Saturday, July 30, 2005

Recent Events ( The End of Time...! )

i'm still here in Hawai'i...!!!
i was going to do laundry thursday, which is sort of tramsom that must be passed under before i can do anything else...
Then i was going to do laundry friday, but didn't...
Now it's saturday... i can't laundry saturday, everyone does laundry saturday, or sunday-- so i'll have to wait until monday...
There's a flight to San Francisco at around 2 something pm... so i'd have plenty of time to do laundry in the morning... and get some long socks, and a new hat...???
i don't know though...
i've been seriously considering getting a bus pass for $40, even though i may only be in one day of August...!!! i really don't want to pay $2 per ride, that seems too much to me...!!!
i was looking at fares today... United Airlines, which usually has the HIGHEST fares, for some reason now has the lowest fares...???
But that may be for online sales only...
i don't want to buy a ticket online.

i got another weird blister on my right index finger...
where do these come from...???
it's very VERY mysterious. (! )

i have to take a shower before i go back too...
that would have to be Sunday night...
i usually always take showers in the morning...
Everything is all topsy turvey...!!!
Plus: i'm afraid that it will be TOO COLD in Washington...!
it is too cold HERE in the mornings.

i do not know what to do.

i've been fixing things, or trying to fix things.
i sewed up my calculator/pencil bag the other day, and that worked out marginally well...
the inseams were totally torn out, so there wasn't much to sew into without massively reducing the interiour size of the bag, and the calculator barely fits as it is...???
And my backpack's main pouch zipper had torn loose on one side... so i tried to sew that back on, but i was so afraid of sewing it too close 'inside' that i sewed it too far 'outside' and it came loose a few days later again, so i sewed it up again, using a slightly different technique, but it still looked wrong, and i think it's coming loose again already...!
it is not so big that there is a Major Problem of things falling out ( yet ) but it is an annoyance...!

i was walking around the other day when i heard a 'clunk!' and turned around to see my glasses case on the lawn...! i'd forgotten to zip up that pouch the last time i was into it...!!!
i'm becoming more and more senile...!!!

everything scares me.

my right knee that was getting better for awhile, started getting worse again, so i taped it back up, and there's another owie on my right leg ( thigh ) that is taped up too now.
i am falling apart.

i hate everything.

what i am most looking forward to; is getting one of those little DVD / HDTV ( wide screen ) players and subscribing to Netflix again.
and doing a bunch of little watercolours.

i would also like to read Moby Dick.
i really should have read it by now.
i am too lazy.

i squandered this months allowance down to the last penny this month,
i've totally lost faith in the future.
i hate listening to the news.
everyone is a moron.
i don't believe that 'The Terrorists' are real.
i think that it's all Street Theatre arranged by The Idyl Rich from Texas.
so that they can rise the price of their oil.
it's no more complicated than that.

Flying Saucers & Suicide Bombers are alot alike in that neither of them make a lick of sense.
The most annoying thing about SB'ers is that:
a) they never tell anyone why they're blowing themselves up.
b) once they've blown themselves up, they can't blow anything else up.
Someone is brainwashing them to blowthemselves up.
The Idylly rich texans.
Crop Circles.
same thing with Crop Circles and Cattle Mutilations...
( Now there are CAT Mutilations too... ! )
Cat Mutilations
None of it makes a lick of sense...
UNTIL you consider that there are sociopathic rich people out there they like to 'arrange' things for their personal amusement...
Dada + $$$ = NoMoreMysteries

Do you know what the Best TV show was of all time...???
and it only ran for like 5 Episodes...
It was:
On DVD...!!! More Info... Barnes&Nobles Only $24.28!!!

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