Monday, July 11, 2005

TeleTransportation... ( ? ) [ !!! ]

i found this via the Art Bell Website:
( reprinted here without permission )

In his new book, Teleportation 'The Impossible Leap',

published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.,
writer David Darling contends that
"One way or another, teleportation is going to play a major role in all our futures. It will be a fundamental process at the heart of quantum computers, which will themselves radically change the world."
Darling suggests that some form of classical teleportation and replication for inanimate objects also seems inevitable. But whether humans can make the leap, well, that remains to be seen.
Teleporting a person would require a machine that isolates, appraises, and keeps track of over a trillion trillion atoms that constitute the human body, then sends that data to another locale for reassembly

--and hopefully without mussing up your physical and mental makeup.
"One thing is certain: if that impossible leap turns out to be merely difficult -a question of simply overcoming technical challenges- it will someday be accomplished," Darling predicts.
In this regard, Darling writes that the quantum computer
"is the joker in the deck, the factor that changes the rules of what is and isn't possible."
Just last month, in fact, scientists at Hewlett Packard announced that they've hammered out a new tactic for a creating a quantum computer -using switches of light beams rather than today's run of the mill, transistor-laden devices. What's in the offing is hardware capable of making calculations billions of times faster than any silicon-based computer.
Given quantum computers and the networking of these devices, Darling senses the day may not be far off for routine teleportation of individual atoms and molecules. That would lead to teleportation of macromolecules and microbes with, perhaps, human teleportation to follow.

It seems to me that the way to go about transporting something,

is to approach the problem in the same way that technicians & engineers invented Television...!
That is; With brute force, and not having any idea of how difficult the problem really is!
Step One:
Think of Matter as the amalgamation of gravity waves,

and that all physical objects are Gravity Holograms.
This doesn't discount the apparent factoid that physical objects appear to made up of hard crusty lumps that we call particles...
It merely means that these so called particles are the crests of gravity waves.
Normal gravity; as we experience it,
When it's pulling us towards large planetary bodies,
or keeping those bodies in orbit around suns
Is both; too feeble & chaotic to spontaneously form matter on its own.
To make matter, you have to invent a Gravity Laser.
Step Two:
Invent a gravity laser [ gaser ] ( ??? ).
Step Three: ( or step two...? )
Invent a detector that can see the fine details of gravity waves.
Step Four:
Use these two devices to make Gravity Holograms.
Step Five:
To 'Set' a gravity hologram into a solid mass,

resulting in either the duplication of an object,
or transporting one over some distance,
you have to somehow ( finally-- the tricky part! )
'fix' the hologram with a the blast of a gravitational freezing beam,
so that the waves & troughs of the hologram 'step up' to constitute matter.
Further commentary:
As noted in the introduction; the important step, the most important step here is to think of this problem the way that the engineers did when they were inventing the Television...!

The remarkable thing about the early televisions was that they were transmitting literally terabytes of information at a time when to archive a television broadcast,
they had to record it with cinemagraphic film...!
The earliest Tonight Shows existed ( until recently ) only on film...
And when we went to The Moon,
The gawd-dang MOON...!!!
The first digital cameras that they took with them were only in Black & White...!!!
( as was the film in their Hasselblad & Nikon cameras...!!! )
There seems to be this preoccupation -now- with the assumed fact that to transport something,

you have 'Remember' all the data that you're transmitting...!
NO... No & NO!
They didn't have to do that when they were inventing Television,

They didn't have to do it when recording the first 'Records',
They didn't have to do it with Holograms,
And it doesn't make any sense that they're going to have to do it with The First Generation of Transporters...!
And when we finally get around to 'Recording' People and saving them as Holograms to Reconstitute later,

i very much suspect that we will have invented a storage medium that doesn't require us to label every byte...!
Do we have to label every byte on an LP,

or a VideoCassette...
No-- We don't!
Gravity Holograms will be stored on somekind of crystalline lattices,

and we'll be able to store the entire population of the Earth in a shoe box.
Predicted Invention of the First Transporters: 2063.
( write that down! )

i was also going to mention that i don't believe in 'Quantum' Computing...
i think that in a few months or years,
physicists will finally come to their senses and admit that all this quantum 'nonsense' was alot of hooey,
and that now they're going to start acting like adults again...
( ??? )

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