Friday, September 16, 2005

Recent Events...

In a continuing effort to ReCreate Myself,
i got a new hat the other day.
The logo on it looks like this...

Right above HAWAII; it says: General Store
i'd been looking around for a new hat for a couple of weeks;
since i absolutely hated the hat that i was forced to buy at
The Fred Meyer's in Ellensburg,
-- after i'd crapped my pants and did some laundry,
and during that laundry, in which i decided to wash my hat--
The drier tore my Old Navy hat apart...!!!
So i was getting more and more desperate...!!!
So i settled on this one-- one rainy morning,
after finding several other hats,
that were -almost- just what i was looking for...
Particularly; the type of material was perfect,
but the logo was too ostentatious or lame,
or had a surfer on it, and i hate surfing...!!!
Surfing is almost as dumb as Golf.
( Actually-- i don't know which is dumber! )
Leilani in The Park were i once found a tiny, tiny snake...
Leilani was sorting bottles & cans when i sat about 60 feet from her
to have my lunch that i'd gotten from McDonald's,
and she came over & started talking to me...
She gave me a lead on where i could receive mail for free,
and get a bunch of other help from The Waikiki Health Center...
Her Aunt & Uncle also live in this same park,
along with a bunch of other people
that formed somekind of homeless community...???
i went over to the main Bus Office
to look into getting a really cheap BusPass,
Now that i have a Medicaid Card...
But it turned out that they only 'Automatically'
Accepted Medicare Cards...!!!
With a Medicaid Card--
i would still need to get an Actual Doctor
to attest that i'm Disabled,
and since i don't have a Doctor of my own,
and don't know how to obtain one,
it looks like i will be paying $40 a month
for my bus-passes for some time still to come...!!!
So i was going to mention, concerning Whaling...!!!
That it seems so Improbable
that there could ever have been a viable business of killing whales,
melting down their blubber into lamp oil
and then lighting cities with it...???
Just how many whales would that take...???
Another improbable thing
that seems very suspicious to me,
is this idea that all the elements in the universe,
aside from Hydrogen & Helium,
were created in stars, and then distributed--
after they blew up...!!!
It seems to me that:
If the universe is 'only' 14_billion years old,
and our star is already 5_billion years old,
There just isn't enough time to have enough 'generations'
of stars to make the really heavier elements,
And this seems to be a much stronger point,
is that after a given star has blown up,
the ensuing 'bubble' of expanding material
is going to be really, Really, REALLY Thin
after only one or two light years,
( Where are the Remnants of the Stars that Produced Our Atoms...? )
traveling at 'Nova Exploding speeds' ( ??? )
It would take a VERY long time for that material to get anywhere...
And that 'Anywhere' would have to be a waiting cloud
of other expanding bubble debris
that would in turn slowly collapse
into a new star and planetary system...
Plus/ And then:
Have you ever given any thought to 'Veins of Gold'
or Copper or Iron...???
It seems to me that if these materials came from an exploding star,
and thrown into space as a vapor cloud,
and even if, during their trip to the Nebula,
it condensed into glumps,
it would be redistributed during planetary formation
within the molten mass of a newly forming planet...
For there to be things like Gold Veins,
they would have to have come from somewhere where
there was alot of Gold, such as a LAYER of Gold
deep inside the planet that settled there during the Planet's formation,
and was later--
Pushed up during a very violent Volcanic event...
to form a mountain, with these streamers of Gold...
And this would be true for anything like that...
So there would have to be a Layer of Copper,
and a Layer of Titanium and so on...
This seems kind of improbable to me...???
So where do the Gold Mines come from...???
They were 'Painted' there by The Reality Generator...!
It's all Fake.
Reality as we Perceive it, Is an Illusion...!!!
The Evidence is all around us.
Everything we experience, day in and day out,
Is really VERY dumb, and IMPOSSIBLE...
If only you can stop Accepting it as Real,
Just because it SEEMS Real...!!!
Once you've done this;
You can start BeLieving Anything you Want...
And The Reality Generator will start Delivering it to you,
Because it's too Lazy to think up
The Whole Reality Thing
All by itself...!!!
( The Reality Generator Creates a Reality around you
of Things that You Expect to Happen...! )
But you have to REALLY BELIEVE that they will happen,
You can't just WANT them to happen...
Believing is an Odd Mental Condition...
It is Knowing, without thinking...
It must become The Most Natural State that you Mind can Fall Into...
How can you obtain this kind of NonThinking Awareness...
By turning your Consciousness off,
And allowing your True Monad
to float to the top of your Inner Sea.
Other Suspicious things...?
Once a Forest Fire Starts,
doesn't it seem suspicious to you,
that it would EVER go out on it's own...???
Same for Plagues...
Concerning Eyeless Salamanders in Caves,
They would have to become eyeless by means of Evolution...
Just how much of an Advantage would being eyeless be,
if none of you could see anyway...
The fact that The Moon is EXACTLY
the same perceived size as The Sun...!
And that It's always facing towards us...!!!
And that The Tides,
occur on Both sides of our Planet Simultaneously...!

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