Friday, September 23, 2005

Do you really need your Brain...???

Do you really need your brain?

i've been reading these kinds of stories for along time, and i think that the Xi.6 Controllers periodically 'insert' various medical mysteries into our layer of reality to provoke us into believing/knowing
that 'everything is wrong'...???
Another example of this wrongness was a case featured on 60_Minutes a few years ago,
of a man that couldn't form 'New Memories'...
At one point The Interviewer ( Morley S- ( ??? )) asked him if he was annoyed by this inability...
and the man became very irrate...!!!
It would seem to me that if he really couldn't form New Memories, then he wouldn't be Aware that he couldn't form New Memories...!
Therefore: The man was a Fraud.
There was another case of a blind person that was made to see ( badly ) by inserting a plate into the back of his head, that was covered with a grid of spark-plugs that would lightup according to information sent to it via a television camera...
This seems crazy to me...!
How could the brain possibly interpret information from such a set up...!!!
This would seem to prove that there is a tiny Homoculii inside your head that 'Sees' things for you...???
Of course, there are alot of curious cases & experiments that i embrace as well,
Such as the experiments in which it would appear that we act on stimulii, BeFore we are are 'Aware' of being Stimulated...!!!
This seems to suggest that we are in fact; Robots-- with a Mind attached as an afterthought...
i don't know why i would be pleased by the results of an experiment like this,
but i just like the idea that the unverse makes a little bit of sense ( that we are reliable robots ) and added to that; there is a ghost that is actually somewhere else... and just watches what is going on...
According to this interpretation; The ghost can't even participate in making decisions as to what the robot will do...
But while this 'Makes Sense' ( ??? ) it does bring up all sorts of annoying 'paradoxes'...
Such as; When the robot creates the Sentence:
'I think ( tacitly impling: i have a conscious awareness ) Therefore I am' --
The previous interpretation would insist that the robot is mistaken about this...
OR -- it has a different sense of What Thinking/Awareness is... From how the ghost is 'Understanding' it... BUT THEN: The robot goes on to speculate that it's understanding of Awareness is Different from It's Ghosts Understanding of Awareness...
AND THIS IS Something that The Robot has ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE for...!!!
Why would the robot EVEN SUSPECT that there is a Ghost AND that This Ghost has a different understanding of what it's Awareness is...???
After thinking about this a little bit...
It becomes somehow more comforting to think that we are merely mindless robots,
that have some extremely annoying bug/feature that allows us to be aware that we are robots.
And that/While/But--
The universe; aside from this, is perfectly under control.

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