Monday, August 29, 2005

Frank Zappa

i was thinking that it was Frank that said something about Mutating and Evolution,
But what he did say within this genre was:

"Without deviation progress is not possible." : Frank Zappa
"The More we Mutate, The Faster we Can Evolve." : Babynous

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Is This Number Prime...??? : One

Is this a New Idea...???
The other day i was thinking of how Prime Numbers always have to end in either a One, Three, Seven or Nine... and that if they end with anything else, they have to be 'Composite'...???
Well-- My brain continued... wouldn't it be nice if you could simply convert a number to a different base,
then look at the last digit ( right most ) and see if that indicates Compositibility...
Say like; 2081 might be prime, but it might be composite as well...
In Hexidecimal; 2081 = 81
All Hexidecimal Primes have to end with 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, B, D, or F
Which is Not much help...
In base 6; Primes have to end with a 1 or 5
2081 in base 6 is 13345
So it could still be Prime...!
List of Composite Indicators for Various Bases...
Base: Ending Character that means Definitive Compositeness
The Inverse Characters; ( 1 3 7 9 ) for Base 10, for example;
May mean that the Number is Prime, But it may be Composite as well...???
This Technique is designed to Spot Definitive Compositeness only!
But-- ( more later... )
02 : 0
03 : 0
04 : 0 2
05 : 0
06 : 0 2 3 4
07 : 0
08 : 0 2 4 6
09 : 0 3 6
10 : 0 2 4 5 6 8
11 : 0
12 : 0 2 3 4 6 8 9 A
13 : 0
14 : 0 2 4 6 7 8 A C
15 : 0 3 5 6 9 A C
16 : 0 2 4 6 8 A C E
17 : 0
18 : 0 2 3 4 6 8 9 A C E F G
19 : 0
20 : 0 2 4 5 6 8 A C E F G I
21 : 0 3 6 7 9 C E F I
22 : 0 2 4 6 8 A B C E G I K
23 : 0
24 : 0 2 3 4 6 8 9 A C E F G I K L M
25 : 0 5 A F K
26 : 0 2 4 6 8 A C D E G I K M O
27 : 0 3 6 9 C F I L O
28 : 0 2 4 6 7 8 A C E G I K L M O Q
29 : 0
30 : 0 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 A C E F G I K L M O P Q R S
31 : 0
32 : 0 2 4 6 8 A C E G I K M O Q S U
33 : 0 3 6 9 B C F I L M O R U
34 : 0 2 4 6 8 A C E G H I K M O Q S U W
35 : 0 5 7 A E F K L S U
36 : 0 2 3 4 6 8 9 A C E F G I K L M O Q R S U W X Y
After 36; you have to get creative with your characters...!!!
Is there a magic test that could use this approach to determine if a number were really Prime or really Composite...???
It turns out that there is...
But over the last few days, i've been oscillating between, Yes & No...!!! ( ? )
One thing that i discovered was that Only Prime Bases were Useful in determining the Primeness of a given number... And they are the least interesting in Base Conversions...
i was thinking that if an Alien Race of Beings were to have selected a Prime Number as their Base for Mathematics... They may very well have missed the whole idea of Prime Numbers...!
It turns out that superficially, Primes in Prime Bases don't looks any different from Composite Numbers...!!! Prime numbers in Base 7 or 11 or 13 ( al. ) can end with any digit a Composite number can...
Except Zero...!
Which is exactly what makes them useful for our purposes...!
So the way to do this ( it sounds crazy, so bear with me...! )
Is to simply take a number that you'd like to know is prime or not,
Then convert it to The Base that is; The Product of All The Prime Numbers
SmallerThan or EqualTo The Square Root of your Mysterious Number!
Since i've been playing around with this on my HP48,
And since it can only handle numbers with 12 digit precision,
And even so, If you divide a 12 digit number by 2 ( say )
The results may not be entirely correct...!
So in actual practice, you can't work with numbers over 11 digits...
( unless you do something crazy to them first...!!! )

So like lets pick 2793 and ask if it's Prime...?
It's square root is 52.8, so you'd make list of all the prime numbers up to 52;
{ 2 3 5 7 11 13 17 19 23 29 31 37 41 43 47 }
Then multiple them all together...
Which is 6.14E17
Which is too big for us...
Lets try... 287
It's square root is 16.94, So it's list would be:
{ 2 3 5 7 11 13 }
Which comes to 30030!
That's the BASE were going to use...
Ordinarily; When you convert a number to a new base,
Each digit has it's own symbol...
With a base no higher than 36,
You can use the usual numbers & Then the alphabet,
But with a base of 30030,
Finding enough symbols that make any kind of sense--
Becomes a problem...!
So i've simply listed the value of each 'Place' with Decimal Numbers...
So that while 287 in Hexidecimal would be: 11F
In my Infinite Potential Base Notation;
287 in Hexidecimal would be [1] [1] [15]
OK -- Are we Clear on that...
So 287 in Base 30030 would be:
That's it.
This entire scheme is meant to be used with very large numbers
So that it kind of looses it's Flash when working with such small numbers...
But the gist of it is that you'd then take the last 'digit',
Which in this case is 287 and ask:
Can it be factored by any of the Primes in your Primes List...
{ 2 3 5 7 11 13 }
In the listing above of the first 36 Bases, It includes all the Composite Indicators...
But with a Base of 30030, that would be a pretty long list...
Even so, if you can create a look-up-table of those digits,
( Which would be especially useful if your Primes List was Hundreds or Thousands of Numbers Long...!!! )
It might be faster than checking the last 'digit' by conventional methods...
But still-- The last 'digit' might be comparitively small, so that it would be easy to check...
The strength of this method, i think, is that you can check a whole bunch of numbers in essentially 'One Step'...
And after the Base Conversion;
The last 'digit' might reveal the Compositeness of the Mystery Number Outright...!
And yes 287 can... So that means that it's Definitely Composite.
If you used all the Primes that you needed to, and it Passed...
( That is; Flunked all The Definitely Composite Tests... )
Then it would Definitely be Prime!
Is this Useful...?
It seems to me that if you were checking a large number,
And you had a computer that could work with large numbers,
And even if you didn't have a list of all the Primes up to
The Square Root of your Mystery Number,
You could still use all the Primes that you Did Have,
And Check for Compositeness up to that point.
This test primarily tests for Definite Compositeness in it's Incomplete Form,
and failing that, The number may or may not be Prime.
So lets redo the test,
But this time, only use the Prime Numbers
{ 2 3 5 }
2 times 3 times 5 = 30
287 in base 30 is: ( Base 30: 9H )
Infintie Potential Base Notation: 30: [9] [17]
The Last Digit is [ 17 ]
and 17 is prime for 2, 3, or 5.
So it's Not Definitely Composite.
And it Might Be Prime...
It just turns out that it isn't.
287 factors out to: 7 times 41
On a related Topic...
It seems to me that these Codes that require the really big Primes are vulnerable to this sort of attack...???
i am wondering... Where do you get the 'little' Prime Numbers to make the BIG Composite Number that becomes The Public Key...???
Is there an Index of them somewhere...
Why don't the Hacks that are trying to break the Big Composite Number, simply look through this Index, and try them first...???
Or-- If they come from 'Somewhere Else'...???
Then why can't you simply determine the Square Root of
The Big Composite Public Key & Assume that
the little Primes are somewhere around there...
( after all, they should be as big as possible,
and the square root would delimit their largeness... )
i realize that with a 500 digit Public Key,
The Range of Numbers that i'm asking you to search would be pretty big,
but it seems like it would be alot smarter to start at the top and work down--
Rather than work up from teeny tiny primes that no one in their right mind would use...???
Here's the listing for my Prime Base Searcher:
As always: This stupid Blog HTML interpreter is Massively Weird,
and will not allow me use symbols which would make this easy to read...!!!
( Complain to Google...! )

Input is:
2: List of Primes
1: Mystery Integer Number

OVER 1 + (PI)LIST (rightarrow) p x B
x B (rightarrow) c
WHILE DUP c (greaterthanorequalto)
DUP FP c * (zero) RND
GET (rightarrow) -d
p p p -d (squareroot)
(zero) RND x.L? NOT :: HEAD IFT
DUP TYPE 5 (equalequal)
"Composite" -TAG

This looks through a list to find the best match...
Input is:
2: { List of numbers }
1: Number

OVER SIZE DUP 2 / (zero) (rightarrow) L x u m d
WHILE m u (notequal) m d (notequal) AND
DUP m GET x (lessthan)
m 'd' STO u m - 2 / (zero) RND 'm' STO+
m 'u' STO m d - 2 / (zero) RND d + 'm' STO
x OVER m GET - SIGN (rightarrow) p
p -1 (equalequal) THEN m 1 - m SUB END
p (zero) (equalequal) THEN m GET END
p 1 (equalequal) THEN m m 1 + SUB END
Output is either a perfect match:
2: Original Number on 1:
1: 1
2: { lower & upper limits }
1: 0

Bonus Program:
My Prime Finder
Input is:
1: Integer

SWAP 2 SWAP (zero) 1 FOR z
4 PICK 3 PICK (lessthan) OR
DUP 4 ROLL (lessthanorequalto)
DUP 2 - 3 ROLLD /
DUP (squareroot)
DROP DUP (squareroot)
SWAP DROP DUP 1 (morethan)

----------------Terminus :

Is This Number Prime? : Two ( Response )

i thought i would include this;
principly so i don't loose it...!!!
Please take a look at this... On my Blog...

") ; //-->

D Herring
Aug 25, 6:59 pm
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Newsgroups: comp.sys.hp48
From: D Herring> - Find messages by this author
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 04:59:40 GMT
Local: Thurs, Aug 25 2005 6:59 pm
Subject: Re: Is This a New Idea... ( Prime Sieve )

TranslucentAmoebae wrote: > Please take a look at this... > On my Blog... >

Not new, although your approach is somewhat different. Unfortunately, converting numbers between bases is a fairly expensive operation in itself; there are more efficient methods of identifying primes.
Modern prime-detection routines don't directly search for divisors, they just test conditions that most composite numbers will fail. Pass 10 different tests that 99% of composite numbers will fail, and you are probably prime.
Here are some pages you might like to read about prime theory:
If you want to generate your own exhaustive list of primes (say all primes less than 100000), the sieve of Eratosthenes gets rather inefficient. A slightly faster method is to generate an offset table...
If you take the first two primes (2,3), they will mask out numbers in a periodic pattern of length 6. So, starting with 5 (the largest prime < 3="6)," 2="7,+4=" 2="13,+4=" 5="15)," 10="20" 6="1/2"> less than half of the integers are prime 3 primes: 10/30=1/3 -> less than a third ...
Some prime lists:
Enjoy primes, but beware! They can become an obsession. (As can palindromes; especially trying to predict how many iterations of the "reverse and add" routine are required to convert any integer into a palindrome).
:) Daniel

Is This Number Prime? : Three ( Terminus )

i have pretty much decided that this approach is not a very good one,
but i thought that i'd add two more little tid-bits before signing off on it...
A better example of how the technique works.
Take a number 2081,
which i happen to know ( a-priori ) is prime...
and do a square root on it = 45.62
and create a list of primes up to 45.
{ 2 3 5 7 11 13 17 19 23 29 31 37 41 43 }
Then the most annoying aspect of this technique become obvious...
if you multiple all these together,
they are WAY over the original number,
so that if you convert the original number to that Base,
it's just the original number...!!!
So to get it to 'Work'-- You have to multiple the prime numbers together,
a few at a time, so that the 'last digit's' will be functional for our purposes...
2 * 3 * 5 * 7 = 210
Base 210 applied to 2081 is [9] [191]
191 is prime for 2, 3, 5 or 7
So far, so good.
But then it gets very tedious...!!!
You can't take any more than 2 primes at a time...!!!
11 * 13 = 143 = [14] [79]
17 * 19 = 323 = [6] [143]
23 * 29 = 667 = [3] [80]
80 is clearly NOT Prime, but it IS Prime for 23 or 29...???!!!
31 * 37 = 1147 = [1] [934]
41 * 43 = 1763 = [1] [318]
In each case; The resulting 'last digit' is prime for the numbers that contributed to the base for which 2081 was converted...
Meaning that 2081 is itself prime.
The program that does this takes about 5 times longer to tell me this than my brute force factorizing program...!!!
Then i somehow discovered a shorter version,
After realizing that a Base Convertion to find the Last Digit,
Is the long way around from a Simple MOD function...!!!
Using this approach, i created another program that is about 3 times FASTER than my brute force Factorizer... for large numbers...!!!
It is:

Input is 1: Some Mysterious Integer
(rightarrow) (leftarrow)x
(leftarrow)x (squareroot) (zero) RND
(list of first 500 primes)
DUP DUP 4 ROLL x.L? ( subroutine in Is This Number Prime? : One )
(leftarrow)x SWAP MOD SIGN NOT
(sigma)LIST SIGN
"Composite" "Prime" IFTE
(leftarrow)x SWAP -TAG
This works 100% of the time.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Aborted Escape...!!!

i am back in Hawai'i...!!!
i hate Hawai'i...!!!
But i was sick everyday on the Mainland,
and While i'm sick nearly everyday in Hawai'i...
at least i now how to deal with it a little bit...!!! ( ??? )
When i have some more time on the computer, i fill in some 'blanks' that were either hinted at or left out in the First & Second Week Chronicles...
What is The New Plan...???
i don't have a new plan...
The new tentative; working plan:
Is to do all the things i should have done last year when i first got here,
Such as acquire a mail box, Hawai'i ID, and apply ( successfully ) for Health Care,
Then save up another 1,600$ and have a place to live;
PreArranged on the Mainland before i go back next year...!!!
Thank you all very much for your support over these troubled last few days...
Oh wait-- i didn't get ANY support in these last few days...!!!
i did get a rather 'ambiguous' and 'nagging' note from my aunt,
but i was looking for something a little more encouraging,
with actual substantiative information that could have helped me...
( more on this later... )

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Post Hawai'ian Adventure Into Horror ( Second Week )

Monday: i'm in Yakima Washington, which is a very clean town, even the industrial area is surprisingly spotless... But i was listening to the radio this morning, and learned that Peter Jennings had died in his sleep... How peaceful, that's the way i would like to die, peacefully in my sleep, like my grandfather, and not screaming in horror, like the passengers in his car.
What else-- i was going to mention that while listening to the radio, about 2/3's of the stations here, are in Spanish...!!! What does that mean...???
Also: i'm way over budget...!!! i'll have to start massively scrimping...immediately -- &/or find someplace to live...!!!
The computer here at the Yakima Library is really slow, esp. Compared with the ones in Seattle...!!!
Yesterday was kind of an odd day, i usually don't talk to anyone, and esp. This last year in Hawai'i, i didn't make any 'friends' or even the most causal of casual acquaintances...! But yesterday ( Sunday ) i talked at length to TWO people, A crazy guy in Seattle, and an Adventurer on the Bus to Yakima...??? The second had just come back from Alaska, ( fishing ) and is not going to go ( soon? ) to Peru...!!! ( And he's only 22 !!! )


Tuesday: i washed my hair this morning, and changed my socks. i have still not given up. i have given up... now. i found an ad on a bulletin board for house-sharing... it was for $165 + Utilities. This is like 1/9th of what i am seeing everywhere else. i called this guy, and it sounded a little suspicious... Like-- he wouldn't give me the address to go by and see the house, since he's out of town and won't be back until Friday...??? Then i went over to A Community Action Something office, but all the 'Low Cost' Housing that they had access to, was still WAY MORE than i am ready to pay... The $220 that i was paying in Bremerton was apparently ridiculously below the Market Value... i'm sure that that unit that i was living in is probably going for $500 now, at least. i am Freaking Out. Part of the problem, like Ellensburg & Corvallis-- Moscow is a College town, and VERY NICE. i need to find a slightly less nice, Not a College town.


Things that i keep forgetting to do: Use the Discount Coupons that come with Every GreyH- Bus Ticket. You get one with every ticket, so that only a complete idiot would ever pay a full ticket price, more than once. i have always paid full ticket price. i get all jittery whenever i go to buy a ticket, and i forget about the discount coupon. Another thing is Taking my pills ( Vitamins & Aspirins ) i had a routine in Hawai'i, and of course, now, the conditions of that routine are never met, so i always forget... But the especially frustrating part is that i DO REMEMBER after i've drunk my last sip of coffee...!!!


Supplement for Tuesday: i thought that i could 'handle' a Cheese & Cherry Bakery thinger this morning, But i could not--!!! It came out { explosively } about an hour and a half later. i can't eat anything anymore. How can i be so fat...???


Boise; Idaho -- Wednesday : Crapped my pants again this morning, i thought that i was feeling alright, but it turned out it wasn't a harmless fart -- Then -- after walking and walking and walking, i found a laundromat and it had a bathroom, and all that came out THEN was fart air...!!! But i really needed to do laundry anyways, so it wasn't a complete waste of time. The rents here looked promising at first, but they are mostly for SHARING, in the 250$< Range... But more importantly, i have lost the will to find a place to stay... i wish that someone was helping me a little bit, like looking through their own papers, or giving me some hints that they have reaped from a successful life of functionality. These sorts of things are COMPLETELY alien to me... The last 15 years in Bremerton were a Surrealistic FLUKE...

Letter From Beverly... Plus Commentary!

This is a recent eep from my Auntie Barebelly,
She is currently in Treatment for Colon Cancer--

So i'm giving her a little slack for not writing more often... ( ??? )
All the people that don't have Cancer,
And are not sending me any encouraging notes, are being considered more harshly... ( ! )
Considering that i have Asperger's,
i think that i am being Amazingly Communicative by adding to my Blog nearly every day,
Even though i have to find a computer to do this...
It's like you're getting a letter from me every day...!!!
Who else is writing to you every day?
Are they being as Personal & Intimate...???
Does this letter that she sent sound encouraging or manipulative to you... ( ??? )
i am crazy.
It is hard for me to tell.
i kind of wish though...
That 'established' people would tell me how i can solve some of my simpler problems...
Like today; i am in Moscow Idaho, and i went over to the local Community Action Something...
It starts with a P, but i've forgotten now,
And i asked if they had any -{ do-dads or what-not }-
to help me find some inexpensive housing,
and what was their idea of inexpensive...?
$910 for a Studio.
Plus: All the 'Sliding Scale' or 'Income Based' Units required 'Section Eight'...
i have no experience with Section Eight.
It's somekind of Assistance program, but i think that after you apply,
you have to wait like 20 years before you're finally approved.
i would like someone that 'Knows how to get things done...'
to figure this out for me,
And send me some simplified instructions for how to do this.
i think that this is where i screwed up in Bremerton...
i applied for Assisted Housing there,
and while they kept telling me that the waiting list was for 6 months,
i was on it for 6 years,
and my number kept bouncing up and down on the list,
Although they kept telling me that it can't do that.
There were some other things about it that i didn't quite understand...
Like that the Section Eight is somehow independent of The Housing...???
So that you're on the Section Eight List,
But you also need to be on the Housing List(s) for the Individual Complexes...???
i was never clear on that point.
i don't even think that what i'd applied for had anything to do with Section Eight.
i think i might have been on somekind of Dead-End List,
that was aware that i wasn't on the Section Eight List or the Housing List(s) --
So it just kept bumping me whenever i got to the top of it...???
Or -- Whatever.
Whenever i try to make sense of these things that happen to me,
My head goes all Loopy.
Things could always be worse.

Date: Sat, 6 Aug 2005
23:31:56 -0700
From: "Auntie Barebelly"

HELP-this crazy machine is not doing what I want it to do.
That is my excuse for not writing.
Back on the mainland and not finding a perfect location
- maybe there is no such place.
However[;] you are getting a little long in the tooth to be wandering around without a roof.
The way the system works is -
the days are getting shorter and winter is not far away,
better find something soon.
Everything is expensive but Spokane is probably as cheep as anywhere.
Right now it is hot - really hot,
but it probably wont last too long.
I have finished 28 radiology treatments
and I no longer glow in the dark,
but I am not going to get near any [Geiger] counters for a bit longer.
Now I am doing chemotherapy every other week
and it really makes me feel crummy,
however I am still functioning, but slowly.
Dear Deana came by on [Thursday] and vacuumed for me,
she is a jewel.
Your mother had [carpal] tunnel surgery a couple of weeks ago,
but she healed very nicely and is back to about 99.9% -
and her hand no longer goes to sleep at unexpected times so she is happy with it.
Everyone else is fine just getting old,
and as Derrick would say going to heaven one piece at a time.
Donnie is in Portland,
we don't see much of him,
but Sandi and Deana met him
and his lady friend in Vegas for 3 days last month.
Derrick lives just a couple of blocks away,
but we don't see him much either,
but he did come see me in the hospital.
He is training in heating and air-conditioning business,
keeps [busy],
has a girl
and shows up at his mothers when he is broke or needs to do his laundry.
Good kids.
I have many red lines indicating that I have goofed up my spelling or something

but I go back and try to correct them
and I lose all my work.
I am really technically challenged and do not care one hoot.
Keep dry and safe.
Love Bp

Saturday, August 06, 2005

New Money Making Idea

Take a picture of someones Freckles, and then find that same pattern as a stellar constellation.

This would be especially good for someone already doing Astrology...

Monday, August 01, 2005

Leaving Hawaii...!!! { First Week ]

Monday: Leaving at 1:20pm to Portland ... ! Hawaiian Airlines : $409 Sat next to an nice QUIET elderly lady that was going to visit her daughter in some little town near Portland. She and her husband ( all this information was gleaned in the last 20_min of a 5_hour flight...! ) had just recently built a house on The Big Island, on a LAVA Flow...! She was complaining that TBI was getting to Busy & Over Developed for her tastes...!!! My impression of TBI was that it was a island of HICKS...! Oahu is also an island of Hicks, but less Cowboyish...


Monday: Fiasco after arriving in Portland / i MUST start reading maps, and get a compass...! after leaving the airport to WALK to Vancouver, which the bus-service-guy said was ONLY 6 miles away, but what he didn't say was that the ONLY way to get there, would be along the FREEWAY, with NO sidewalks, or even a shoulder to walk along, so i tried to get off the freeway, and got hopelessly lost, and couldn't find a good place to sleep... Now after Midnight! and then the next day, i found a bus that took me to another bus, which took me to another bus to get to Vancouver that was only Six miles away...!!! Vancouver was very nice, but i found out that it's not 'just' Vancouver -- But FORT Vancouver... and i'm trying to get away from anything Militaristic...!


Tuesday: Now in Vancouver... using a copute


last entry was cut off in midword by the 15_min quicky access computer


Tuesday: Now in Ellensburg... it is MUCH nicer than i rememeber it being 20 some 'ot years ago...! The streets in the downtown area, and about 3 blocks surrounding it, and the university area, are all layed out with shaped bricks...!!! Not a good sign if you're looking for cheap rent. The rents here are about the same as in Corvallis, 300$ for a tiny studio apartment... You would think --Wouldn't you???-- that College and University towns would have LESS expensive rents...??? Just goes to show how crazy i am. It is not HORRIBLY cold here at night, but it is much colder than Hawai'i. i kept hearing this weird electronic tune (???) last night while sleeping on the local Highschools grounds... this is exactly the thing that drove me out of Bremerton... Inexplicable Electronic Evesdropping & Mind Control...!!! There is NO bus service in this town, it is too small i guess...!!! It doesn't even have a Waldomart...!!! i am thinking about springing over to Wanachi (?) but Greyhound* doesn't go there...??? i will have to use extra brain power to figure it out or hitchhike...! One quirky thing i've noticed about Vancouver and Ellensburg, the sidewalks here are NOT covered with hardened Gum and Spit, as all the sidewalks and bus stops are in Hawai'i... Down along Wiakiki, it is a Common Sight to see peons in Uniforms out in front of the Posh Hotels, scrapping the gum off the sidewalks in front of these Hotels...!!! Hawaiians are essentially subhumanimal, slackjawed Yokels... whose nearly entire vocabulary consists of primative pronunciations of 'F*ck' and 'Surfing'.


* Speaking of GreyH- : On the side of each bus, it reminds you of where thier parent company is, which is somewhere in Texas-- Which is my least favorite state... Actually; my least favorite geographical region ANYwhere...! so i was thinking of how i am 'allowing' for EVIL to creep into my life... instead of taking the principled stand against all EVIL... Like this computer... It uses MS software... and yet i'm Benignly typing on it... i have lost all self respect... staying free of the devil in the end times is VERY DIFFICULT/TEDIOUS/ANNOYING.


Wednesday: Pickles...!!! i'd just been typing about my having crapped my pants outside the library in Ellensburg, and the computer network crashed...!!! Taking all my translucent characters with it...!!! Then when i tried to RECOVER POST, it jumped back to the entry before last, taking even more characters with it...!!! So i just turned off the computer without saving the 'new' changes, and this allowed me to come back up with ONLY the most recent typing deleted...!!!


Snide Remark that the angels didn't want you to see.


Wednesday: So what happened was that i was outside the library, because i get very jittery sitting inside libraries for some reason, and i thought a FART was coming on, so i let it leak out, But it wasn't a FART, it was a WET PUDDLE...!!! So i quickly threw everything back into my backpack, and hopped over to the bathroom in the library ( which is in the same place as the old library that i remember from 20 years ago...!!! But has changed Substantially...!!! And Also; The Church that i used to sleep at all the time, is still there, but it's added a WHOLE SH*TLOAD OF SECURITY FEATURES...!!! ) And while on my way there, i passed an old man & a child making Ice Cream in an Old Fashion Ice Cream Churner...!!! So in the Handicapper Stall, i stripped out of my pants and shorts, and put on my ONE BACKUP Pair of Swim Trunks, and then tried to wash out the GREEN crap from my pants, and was only making marginal progress when i gave up, and decided to limp over to the State Park about a mile away, and work on them some more there... But on the way, i came across a Laundromat, and loaded a machine with them, and a few other things... But when the Machine stopped, it was still FULL OF WATER...!!! AND -- The Laundromat was UNAttended, so i had to make due on my own...!!! Knowing that if i put the Soaking wet Clothes in a Drier like that, it would be FOREVER before they Dried out... So i put them in a different machine, and paid for another WHOLE cycle, just for the Spin Dry...!!! And then after that, and after they'd dried out in a Drier... i discovered that my OLD NAVY hat had popped apart...!!! So i had to trudge over to local Fred Meyers, and bought the least UGLY looking hat i could find...!!! But it does fit nicer...??? Classic Wiggiliness...!!!


Thursday: This was obvious an OMEN, and meant that i should leave Ellensburg...!!! So the next day i walked out to the bus stop... ( The GreyHound Bus Terminal is about 3 miles from Downtown Ellensburg...???!!! and to get to it, you have to WALK there, along the old Highway, Because there are NO BUSES in Ellensburg...!!! ) So when i got out there, at 6:00am, i discovered that the GreyHound Station part of the PILOT Transportation Center ( truck stop ) didn't open until 10:00am. While i was waiting, i bought ANOTHER BREAKFAST SANDWICH AT SUBWAYS...!!! But this time; WITHOUT The Cheese...!!! But about 2 hours later, it all came out, all POOFY LIKE...!!! NOW-- The most curious part of this, is that while i was eating this sandwich, i overheard a conversation that the angels had arranged for my entertainment...!!! During this Conversation, the Subway's Girl behind the counter, REVEALED that the EGGS where NOT real EGGS, but FAKE Eggs...!!! Which fits in PERFECTLY with the fact that the Poofy like crap was coming out with a Deep Yellow Fluid...!!! So it would seem ( ??? ) that the Problem was the EGGS, and not the Cheese...!!! Live and learn. ( Listen to your Angels!/Mitrochrondria )


Thursday: At this moment; i am now in Kingston, Washington. The rents are VERY high here too... When i found an apartment in Portland, many years ago, and in Eugene, also many years ago and Bremerton, many years ago; i'd always thought that i was getting a TERRIFIC DEAL... and now, everything is Outrageously High...!!! It is FREAKING me out...!!! i can not be here for a month... if i don't find something nearly IMMEDIATELY, i'll have no choice but to return to Hawai'i...!!! i HATE Hawai'i...!!!


Friday: Now in Port Townsend. This is a pretty nice town and i had a not TERRIBLY awful bowel movement a few mintues ago, it was more like my USUAL awful bowel movement. Did i ever mention that years ago i had a TERRIBLE HORRIBLE AWFUL TERRIBLE case of food poisoning, that washed all the GOOD bugs out of my intestines, so that now-- i can't digest anything, even so, i keep getting fatter and fatter... even though i'm hardly eating anything...??? ( Plus other details ) i've been looking through the papers and i haven't seen ANY rooms for rent... There have been a few Rooms to Share... and they typically are; One BR Share, Bathroom in Shell Station around the corner, No Utilities, Must enjoy sleeping with Large Dog, $900. and so on. Did i mention that i am FREAKING OUT...!!! The weather has been very nice though...!!! Last night i slept on the grass, under the stars, and i was thinking i would be eaten by slugs and bugs, but i didn't see ANY slugs or bugs...!!! NONE...!!! Classic Wiggiliness.


Saturday: Now in Aberdeen-- What a dump, using a 15 minute computer terminal that may cut me off at any ( unexpected ) second... i was thinking awhile ago that it's the internet that is fowling up the rent prices whereever i go... It used to be that you go to a big city to procure the premium of buying power for various products and services, but now, you can buy ANYTHING on the internet, whereever it may come from originally. Some services may be in short supply in small town, but only the most rareified ones... It may well be that the Preferred place to live now is the small town, especially with many people being able to work middle management jobs, from their homes, reporting to 'The Office' only once a week or so... But big cities still offer many features, so it all evens out, with rents even across the board, and going up in only that direction. So my new plan ( ? ) is to either hitchhike to Mississippi, or apply for subsidised housing in Olympia, and move back to Hawai'i until that comes through, in about 5 years. ( ??? )---Sunday: i have a 3_hour layover in Seattle, so i've been looking around the downtown area, i didn't see any of Joan's paintings at The Art Stall in The Farmers Market...??? And the homeless people here are as pathetic, more so perhaps, than the ones in Hawai'i... While waiting for the library to open, i met Norman, who is a street person here... He'd spent 3 years in a California prison for slitting a man's throat in a Honky Tonk Bar, but he seemed VERY NICE to me... ( VN Vet... ect ) On my way to Yakima first, then Idaho... Idaho was dirt cheap a few years ago, but as i mentioned earlier, the internet is changing everything. Norman says to look out for Cloning...!!!