Saturday, June 04, 2005

Experiments that May Change The World...!

From the:
Experiments that May

Change The World Department...


The Background
Quirkiness Factor...

Every so often; A collection of circumstances will occur that will hold the interest of The Damp Masses, and surrounding these events will be a knot of peripheral incidents that will strike the attentive news-watcher as; Quirky.

Such as;
The distribution of gloves in the Simpson/Goldman Murders.
The Collapse of Building Number 7 on 911.
The Starmap recalled by Betty Hill.
The Foo Fighters of WWII.
The Missing Plane at The Pentagon on 911.
The Many, Many Unsubstantiated Reports of Molestation by Michael Jackson.
and so on...

In all these cases; The quirkiness factor gets in the way of determining what is real and what isn't...
The quirkiness elements seem to suggest that 'something' 'else' was going on,
and that that something isn't being addressed by the people that have been charged with investigating the principle phenomena...!!!
Don't they See These Things...!!!
Do they KNOW about them,

and are trying to COVER THEM UP
Because the truth will only Distract us from Their Agenda...!!!
What we Need-- i think, is to have available to us;
A Quirkiness Index!

This is a measurement of how much quirkiness is surrounding us all the time,
and that we should expect it.
So that when some 'Big Event' takes place,
we'll be able to reliably discount & ignore a statistical amount of quirkiness before we have to begin questioning the motives and operational methods of our Government & those that we've entrusted with our safety &/or financial interests.

Once this index is made public though,

It may well turn out that we'll begin to notice...
That is; Become aware of the quirkiness that we have acclimated ourselves to ignore,

for the benefit of our tenuous mental health.
Once we Know that there is quirkiness surrounding us,

All the time; It may suddenly become unbearable to simply function,
While; out of the corners of our eyes,
We are waiting for some bit of quirkiness to jump out and surprise us.

So it may require
a more extensive examination...
What is more important...

That we understand the limits of how to apply our 'good faith' in trusting our government,

or that we're able to function within the confines our our daily existence,
But have an unquantified level of suspicion that we necessarily apply to everyone & everything around us...
( as is the current state of affairs... )

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