Friday, June 24, 2005

Recent Events...!!! ( Late June )

Well; i would really like to return to The Mainland early next month ( July ) ...
But it is still awfully cold at night there, but when is it going to get any warmer...???
i don't seem to recall that it got as cold as it is now, all the many years that i lived there,
and all the many years that i was a street person in Washington & along the coast...???
It seems awfully cold at night, especially in the mornings--
Here in HAWAI'I...!!!
It must be that i'm getting too dang old...!!!
i'm very discouraged that i will be able to find someplace really inexpensive to live...
The more i reflect on it, the more i'm convinced that it was a Freaking Miracle that i was living in such a nice little room in Bremertowne for only $220 a month ( + phone ) only a year ago.
i have to keep reminding myself that my angels will take care of me.
Speaking of Angels--
Mine have been VERY mischievous lately...!
Maybe they are just bored...!!!
Does anyone NOT get into unimaginable mischief when they are bored...???
i know i do.
This is what they've been up to.
On Monday i found some Irresistible Pizza with Too Much Cheese, and then later on that night, i found a WHOLE Super Deluxe Super Cheese Burger with 2 packets of Greasy Onion Rings...
So that all day Tuesday, and part of Wednesday-- i had Diarrhea...!!!
i've got to keep reminding myself NOT TO EAT CHEESE...!!!
Plus: Monday and Tuesday were very stressful for other reasons...
There were alot of weird & troubling CONVERGENCES...!
People just popping up and getting in my way, where there shouldn't have been anyone there to begin with...!!!
Then i got A BIG Owie on my the inside of my thigh, where the skin is very Thin & Delicate...!!!
So i put a big wide bandage on it, and secured that with two long strips of Medical tape,
and i wrapped all the way around my leg, so that the bandage wouldn't fall off...!
But the next day, when i took that all off to change the dressing,
The tape and sticky parts of the bandage pulled off a HUGE amount of my SKIN...!!!
So that NOW, besides The Original Owie, i have several long strips of new Owies...!!!
and i can't very well put bandages on them can i...!!!
Fortunately; They are all pretty much scabbed over now.
But they still hurt ALOT...!!!
Cingular is MESSING WITH ME again...!!!
i changed my 'Plan' a few weeks ago, to a cheaper one...
i was hoping that the cheaper plan would be $20 cheaper,
But it is closer to $16, and i lose about 3/5 of my Minutes,
and the remaining Minutes are more expensive...!!!
But when i changed over, they forgot to attach my Mmode...
Even though The Indian on the Service Line specifically asked about that,
and i specifically said YES...!
So now, i still have Mmode...???
But their computer says i DON'T...???
The only difference is that i can't examine my Ewallet Account online,
or send Email through the Mmode deallie...
What is most annoying is that The Ewallet Account has deducted some things from my Checking account,

and i don't know what they are for, and i am just TOTALLY LOATH to call the Service Line again to straighten it out, since the connection is always So Horrible, and the Indian Representatives are So Hard to Understand...!!!
AND-- i can't go to a local Service Center to straighten it out,
because they just POSITIVELY REFUSE TO HELP ME AT ALL...!!!
AND-- i can't straighten it out on the Internet...!!!
It is all SO FAWKING STUPID...!!!
So now--
i was just reading today about another phone service called Beyond Wireless...?
Have you heard of them...???
If you have, tell me if they are good or bad...!!!
Be sure and fill in Comment Thinger whenever you visit this site, or any other...!!!

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