Monday, July 25, 2005

Recent Events & Such...

A few weeks ago, i noticed that the inside edge of my first fingers, on both hands were getting really callused, and i couldn't figure out what could be causing that, since i never engage in any sort of manual labor or effort of any kind...??? Then i got this really weird, big blister on my right hand, on that same callused edge of my first finger, then about a week after that, i got another one, a little higher up, near the fingernail, then a week or so later-- Another one, only this time on my left hand, along the callused edge of my first finger...!!!
i popped all three as soon as i noticed them, and all three have taken along time to heal...???

i've gone about year now ( in Hawai'i ), and along time before that, without loosing anything... And within the last week, i've lost THREE things...!!!
1: My beloved Green Bandana
2: The Replacement WildPink Bandana
3: A Hair band
i lost both of the Bandanas while i was on the bus, reading...!!!
The Green was lost while reading The latest Harry Potter Book
And the WildPink one was lost while reading Art Bell's The Source
And the Hair Band was lost-- i don't know when...
( within the last week...! ??? )
i'm just frazzled!
Fortunately, i got a new Green Bandana and my Fung Shui for my back-pack has been restored...!

Someone has been CRAPPING around the place that i sleep at night...!!!
They must be doing in during the day time, since i'm there all night.
i think that they've done it at least twice, over this last weekend...
( July 23-24 )
i can't really smell it from where i sleep, but it's quite noticable on the way there, as you'd walk around the building to get there...!
If anyone caught me sleeping back there, i'm sure that it would be quite 'REASONABLE' to think that -i- was the one that did it...!!! It would be alot more reasonable than thinking a person in a puffy coat was a MAD BOMBER...!!!
Sometimes when i'm accused of something that i DIDN'T do, my holistic side starts to invade my conscious, and i think 'Maybe i am, in some incomprehensible way, partly responsible!' and of course, if i were to confide my doubts to the Police -- LOOK OUT...!!!

Police shot Brazilian eight times
Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes, 27, was shot seven times in the head and once in the shoulder, at Stockwell Tube station, south London, on Friday.
Tony Blair said he was "desperately sorry" an innocent man had lost his life.
The prime minister said it was right for Britain to express its "sorrow and deep sympathy" to Mr Menezes' family.
But he said the police must be supported in doing their job.
He added that "they would have been criticised had the suspect turned out to be a terrorist and they had failed to take action."
London Mayor Ken Livingstone described Mr Menezes as a "victim of the terrorist attacks".

It just makes me crazy whenever the police murder some innocent victum, then blame the person that they were supposed to have been after... There's somekind of quirky 'double standard' in that if you, by some inadvertant happenstance, help a crimminal to perpetrate some crime, then you are 100% equally guilty of the crime at they are, and in fact, it is usally the case that the 'underlings' are somehow -more- culpable than the mastermind, But when the police, by their direct action, murder someone completely unconnected to their original intentions, they are 100% innocent...!
i wonder if Tony Blair's comment can be inferred to mean that if you see someone on a bus or subway train, and you think 'Maybe that guy has a bomb in his back-pack or in her purse' -- You will be completely forgiven, in fact praised, for shooting them repeatedly, and gratuitously in the head and shoulders... You certainly wouldn't want anyone to second guess your motives and blame you for a 'Potential' bombing... Even if it never actually occurs. You can't be too careful these days -- Wouldn't you rather see dozens of innocent people murdered every day, than allow one suspicious, scruffy looking person to ride on a bus unchallenged...!!! ( ? )

i'm still in Hawai'i...
( The little mark between the i's is an okina! )
...i really need to get out of here, if i'm going to THIS YEAR...!!!
so i'm thinking of August 1st... For some reason, i am loath to spend 2$ on the bus ride from Wahiawa to the Airport that morning... i would 'almost' rather buy a $40 buspass, then wait 5 days ( 4 trips per day @ 2$ = 8$ x 5 = 40$ ) before leaving...
OR i could leave on July 31st, but to do that, i would have to transfer at least 200$ from my savings account to my checking account, and i am equally loath to do that...!!!
i have pretty much decide though, that i'm going to take ATA, and fly 'Standby' even though they don't have any flights to Portland or Seattle(?), so i would have to fly to San Francisco and then hitchhike up the coast, looking for a nice clean, friendly, inexpensive town along the way to live in...???
[ it all seems completely hopeless to me...! ]

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