Saturday, October 22, 2005

More; Not So Recent, Paintings...!!!

Figure a : The Hanging Chair Murders # 87,287,327

Figure b : The Hanging Chair Murders # 7

Figure c : Hallucigenia Feeding
This is Derived from my new Theory of How the Halucigenia floated
Around in the Primodial Sea, Feeding on the Little Animals
In the Sand. When it would find something Tasty,
It would blow water out of it's lower Trunk,
Then suck up the bits with it's Seven Anteriour Feeding Tublets...???
When a Preditor came along, It would turn the spikes towards
It's Enemy, and Thrash around until They left...!

Figure d : Unknown Girl Riding an Ant

Figure e : Menstural Measurements # 736,627

Figure f : Menstrual Anxiety # 84,843,001
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Cell Phone Wall Papers...

Figure cp-1 : CellPhone Wallpaper; EyeCloud

Figure cp-2 : CellPhone Wallpaper; Left Eye

Figure cp-3 : CellPhone Wallpaper; The Son of Man

Figure cp-4 : CellPhone Wallpaper; Tablegrid

Figure cp-5 : CellPhone Wallpaper; Lonely Cloud

Figure cp-6 : CellPhone Wallpaper; Canal

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Recent Paintings...!!!

i've recently gotten into the habit of
Drawing/painting a picture every morning...
Sometimes this is frustrated by the quirky rain we get here,
Which is not really rain-- Rain--
But more like a fine mist that blows in from the mountains,
So that even though the sky is crystal clear,
We will get gently soaked--
But if you just ignore it, it will stop after a few mintues
And you will quickly dry off again!
But this weather makes it very difficult to draw
Or paint or read or use an electronic device...!

When this wasn't happening, i made these:
As always, i would particularly like to apologize
for the amazingly poor quality of these pictures,
It's partly due to; lens distortion or a dirty lens or shaking the camera
or sunlight effecting the colours in an odd way...???

figure i : Lois

figure ii : Maggie's Sister

figure iii : Roberta

figure iv : Dream Date

figure v : Confrontation on a Moonscape

figure vi : Hanging Chair Murder # 2,837

figure vii : Hanging Chair Murder # 874

figure viii : Previous Incarnation

figure ix : Tardigrade's Love Child # 64,746

figure x : Hanging Chair Murder # 7,363,626,522,001

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
This Notebook is Almost Full--!!!
If you would like it, Inquire via the Comment Box
and i will decide what to do with it depending upon the response...!!!
= = = = = = = = = =

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Gallery Show--!!! Don't Miss It...!!!

The first art exhibit of the selected works from
Translucent Volume One has started!
It's in the Museum of Unfine Art, in Eugene Oregon.
Responce is very good, maybe you'll sell some pieces...

Feinstein's Museum of Unfine Art
537 Willamette
Eugene, Oregon

How long will it be there...???
The Museum doesn't seem to have a website...???

i find this very unusual...
after all; i'm a crazy homeless person,
that routinely pees into baby carriages
and flings my own feces at passing police sedans
& pizza delivery trucks,
and yet-- i have a web site...!!!

So -- There's really no excuse for Actual Business' to Not have one...!!!