Sunday, September 11, 2005

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[ The slave that never tests his chains; believes himself to be free. ]

How would you go about testing these hypothetical chains...???

And if they do, in fact, Exist: Who has bound you to them...???

Step One:
Look deep within your own hearts most secret passion,
To find that which you most lovingly desire--
And present this Idea or Activity to your Peers.
What is their Reaction to your Newly Discovered Wish to 'Be Free'...???

Step Two:
Once you have realized that The Damp Masses are acting on behalf of The Will to Suppress & Enslave you... Who; You may wonder, Is their Master?
The Master; incidentally, You yourself blindly served only moments before...!

1) The Government?
2) The Shadow Government?
3) The Walking Fish People?
4) The Xi point Six Controllers?
5) One of The Nearly Ubiquitous;
UnThinking & Entirely Invisible Hands
of The Damp Masses

Who knows...! ( ? )
It may well be that this 'Master' was created by millions of years of blind & arational Evolution whose only desire is to survive by means of an Unquenchable Compulsion to adhere to The Status Quo.
Change; Evolution has learned, by repeatedly bloodying its knuckles, Is nearly Always Bad!
Change must only be implemented when All Other Options have been exhausted,
Or are laying beside you, Mangled beyond recognition.

It is not, necessarily, Malice that seeks always to constrain your freedom
By holding you tightly under the lid of an old shoe box--
But a conservative desire to merely ride-out another day.

Freedom is most easily expressed as A Secret Dream that you hold within yourself,
And; perhaps, Express while locked behind a solid door, with the blinds pulled tightly down.

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This article on Joseph Gallardo was the only one i could find, and i kind of misses the point, although it does mention it... And that is; he was sent to prison because the drawings he was making were too extreme for the local sheriff...!!! ? Channel 7 News in Seattle followed this story extensively-- At first taking the view of the local sheriff, then later; coming to realize that Joseph was being ruthlessly persecuted by that sheriff... They even tracked down Joseph's former girl friend and her daughter about 2 years after all this had happened, and the daughter, ( that Joseph had allegedly 'raped' ) insisted that; even then, nothing untowards had happened...!!! The entire situation was fabricated, from whole-cloth, by the local sheriff.
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X_guy said...

Just curious...
What is YOUR most secret passion?

I think it's probably more accurate to say that most of us are not passionate about anything except our carnal indulgences. Carnality is the status quo - little need for secrecy.