Friday, September 02, 2005

Recent Events

The last few days i've been seeing more DEAD animals...
Especially SQUISHED Birds & Small Mammals...!!!
It's hard to image how birds get themselves squished under car tires, they must have been seriously distracted by something...???
And for a mouse to get squished on a sidewalk...???
Was it just preoccupied with THE MOON, when someone ( very heavy! ) happened along and accidentally stepped on it...???
Then yesterday, i saw HALF A RAT...!!!
It was the posterior half, or perhaps, 1/3 that included the tail and lower legs...
Also nearby was a thoroughly chewed on HEAD...!!! Such that it would appear to be the work of a CAT or somesuch... We have something that looks like Weasels or Ferrets around here, and they may very well eat a mouse or rat occasionally...
Today however, i was thinking about the 1/3 of the Rat and recalled that there WAS NO BLOOD around the remaining parts...!!! Obviously; If there was Nothing Supernatural about this dismembered Rat-- It was simply taken apart somewhere else, and place there on the sidewalk where it was later discovered by me...
( i'm sorry i didn't take a picture! )
The reason i mention that it would be quite natural, is that on The Linda Moulton Howe Website, she has a section on HALF CATS...!!! Apparently Half Cats have been turning up all over the Country... And it looks UN-Natural...!!! Many of the Half-Cats are just TOO Cleanly Snipped in Two...???

i didn't take too many pictures while i was on the mainland this last trip...
[ Early August 2005 ]
But this is one of them.
It's a cup of Coffee... From a Coffee Machine at the Transportation Center In Salt Lake City.
They are 'In the Process' of Creating some kind of Superkalafradulistic Transportation Center there on the edge of town, which is now still occupied chiefly with Dilapidated Warehouses & Vagrants.
This Cup of Coffee, by the way, is how it came out of the Machine.
It was supposed to have Cream & Sugar in it.
It Cost $9.00
This Reflects badly on my ALREADY poor opinion or Mormons.
Things that i've been doing lately to Reinvent myself:
Bought some new shoes...!
i got some Old Fashion 'All Stars' -- The kind that were The ONLY kind of 'Tennis Shoes' that were available when i was a kid. While many other styles, come & go, The Converse All Star's have always had a cult following.
Emptied my Camera...!
i have a digital camera that, at medium resolution, will store about 500 pictures...!
i find this amazing...! i used to have a Nikon F2, which at the time that i had it, was the best 35mm Camera on the Market...!!! i don't know what the premier camera is these days...??? i wouldn't pay a nickel for a 35mm Camera of any kind... Film is DEAD...!!! Only a lunatic would still be using film to take pictures...!!!
So anyways-- i made a CD of all the pictures that i'd had in it, and sent them to my Auntie Barebelly;
She's the only person in my family, that i know of, that has a computer, even though she just barely knows how to use it...!!!
Bought a New Wrist Band for my Watch...!
About 30 years ago, i got a Casio TC-500 Watch with 50$ that my Gra'ma Sanborn'd sent me for my birthday... The last time i changed the Battery on it, the previous battery had lasted 8 EIGHT years...!!!
This is a very nice watch, it has touch screen for operating the Calculator, but most of the other functions are controlled with the side buttons. It's still going strong, except for the ringer, which broke about 15 years ago...
i think that it must have gotten wet inside, and that part rusted out...???
The curious part is--
When i first got it, or should i say, the FIRST one... The touch screen broke within a day of my getting it, and what was VERY UNUSUAL for me, i took it back to The University Book Store and had them replace it...! and This One, despite being kicked around for 30 years, is still working perfectly... ( The Touch Screen that is... )
One other curious digression about The University Book Store... i'd gone it there one time, around Chrstmsa time, to buy some things, and the clerk that checked me out was having a VERY bad day ( or something ) and was very Surly, and instead of counting out my change, wadded it up into a ball and practically threw it at me...!!! Then-- When i got outside the store, and smoothed it out to put it in my wallet, i discovered that it was like 20$ MORE than when i went in there...!!! So what should i have done...
Well-- i should have gone back in and straightened it out,
but instead, i just kept it...!!!
i was really broke then, and it was very troubling for me to be put into that sort of moral crisis...!!!
Speaking of Moral Crisis...!!! Two other times i found a persons Wallet and a Backpack, and returned them, But only after i cleaned out their wallets...!!!
Is that EVIL...!!! Yes...!!! Of course it is...
But i've always rationalized it as being a PASSIVE kind of EVIL...!!!
Opportunistic, Passive Evil...???
Two other times though, when i saw someone DROP some money, i returned it both times...!
With the Wallet though, i DID SEE the person drop it... but i didn't return it right away...
i think that the difference was that it was a WALLET, and contained ( presumably ) all sorts of Nifty Secrets that that person kept hidden in there, and i NEEDED to know what REAL people kept in their wallets...!!!
As it turned out-- There WASN'T ANYTHING interesting in either the Wallet or the Backpack...!!!
Before i returned ( by mail ) The Wallet, i filled it with INTERESTING THINGS...!!!
Does that make up for taking their 6$...???
Jesus will let me know when i'm dead.
i signed up for Food Stamps and Poor People's Medical Benefits...!!!
Actually-- They're not really 'Food Stamps' anymore, the stamps, which were never stamps, as far as i know...???, But instead; Coupons, Are Now gone and a Credit Card like thinger is used instead, so that the people standing in line behind you, will probably not even know that you're a poor person...???
( Except for all the other tell-tale clues )

i got an Hawaiian ID Card...!
i'd kept a bunch of my 'legal' documents with me when i left Bremertowne,
( which i read 'somewhere'-- But was never able to 'confirm' it...???
That it was at one time called: Slaughterville...!!! ) --
Along with these documents, i had a birth certificate that was made back in 1984 (?) and back then, apparently it was such a 'Big Deal' to make a colour copy, that The Records Office considered that alone, sufficient proof that it was a Genuine Copy...??? But NOW, it's not such a big deal, and the lady at the Hawai'i ID place said that this Certified & Signed Copy that i had, Wasn't Certified ENOUGH... since it didn't have The EMBOSSED Washington State seal on it...!!! i mentioned that it would be just as easy to Fake an Embossed Seal, as to make a Colour Copy, but she has heavily weighted towards the Authenticity of what an Embossed Seal would do for any given sheet of paper... FORTUNATELY... she let me get the ID Card anyways... But when it Expires in the year 2364, i will be expected to have a REAL Certified Birth Certificate with Bumps on it...!!!
About three weeks ago, i was over at the Kapioloni (???) Park, over by Waikiki, and got YELLED at by a park employee for using their electrical outlets for Shaving...!!! And since i HATE getting yelled at so much, i went over to the Ala Moana Shopping Center, and found a Battery Powered Shaver at The Sharper Image for 40$...
After three weeks, of shaving every day, the Batteries are still going strong.
Unfortunately; This shaver doesn't have an edge trimmer, Nor does it shave 'Long' hairs AT ALL... So i really need to get A Conventional UnPowered Razor Blade to take care of anomalous hairs that sometimes spring out beyound the larval stage...!!!
The other day i was over at Waldomart and saw a 'cheapy' Battery Powered Shaver, WITH an Edge Trimmer, and it was only 5$ FIVE DOLLARS...
Although i may have read that wrong...??? Maybe it was in the wrong slot or something... Next time i'm over there, i will confirm this...
i should have confirmed it then, but it so frazzled me, i was left to stagger out of the store with only my vitamins and acne cream... ( ? )
On Sunday; i'd just finished reading Phillip K. Dick's _Confessions of a Crap Artist_ ( Later made into an Italian Film ( ? ) ) and i didn't want to go ALL DAY Monday ( Labor Day Holiday ) without something to Read--
So i Bought a Book
Forbidden History for $15...!!! It was AWFUL...!!!
There's another Book called
Forbidden Archeology that is quite good,
This 'Forbidden History' was obviously titled to cash in on the confusion that the title might generate...!!!
Concerning Dick-- i'm currently reading everything he's written...! Surprisingly, i've only recently discovered him... i knew that he'd written 'Do Robots Dream of Electric Sheep' which later became the film 'Mary Poppins', But i never realized that most of his other short stories are REALLY KOOKY...!!! He's like Serious
Robert Sheckley or a Fictional JohnKeel ...!!!
My left foot is driving me CRAZY...!!!
It hurts all the time, and especially when i'm walking...
Right along the top...???
The WEIRD thing is that i used to have this SAME trouble with my RIGHT foot...!!!
But now; My Right foot is fine, and now my Left foot is 'doing it...!!!'
What could it be...???
Because of this oddness of switching feet, i'm thinking that maybe it's Psychosomatical...!!!
OR-- It's somekind of FAKE Pain that is being fed to my Consciousness by ONE OF the Evil Personalities that is Inhabiting my Brain...!!!
i'm not sure how many EVIL personalities there are in my Brain, but i know that it's more than just the one that i'm most familiar with...
One thing that 'they' do, i talk through me...!!! Quite often i will say things that are as NEW to me as anyone else that is listening in...!
And i will frequently DO things that 'i' find surprising...!!!
And VERY often, i will suddenly become 'Aware' of things, such as ideas, insights or perceptions that just 'Pop into My Head'... They must have come from somewhere, and it wasn't me...!!!
Speaking of ideas popping into your head, i was reading awhile ago-- a book on Eccentrics ( The Cover looks different, But i think this is it...??? ) and while i met all the criteria for being an eccentric person... i don't consider myself eccentric...!!! One failure to this end is that i'm not sufficiently exhibitionistic, and also; What really separates the Eccentrics from Common, Ordinary Crazy Lunatics, is that Eccentrics are NOT Haunted by their Deamons...!!! They Love their Deamons...!!! All the crazy, troubling ideas that Eccentrics are swimming in, are their own crazy and troubling ideas...!!!
Crazy People-- On the other clubbed foot, believe that these crazy ideas are being injected into their brains via CIA transmitters, or alien ESP...!
i don't know where my crazy ideas come from, but i generally ascribe them to miniature, hyperactive hamsters running roughshod inside my hollow skull.

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