Thursday, July 21, 2005

Recent Biddles... ( Late July )

i woke up this morning at arount 3:30am and discovered that that 'bloated' feeling i had last night had transformed itself into acute diarhea...!!! i had a 'damp patch' in my pants about the size of a baseball, so i jumped out of my sleeping bag, and sat on a handkercheif while i threw all my stuff together and walked over to the 'other' park on the far side of town, since the one just around the corner from where i sleep, locks their bathrooms at night...! What came out when i sat down there was about a quart of pale root beer coloured poop...! i honestly think that i extrude about twice as much as i take in... i usually only drink 2 coffees a day and pee 4 times, at least... Is that too much... What is too much...??? So i washed out my pants and i've been feeling quite a bit better since then...??? What cause this...??? i ate a couple of 'suspect' things yesterday, but i really thought that both of them 'passed all the usual tests...!!!' i think that what is happening is that my intestines are simply refusing to digest anything other than cinnamon rolls...???


Have you ever found a baby bird and wanted to take it home with you...???
Did you know that it may be Illegal...!!! ( ??? )
In Washington State it is--
But i snubbed my nose at John Law a few years ago and took one in anyways...!
Here are some tips that i learned from either the local PAWS organization,
&/or the school of hard knocks...!

1 ) Baby birds like Cat Food...! Just take a can of cat food and mix it with some water in a blender and feed it too the bird whenever it's hungry... Use a squirting bottle...??? i used a small Elmers Glue bottle that i cleaned out Really Well...! and then cut off the inside 'stick' so that the cat food would squirt out quite neatly with a gentle squeeze. Sometimes the cat food will become clumpy, and rather than sqeeze harder, you should clear the obstruction...!!!
i once had this problem, and just squeezed harder... and when it came out, it knocked my poor bird off it's perch and sent it flying... before it was ready for flying...!

2) i kept my baby bird in a box that i had laying around, and put down several layers of newspapers on the bottom, so that instead of changing the newspapers ( frequently ) i could just peel off the top sheet ( or two ) and it would be nice and clean again.

3) this was in the spring, but i wanted my baby bird to be nice a warm, so i set the box over the electric heater and turned it on to a very low temperature, which made the inside of the box just warm enough...???

4) Your baby bird will let you know when it's hungry by cheeping alot and opening its mouth...! It will do this every 20 minutes or so, all day long, for a few weeks, at least, so you'll have to stay home with it, or take it with you, or have somebody bird-sit for you... It shouldn't be allowed to go hungry for more than a hour or two...!!! When it gets dark outside, just put a blanket or somesuch over the box ( with holes in the sides...!!! ) and let it and you get some sleep.

5) i don't see how any of these birds with 'open nests' ever produce any birds that reach maturity...! my bird was all over the place and it's incomprehensible to me that a wild bird would sit patiently in a tiny nest for weeks before it was finally ready to leave the nest and fly away...???

6) Don't let your baby bird fly around your room...!

7) Be sure that it can fly really good before you let it loose...!

8) Be sure that it can feed itself before you let it loose...!

9) i let my bird out too early and fortunately i was able to retrieve it the first night, and bring it back inside for another week...
Also-- it kept coming back for a week after it was flying around outside and demanded that i continue to feed it...!

10 ) What else...??? i gave it a bath one afternoon, and it really seemed to like the warm water being poured over it... for awhile...! then it started shivering terribly, so i took it out and dried it off really thoroughly...???

11 ) When it finally leaves, it will probably be kind of abruptly, and you may think that a local cat ate it -- But it may just have flown away as they are meant to.

Don't expect postcards!

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