Friday, June 10, 2005

Recent Events... ( June 10th 2005 )

Last night, i was walking along this path, that was paved, and i wasn't paying attention to what i was doing, and i may have been in a mental fog at the time, so that, as a result of this state, or some other state that i was not aware of, i stumbled a little off of the path, and very slightly, lost my balance, but quickly recovered myself--
At that same Instant...!!! Off to my left, where a Deep Ravine was, a huge disturbance of somekind occurred...!!! Such that it seemed like a very large object crashed through the overhead trees, Falling and crushing a bush about 5_ft. from me, and then disappearing into the gully...!!!

Afterwhich, No other sounds or movements could be observed.
i attempted to go over to where the crushed bush was, but there was a substantial amount of vegetative growth between myself and the bush, so i wasn't able to find the object that fell...???
"Stop Looking for Proof!"
( A new slogan i'm considering that will supersede: "Keep Busy!"
There was an item on the news the other day, deriding a new trend, or program, that was promoting an advanced curriculum for Kindergarteners...! and the radio host was suggesting that this program, as such, ( et. al. ) was robbing these participatory children of their childhoods...!!!
From time to time, there are stories like this, and on each occasion, i would very much like to 'Call in' and remind them that Ones Childhood may be ( Can Be ) Experienced at any time during ones life, and you needn't discard the idea of shamelessly enjoying yourself, or participating in simple distractions, once you get past the age of 17.
When i was in the 8th grade ( or so ) i became aware that there were essentially 3 categories of students, two of which were 'happy' and one wasn't...
i decided ( observed ) that the two happy ones were the really dumb students that were forever just enjoying school, free of any responsibilities or expectations, and the really smart students that were 'taking it all in' and rolling with the punches.
But the 'normal' students were constantly being, and allowing themselves to be, oppressed by the circumstances of social order & what their futures held.
The 'nut of this' is that to enjoy life, you have to 'let go'...
Don't allow Adulthood to spoil that childhood that you should be enjoying all throughout your life!
Andrei Condrescu... Suggests that _The Da Vinci Code_ is a Terrible Book...!
i was thinking about taxes the other day, out of the blue, and it occurred to me that at any given intermediate level, a given $100 is taxed, then passed along, and taxed again, and again, and again...
i wonder how much tax revenue any given $20 Bill makes for the government...???
So then; to comfort myself, i was thinking...
The MONEY itself is not being taxed, it's the product or services that are being taxed only once, as they should be... But what if you have $100 and you earned that, and paid taxes on it,
Then have your house painted, and pay the painter the $100, and s/he pays taxes on that $100,
it seems to me that the home-owner & the painter both paid taxes on the same $100 for that same service...???
In other cases, does the government somehow receive payment for a given product or service many times over...???
This sounds like a Rip-Off to me...???
No wonder we can so frivolously have 2 Wars going and throw away brand new shoes with day old laces still in them...

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