Thursday, June 02, 2005

i am so freaked out again...!!!

i did laundry today, even though i'm not planning to return to the mainland anytime immediately soon.
but my socks in particular were getting kind of crusty, and my sweater too.
if it just came down to buying new socks, i could do that, but socks & a sweater...???
fortunately, my greatest fear of Laundromats failed to materialize--
when i got there, there was only about 3 other people doing laundry.
by the time i left, things were starting to pick up, but i'd gotten a table all staked out by then.

the reason i'm not returning yet is because i recently did a weather check for the coming week for Ellensburg, Corvallis and even Monterey, and all three of them are still having nights in the 40's...!!!
in JUNE...???
so i am fully freaked out.
then! i was just reading that Seattle had recently experienced 2 really HOT days...!
so hot that the weather bureau sent out heat stroke warnings...???
what is what...! ( ? )

lately-- it's been pretty cold here in Hawai'i too...!!!
i think i'm becoming HYPER-SENSITIVE to colder weather...!!!

so not only did i get a 40$ bus pass, but i also renewed my library card 10$...!!!
if i'd known that i was going to be here this long, i would have gotten a PO box and applied for the Card that replaced what was formerly known as 'Food Stamps' and a Health Card thinger too...
Plus: with that documentation, i would have been able to get a yearly bus pass for like 10$...!!!

as always:
if you're reading this;
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