Thursday, September 29, 2005

Two Weird Things that Happened Yesterday...

It may be, that depending on how you're counting them, it will work out to more than two weird things...???

i was sitting over at the park; near Waikiki, trying to read the local 'Weekly', that had an article on the various news stories from the past year, or so, that were Not reported in The Orthodoxical News Outlets...!!!
i'm sure that from time to time, you have noticed a 'news' story that you heard about from one source or another, that you thought was decidedly 'newsworthy'-- And yet; It was somehow mislaid or had slipped by the news desks of your chosen Newspaper or Nightly Television World Report...!
So the stories that were forgotten were principally ones having to do with Bush's reign of Terror on Our Democracy & Various, Persistent War Crimes committed by U.S. & British troops in Iraq...
So anyways... While i was working on this article, and the comix,
There was an Hawai'ian lady, approximately 20ish, that was wearing a very skimpy pair of short, short jeans and a torn and unmended halter top... And she was yakking on a Cell phone, Screaming... SCREAMING into it, and occasionally emitting an incredible annoying hyena like shrill that resembled to some degree; Laughter. And-- She was walking around the park, making a circuit that passed directly behind me, about every 10 minutes. All this was VERY annoying! So i tried to endure her for the longest time, perhaps 20 minutes or so, and until i finally decided to move to the other side of the park...!
This is when the weird thing happened... On my way to the other side of the park, i decided, which is quite unlike me, to go over and abrade her...!!! Right when i got up to her, and started telling how very, Very annoying she was, a Man suddenly appeared... And when i say; Suddenly Appeared, i mean: Suddenly Appeared. He didn't seem to have 'Come from' anywhere...??? This lady had been completely alone for this whole time, and while i was walking over to her, i didn't see anyone else around there, in any direction, but then; Suddenly-- He was there... And he was a little intimidating, although he didn't say anything to me, or her, and she didn't seem to acknowledge his presence, as if she Didn't even SEE Him...!!!
So as i wrapped up my tirade at this lady, and she was also yelling at me; although not very creatively, since she simply called me all the names that i was calling her...!!! And i left.
After a few moments, at about 10 steps, i looked back, and she had continued screaming into her cell phone, and the guy was just standing there, STARING at me... He was still not talking to her, and she had not yet acknowledged him...??? And i walked another 20 steps, and looked back; He was still Staring at me, and they were still oblivious to each other... 60 steps... He was still Staring at me...
Until finally i got to the buildings in the middle of the park, and i'd lost them both...
i couldn't see either of them definitively.
That really rattled me...!!!

Later that day; When i was waiting for the bus to take me to where i like to sleep, i decided to get something to eat from the local FoodLand-- i got a can of Chicken Soup and a Can of Guava Juice, and stood in The 6 Items or less lane... This lane was broken up into two lanes; in series, with one registrar beyound the first one...??? When the second one became available, The first one; which had a Japanese couple standing just before me, also became available, or very nearly so... So i walked around them, And a railing, which was actually 'boxing them in' since i was behind them-- and the railing was on one side, the registrar on the other, and the previous customer was still dawdling in front of them... So i walked around to the other registrar, and it seemed to me that the second registrar guy, and the Japanese couple thought that i was 'Cutting'...!!!
So i tried to explain my reasoning to them all, and it also seemed to me that the Japanese couple did not speak fluent English, because they just glared at me...!!! And then the Weird part is, The second registrar checkout guy just totally blew me off, and waved his hand to bring this Japanese couple forward to him...!!!
So they had to push and shove their way past the previous customer, that was still dawdling...
and i decided to surrender, and left both registrars and went over to a 'regular' line, where a man had a cart full of big plastic buckets of IceCream...!!! And; as it became apparent, Was trying to pay for it all with a company check that was Was Not made out to him...!!!
i endured this for about 15 minutes, thinking that it would eventually resolve itself, since The Manager had come over and was trying to explain to the ice cream customer that they couldn't take his check...!!!
After i changed lanes again... i was able to check out without any additional difficulties...???

How weird were these two things...???
They seemed pretty weird to me, it's been an awfully long time since something weird had happened to me...
It should be noted that 'weird' things are quite different from 'wiggily' things...
Weird things are considerably more pointless... and resolve themselves pretty quickly, except of course, that you remember them for a long time...!!!

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