Saturday, June 04, 2005

World Affairs...!

i don't normally concern myself with World Affairs...
So this will be short & to The Pointless...!

It's recently been in the news that Iran & North Korea may be developing Nuclear Weapons, and that most pundits consider this a 'Bad Thing'.
i would like to differ.
It seems to me that for our ( The United States ) own good, it is in Our Best Interests to allow them, and every other 3rd World Country, to have their own Nuclear Arsenal.
Countries like Iran & North Korea are most Definitely under The Threat of Invasion by The United States, and in order to Keep us out of War ( More Wars ), it may ( arguably ) be that our government will refrain from ( or at least, hesitant in ) attacking a country with Nuclear Weapons.
Without them, It is certainly only a matter of time--
Not If-- But When(!) we will invade them-- Otherwise.

During a recent trip to somewhere or another, President Bush read a letter from someone... that was dead, as a result of the war in Iraq... ( i'm not particularly sure of the details here, or how a dead soldier could write a letter... but the gist of it was... ) ...that the soldier insisted that after all The United States has committed to Iraq, & such, it would be a tragedy if The United States 'Pulled Out' now... As that would make his own ultimate sacrifice to have been in vain.
Very moving words.
Bowel moving perhaps...???
Of course; Taking into consideration that we invaded a perfectly sovereign nation that was of No Threat to Us Whatsoever, and had nothing to do with the so-called 911 attack, It does mean that all the soldiers that WILL die every new day that the war goes on, are dying in a futile and purposeless manner to serve the vanity of politicians that are fearful of losing 'face'.

It seems to me that the attack on September 11th,

if performed by foreign nationals, and it may well be that it was NOT...!!!
But if it was, Or Not--
Then whoever did it are simply well motivated criminals.
i really don't see a distinction between criminals that commit big crimes or little ones--
And most of the time, our judicial system doesn't either.
As such;

If i were in charge, i would close down Guantanamo, give it 'back' to Cuba,
Bring all the Detainees to 'The Mainland' where they would summarily receive every protection of our Constitution, and dealt with as such.
It makes me completely crazy that our Government thinks that it can simply move prisoners off our Territorial Grounds so that they suddenly no longer have basic human rights,

or rights that we 'live by'...!!!
It's not a Spatial Problem...!
Of course; If we did that--

And considering that any of them that weren't Terrorist before 911,
are probably Terrorist NOW...!
So we may have to deport them to wherever their grandparents came from 80 years ago...

i would really like to see the other countries of the world stand up to The United States and rein in our Leash...!

We should be accountable to someone, and that someone should be the other nations of the World...
Why are they so Reluctant to tell us to Behave...?
Why is the Governor of Washington so reluctant to tell MicroSoft to Behave...???
Power not only corrupts the powerful,

But those that imagine that they can benefit from being on The Winning side of The Powerful, Little realizing ( C- Students of History ) that The Powerful give no allegiance to anyone...
How long ago was it that Iraq was one our best friends in The Middle East...
Did it do them a bit of good...?

When was the last time that you were so annoyed with someone or some multi-international Cellular Phone Company ( for example ) that you'd be willing to blow yourself up, just on the slim to zero chance that by doing so, it would raise sufficient publicity, that your personal, hysterically righteous disgruntlement would come to light in the public sector?
i would kind of like to know 'why' so many Arabs are blowing themselves up in ( so called ) The Middle East / North Africa...??? The pat answer that they are expecting 23 Virgin Brides or a Case of Bud-Light every week for the next Million years-- Just doesn't sound plausible to me...??? Why won't our news agencies explain this to us...! ( ? )

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