Saturday, September 24, 2005

Recent Events / Am i Crazy...???

In a previous Blogentry i asked; Am i smart or am i dumb...???
Now i am asking;

Am i crazy, or is it that the rest of the world is Crazy...???
  1. Awhile ago; i asked at the main library if it would be OK if i bought a DVD Player, i would be able to plug it in at the library to watch films... ( it's established policy that you can plug in a computer, but not a cell phone for the explicit purpose of recharging it! ) ...and -then- they said that it would be 'iffy' since i might disturb others, 'But if i wore earphones...?' i suggested... and they said that it would be up to the security guards... So i let that go, and i then today, i asked again at the Media Room, and the desk lady there said that i -Couldn't- because it would be COPYRIGHT Infringement...!!! Because i would be watching the film in a public place...! People with Asperger's, over time, as they get older, usually learn little tricks to help them 'get by'-- Such as looking for specific 'cues' as to whether or not someone is listening to them, as they rant about some obscure topic that the listener is no doubt, not in the least interested in... such as; Turning their head away, or yawning, or walking away from you... These kinds of interpersonal/social relationship signals are picked up by normals without any effort, but we Aspergaerians have to consciously look for them...! So-- with this in mind, i have learned that when i'm politely asking someone about something, perhaps involving a company or institutional policy concerning somesuch or whatnot, and the person i'm speaking with suddenly becomes completely irrational & 'goofy', i have learned; 'Do Not Argue!' i am NEVER going to convince them to 'Smarten Up' or 'Be Reasonable'... It's just not going to happen. Does this make me hopelessly passive and does it allow people to walk all over me. yes.
  2. During the last few days; i have gotten on a bus and found that getting on with me, in that same crowd, there would be an Old Geezer that had Peed His Pants...! This has happened Three times in the last week, and always with a different old geezer! And each time, people would look at ME as if i was the offender...!!! And because i'm so insecure, i will think, Am i The Offender...!!! This is especially confusing, because very often, people will sit beside the old geezer as if nothing were the matter...! Fortunately, people will also sit beside me... But it is still troubling...!
  3. Another kooky thing that happened just today as i was Riding on A Bus through Waikiki-- The bus stopped at a semi-crowded bus stop, and there was a reasonably well dressed, 20 something black male sleeping on a bench, and using his day pack as a pillow, and beside him, was another somewhat less well dressed 20 something black male squatting beside him, unzipping his daypack...!!! And NO ONE was seeing this, except me... And i was on the bus...!!! Should i get off and make a fuss...! It was very confusing, so i stayed on the bus and it drove off.
  4. Phillip K. Dick Stories... i've read a few dozen of his 'short stories' and one novel so far, and they are pretty good, but his characters Smoke Way Too Much...!!! ( And there is a frightening recurrence of Snuff use as well...!!! ) It is actually very comical...Since they are often 'lighting up' in the most inappropriate places and situations... So i'm not sure what he means by this...??? Is it just the most natural thing in the world for a 60's Oriented Astronaut to smoke while waiting for a countdown to proceed...??? Dick does the same thing with his Female Characters... Is he a Misogynist...??? Or is just 'having fun' with stereotypical caricatures of these 'types'...??? Considering that he wrote most of these stories in the 60's, It's kind of hard to tell, one way or the other... So if you're able to overlook these 'concerns' then i would heartily recommend this genre of literature...!
  5. i still don't have any idea on where i would like to live... since winter is coming back to the mainland, i can reassuringly put this off for another 6 months or so, but i would like to 'get an idea' on this topic soon...! Do you live in a nice, inexpensive place...??? ( i'm looking for a small, quiet hobble; suitable for a Monk or Hermit, that runs around $230 a month, with Utilities Included...! -- Also; i want it to be far away from any Military Installations or Secret Alien Bases... ) If so; Tell me about it...!
  6. i managed to ruin my brand-new hat that costs me $14...!!! it has a suede brim that got all sweaty, and it now has an ugly dark band where the bill meets the dome...!!! i've tried washing it out, but it won't come out...!!! i just hate it when things 'aren't right'...!!! so i'll just have to wait until i have some more money, and get a new hat again, only this next time, it will be all fabric... i've been thinking about diverging from the ball cap design to something slightly more Gilligany...???

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