing about this; Is that-- ALL of the Cingular Sales/Service people that i've encountered are Surly, Disgruntled, Iniquitous, Ill-informed &/or Bad Tempered Brutes that Reek of Faux-Politeness...
They have all been So Amazing Aggravating...!!!
i think that the problem may be that with these Stupendously Bloated Multi-International Conglomerates--
Is that they're perfectly willing to fawk with their customers, knowing that only a small percentage are smart enough to know that they are being fawked with, and are likely to switch to another, equally evil, Cellular Phone ( or whatever ) Company.
As it turns out, 1/3 of all Cell Phone users would like to switch carriers, which is actually substantially higher, percentage wise, than the 15% that would be indicated by Intelligent Attentiveness...
Which would seem to suggest that these companies are so egregious with their treatment of their customers, that it transcends The Brain Barrier...!!!
Even stupid people know that they're being abused when it comes to this level of exploitation.

It should be enough to KNOW that if there is Any Justice in The Universe,
These Imbeciles & Everyone Associated, in Any Way, with Cingular;
will Burn in Hell for all Eternity,
But it's just not enough for me.
i want them to suffer more than that.

Am i a Bad Person for wanting Justice Too Much...???