Friday, June 03, 2005

Hate Hate Hate...!!!

The Babynous Cult once suggested that:
The Trouble with The World is Not that There is Too Much Greed,
But that The World is Not Greedy Enough!

The Translucent Amoebae would like to now assert that;
The Trouble with The World is Not that There is Too Much Hate,
But that There is Not Enough Angry, Confused Hatred in The World...!!!

i have recently been reminded that Cingular is;
The Most Evil Company in The World!
If there are any International or Domestic Terrorists; Disgruntled Schizophrenics, Unemployed Television Actors, Recently Divorced Airline Pilots, Interstate Truck Drivers with an Inoperable Brain Tumor or Any of the many Diminutive Extraterrestrials with a decidedly Amoral Perspective on The Well Being of HomoSapiens--

Out There that are looking for a Fresh &/or Novel Devotion for their Pointless Aggression & Desire to 'Blow Stuff Up'...
i would like you to keep:
_Cingular; The Cell Phone Company_ under consideration.

What have they done to me recently...???
Just this morning i went over to 'The Service Center' in downtown Honolulu,
and brought with me a brochure that says this:
Pay as You Go cards.
The name changed. The value stayed.
- Cingular prepaid phone service in now called
GoPhone Pay As You Go.
- Pay As You Go cards work with GoPhone Pay As You Go, KIC, Cingular Prepaid and Free2Go service.
- ( additional bits ... )

i have a GoPhone that i purchased at a Cingular Store a few months ago,
after Cingular purchased AT&T...
This new program specifically says that it works with GoPhones.

But it DOESN'T...!!!
Cingular discontinued the old AT&T GoPhone plan,
took the name "GoPhone" & reapplied it to their new service plans...!!!
So that even though i have a Phone purchase at a Cingular store,
and it's called a GoPhone,
i can't switch to the new 'Card' plan...!
( which would save me a ton of money...!!! )
To take advantage of this new plan,
i would have to buy a NEW PHONE...!!!
When i asked which phones would work with this new plan,
the service rep- looked around and said...
"Well... uhmmm, any of these phones that we have here..."
"Any phone that Cingular offers then... EXCEPT MINE...!!!" ...
i tried to clarify...

Apparently they don't seem to realize that it's a software issue...
Simply take out my old SIM Card, and install a new one,
or Reprogram my phone with a direct line connection...
If even that would be Necessary...???
It seems to me that any changes along these lines would be a Billing Issue,
and that simply changing a Notation or 'flag' in my Personal Account Billing Records would be Sufficient...???
They seem to think that there is something 'magickal' in the phones themselves...???
[ Why do The Smart People let The Stupid People run The World...? ]

But this is not the end of the story...!
This happened about a month ago at The Ala Moana Store...
( ...The bit about which phones would work with The new plan...
i was over there to mostly straighten out a billing problem,
and i asked about the new GoPhone plan...
and got NO-WHERE...!!!
and i was so frazzled that i gave up on them... )

But ToDay,
i was at The Honolulu Store,
trying to find a more 'Reasonable' Service Representative,
and he explained ( ? ) that my old phone wouldn't work...
But this came after The Most Notable Expression of EVIL...!!!

When i went in, i placed the Brochure on the countertop and said;
"i want one of these..."
"Which one?"
"The $50 one..."
"O.K." and he went over to the drawer and pulled out a card and started typing on his computer...
i was becoming a little alarmed because they were so 'difficult' at the Ala Moana Store that i asked;
"Is there any way that this won't work with my phone..."
He looked quizzical...
After some more confusion, he apparently wasn't clear what i meant,
so he offered to look at my phone, then he disassembled it, looked under the battery, and announced that it was an AT&T phone, and that it was not eligible for this plan...
Then he got really snotty when i tried to explain to him that this was NOW AT&T,
and he insisted that NO it was NOT AT&T...
Despite that Cingular had Bought out AT&T,
They were keeping the Customer bases separate...
When i insisted that i bought the phone at an Cingular Store,
and that i was NOT an 'Old' AT&T customer,
he seemed mildly confused,
But decided to become all the more surly to make up for the fact that i was gaining ground in this argument...
"I'm going to have to ask you to leave if you persist in being Inquisitive..."
i pressed on, asking him to explain why i couldn't use my old phone with this new service,
and he resorted to TechnoBabble...!!!
i HATE IT when they do that...!!!
Seeing that i wasn't going to gain any further ground,
and on the verge of a TOTAL HISSY FIT,
i decided to leave instead.


What especially annoyed me about this conversation was that he was completely willing to KNOWINGLY sell me a 'Calling Card' that wouldn't work with my Phone...!!!
He seemed to take Pride in that he was doing an Excellent Job,
According to his own definition of 'Good',
By which; If an Ill-Informed, Confused or Bewildered Customer were to ask for a product or service that was ill-suited for their needs,
Then he would cheerfully sell them that product or service,
Which would cause them untold grief, angst or torment.
i had long ago realized that there are Good Teachers ( along with salespeople & philosophers )
And Bad Teachers...
Whose principle distinguishing feature is that the Good Ones are looking for The Truth,
and the Bad Ones are acting on the superficial details of their immediate circumstances...!
e.g., When asking a Good Teacher a Question,
The Good Teacher will magickally divine what it is that you're really asking,
and answer that question, rather than the one you actually asked.
A Bad Teacher; that is attempting to emulate the good teacher,
will reinterpret your question to form a new question that they are more comfortable with,
and answer that one.
This is sometimes called; Addressing the Strawman.
A flat out Bad Teacher will simply answer your poorly formed question,
Taking into account your misuse of terminology & shape their answer to incorporate your literal vocabulary,
So that the answer they give will make no sense whatsoever...!
When applying this to Philosophers ( Seekers of Truth );
You have your Genuine Scientists that are trying to find the truth--
that is often well hidden behind several cloaks of disinformation, confusion &/or poor observation...
Such as; in the case(s) of Flying Saucer Reports or BigFoot Sightings.
The Bad Scientist; or Debunker, will simply take the literal account, reinterpret it to exclude all relevant &/or authentic bits of useful information, then declare that the inconsistencies & misuse of jargon, place names or their personal vernacularisms; Prove that the account was either 'made up for financial gain' or the consequences of a diseased mind.
When this is applied Salespeople, The only relevant factor is The Commission.
The curious thing about this; Is that-- ALL of the Cingular Sales/Service people that i've encountered are Surly, Disgruntled, Iniquitous, Ill-informed &/or Bad Tempered Brutes that Reek of Faux-Politeness...
They have all been So Amazing Aggravating...!!!
i think that the problem may be that with these Stupendously Bloated Multi-International Conglomerates--
Is that they're perfectly willing to fawk with their customers, knowing that only a small percentage are smart enough to know that they are being fawked with, and are likely to switch to another, equally evil, Cellular Phone ( or whatever ) Company.
As it turns out, 1/3 of all Cell Phone users would like to switch carriers, which is actually substantially higher, percentage wise, than the 15% that would be indicated by Intelligent Attentiveness...
Which would seem to suggest that these companies are so egregious with their treatment of their customers, that it transcends The Brain Barrier...!!!
Even stupid people know that they're being abused when it comes to this level of exploitation.

It should be enough to KNOW that if there is Any Justice in The Universe,
These Imbeciles & Everyone Associated, in Any Way, with Cingular;
will Burn in Hell for all Eternity,
But it's just not enough for me.
i want them to suffer more than that.

Am i a Bad Person for wanting Justice Too Much...???

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