Saturday, June 04, 2005

What Gawd Tells Me... ( ? )

It may be difficult to see this,
( pertaining to figure a )
But if you were to extract this picture
And Enlarge it a little bit,
Then maybe you could more easily make out--
That right below The Lamp on the lamp-post
In the middle of this Amazingly Poor Photograph
Is 'A Notch' in The Cloud
That depicts a Perfect 90 Degree ( Right ) Angle... [ ! ]
( figure b is somewhat clearer )
Why is it there...???
It's there to let me know that everything is 'Right' with The World.
Even though things may not seem right, they are.
The gawds ( Xi.6 Controllers ) are talking to you all the time,
Are you Listening...??? ( ! )

Fig. a
Taken from Ala Moana Park,
Looking mostly East, towards Ala Moana Center,

Where from; i was recently evicted, permanently...!

Fig. b
Taken from Kapolei Park, Looking mostly North(?),
Towards The Apparently Uninhabited Police Station.
( i have never observed any acitivity eminating from that building...??? )

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