Friday, August 12, 2005

Aborted Escape...!!!

i am back in Hawai'i...!!!
i hate Hawai'i...!!!
But i was sick everyday on the Mainland,
and While i'm sick nearly everyday in Hawai'i...
at least i now how to deal with it a little bit...!!! ( ??? )
When i have some more time on the computer, i fill in some 'blanks' that were either hinted at or left out in the First & Second Week Chronicles...
What is The New Plan...???
i don't have a new plan...
The new tentative; working plan:
Is to do all the things i should have done last year when i first got here,
Such as acquire a mail box, Hawai'i ID, and apply ( successfully ) for Health Care,
Then save up another 1,600$ and have a place to live;
PreArranged on the Mainland before i go back next year...!!!
Thank you all very much for your support over these troubled last few days...
Oh wait-- i didn't get ANY support in these last few days...!!!
i did get a rather 'ambiguous' and 'nagging' note from my aunt,
but i was looking for something a little more encouraging,
with actual substantiative information that could have helped me...
( more on this later... )

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