Thursday, July 07, 2005

Recent Events... Early July 2005

Sleep Walking...
When i was 'little', i used to sleep walk from time to time, but then i apparently mostly outgrew it...
But there were two times that i distinctly recall sleeping walking:
One was when i was out at the lake, and my cousin [-p-] hit me on the head with a anchor that he was swinging, and right after that i seemed 'alright' but then when we got back up to the lodge, i 'took a nap' that lasted for about 12 hours... Curiously, no one seemed to be bothered or alarmed about this, except that in the evening, my dad 'woke me up' from where i was sleeping, and moved me over to a cot, where i 'woke up' the next morning.
How much was my IQ diminished by this event... ( ??? )
Then many years after this, when i was a street person, and the evening after i'd had my one and only 'Bigfoot' sighting, i'd looked all over for a good place to sleep that night, but finally settled on just laying down on the lawn near the library in some town, a few miles north of Olympia, Washington, or maybe it was a few miles south...???...Then sometime during that night, i 'woke up' when i stumbled over some railroad tracks...!!! i didn't know where i was, and became immediately aware that i didn't have my back-pack with me...!!!, so i wandered around in this strange, unfamiliar town for about an hour-- before i was able to relocate the library and my back-pack...! Since then; i've always slept inside my sleeping-bag, even on very warm nights...!
What is curious about this story, ( mostly -- i think ) is that the expert on sleepwalking says that sleep walking is NOT associated with 'Dreaming', since it doesn't occur when the person is exhibiting the classic dreaming brain-wave activity...! This sounds surprising doesn't it...!
i've had this theory about dreaming and Non-dreaming states for some time,
This theory suggests that when you are dreaming, you are traveling to distant places, through gawds sketch pad ( perhaps ) or some such, alternative fractional reality...
And-- When you are 'not dreamingg' you are lost in a realm of unreality, or a void of nothingness, and that the reason we've become 'incarnated' is to learn to navigate in this 'True Reality' while we are sleeping... Safely tucked away in a 'Solid' 3-D reality...! Eventually, we'll be able to stay in the true reality all the time, having learned to stay within the boundaries of 'Where Stuff Is'.
- - - - - - - - - - -
London SubWay Attacks
One of the things that most annoys me about 'Terrorist' Attacks, Is that --Afterwards-- Someone will announce that they are the ones that 'Did It' and neglect to mention why...!!!
It seems to me, and i may be the goofy one to consider this, but it seems to me, that if you're going to go to all the trouble of terrorizing someone, you should have in mind, some reason for doing so...??? Am i wrong here...???
So according to my personal basic guidelines for Introductory Terrorism;
You should always plan the attack out a week, or so, ahead of time, which will give you plenty of time to put a 'Coded Message' as a Want-Ad or Personal-Ad ( or some such ) in the local newspaper, So that afterwards, you can direct the local media's attention to this Item, and tell them how to 'Decrypt' it... This will give you the Authority to make demands in a perfectly unambiguous manner and so on.
Also; It appears that all the terrorist that we're dealing with these days, are so self assured with what they are doing, they mistakenly believe that everyone else is just as aware of their 'cause' as they are...!!!
You would think that after listening to El Presidente Bush rant on and on about how the terrorists 'Just hate Freedom', the actual terrorist would go out and hire a publicity firm to handle their 'Just Cause' for them... But apparently they've tied up all their investments in cheap, unreliable exploding belts & fliers for recruiting new members... Maybe they should send some of those fliers over here so that we can read about what it is that's so ticking them off... Most of us, ( Including Me! ) are pretty much in the dark, as to all the gentle specifics of why they are doing whatever it is they are doing...
-- All this Assumes...! that the 'Terrorists' are Not our own CIA or other group that is only interested in raising Oil Prices... If that were the case, then all this 'Ambiguity' would make all the sense in the world wouldn't it...??? ( !!! )
Another point that i'd like to make concerns the Analysis of this recent attack on London... Where the pundits are suggesting that the terrorists of these 4 attacks must have been very 'Sophisticated'...!!! And the reason that they give, is that all four blasts went off 'At about the same time!'...
Just how 'Bright' do you have to be to wear a watch...?
As you may already be aware, i have the most unlimited contempt for The Everyman, That Ordinary Homosapien that if s/he lived outside the confines of Western Civilization ( or it's equivalent ) would lack the ingenuity to squat while defecating.
As much as i occasionally overestimate the abilities of The Damp Masses ( i'm a Optimistic Pessimist* ), i'm wondering how wrong i could be, to disagree with these analysts, that are saying that are saying that the terrorist must have planed this 'Intricate bombing' Out weeks or months in advance, and had considerable overseas funding...?
i could easily imagine an idle group of teenagers, sitting around in a garage somewhere, tinkering together some reasonably powerful bombs made from kitchen cleaning supplies, using recipes found on the Internet, then deciding to use them, for no particular reason, ( the chief motivating force behind all actions taken by the damp masses ) to 'blow up some stuff'. Why they picked subways & a double-decker bus;
'Why Not' would be their well reasoned response.
The leader would pick a random time, and have them all write this down on the backs of their hands, so they wouldn't forget...
( is this the part that required the extensive 'Sophistication'...
Would ordinary, dim witted terrorists forget to remind their loafers to write down important information...??? )
And so on...
i think, as in the movies...!, it snips both ways...
If the villain in the movie is an imbecile, then the Hero looks all the smarter...
At least the Hero should to The Damp Masses...!
For me though, when the villain is an imbecile,
Why would British Intelligence send out their most prestigious secret agent ( 007 )...
Doesn't he have anything better to do...
( i'm referring to most of the Roger Moore; James Bond Films )
This same think applies to real life;
If it's clearly the case that our Police agencies are powerless to stop or substantially hinder the efforts of foreign and local Ner-do-wells, then it must be because their so darn Sophisticated...
Our Irish Bluecoats would look pretty incompetent if it turned out that the terrorists were just a bunch of moodcalves...!
A Pessimistic Optimist ( or should that be the other way 'round... ? ) is someone that expects the worst,
but is relatively accepting of things that go reasonable well, or are not; complete disasters.
- - - - - - - - - - -
Still in Hawai'i
i was perfectly ready to buy a ticket to SF on Tuesday, but when i got out to the Airport, the ticket agent told me that the 'Counter' ticket price was about 160$ more than the 'Internet' ticket price...! So i put it on hold.
It looks like i will have to buy a ticket online, or fly by standby...!
( But that's cheating-- Isn't it...!!! ( ? ) )
Also; i have this HUGE Owie on my right knee...!
( my latest theory on these, is that they are caused by the teeny tiny ANTS over here...! These Ants are much smaller than Mainland Ants, and i'm pretty sure that they inject somekind of POISON when they bite you, AND-- if you're especially sensitive to these particular toxins,
So much the better... For The Ants...!!! )
So i'm waiting for that to get a little bit better...
AND -- i'm still Terrified of how cold the nights on the mainland might be...
It's been awfully Cold Around Here...!!! in the mornings & evenings...!!!
Plus -- i just can't get up the energy to do anything lately...!
i think i'm loosing the ability to read...! i just can't focus on anything for more than a few minutes...
And all The News lately is so depressing.
The Damp Masses are just wearing me out... They just don't deserve my help.
i don't want to save them anymore.
In one of Kurt Vonnegut's books; Galapagos He ends the book, with the humans,
after several millions of years, de-evolved into a group of harmless seal like creatures.
Would it really be so bad if this really happened, and perhaps the soon we begin,
the better it will be for everyone of our lop-headed descendants. ( ? )
- - - - - - - - - - -
Chicken Salad Sandwich
Just this morning, i took a shower, washed out some things, tried to put a more effective bandage on my knee, and then i went over to Kapolei for breakfast, which consisted of a big fancy coffee, an egg, sausage & cheese biscuit-- & a Chicken Salad Sandwich... Which went right through me...
You may be thinking that it was the Cheese Biscuit that went right through me, taking everything else with it, but i think it was the Chicken Salad Sandwich. i've had those biscuits many times before, and without 'ill' effects... Plus; When i looked at the poop that splurted out, it was ALL FLOATING...! This means that it was pure FAT...! Most of the stuff i eat is not pure fat, but it seems to make perfect sense to me that this Chicken Salad Sandwich was made cheaply, by filling it full of delicious fat...!!! By some quirk of evolution, Humans have to genetically selected to crave FAT...! Maybe it makes sense somehow... But for some equally quirky reason, i can not digest this FAT...! It may have something to do with the time, The last time i was in Hawai'i, when i got somekind of Totally SuperDeluxe RadOut Food Poisoning... And i was Throwing up & Forcefully Squirting buckets of Liquid Poop out of my anus, Simultaneously... For about 6 hours, then another 3 or so hours of feeling miserable, then i felt fine. Fortunately, that night that i was sick, i'd managed to get myself locked into a ladies restroom on The University of Hawai'i's Campus.
( Angels do take care of us, in a typically back-handed, black-humored kind of way... ??? )
So that's why i can't eat greasy or oily meats, Cheese or White Rice...???
i can still eat peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, but these are seldom discarded at The Mall or along Waikiki Beach.
- - - - - - - - - - -
Best Phone Ringers
i was on the bus a few weeks ago, and had a VERY RARE conversation with someone... Scotty had exactly the same kind of phone that i had, and was playing 'Bounce'.
After a few minutes he showed a bunch of pictures of his kids,
on his cell phone's display, and played the ringer of his baby crying...!
i said 'How did you do that?' and he explained it to me.
What i find so curious about this, is that all the ringers that i've downloaded from the internet sites,
and i found it very surprising that it's possible to have a ringer that can reproduce any sound you want,
with reasonable audio fidelity...!
Here are some Good Possibilities...
Blood Curdling Scream
Crying Baby
( All these would be great on the Bus, or in an Elevator...??? )
Mewing Kitten
( or Favorite Animal )
Abusive Swearing
Cowardly Man Pleading for you to Answer the Damn Phone.
Gun Shots
Hacking Cough
Crazy Person Rant
- - - - - - - - - - -

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Anonymous said...

like yer art..and rant is good. tho not to forfeit my reason for this..floating nuggets of poop is not necessarily from grease as much as it is from your liver having a rough time of it. if you so desire, the liver often gets overwhelmed with toxins and needs a bit of a clease. my simple suggestion is chewing on some deelicious milk thistle seeds a couple times a day for awhile and see how ya feel. not to say that greese doesnt give me the runs too..liver damage can be from bad medicine, alcohol, toxins, etc..anywho, taker easy. lin