Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Recently Experienced Incidents...

  1. i finally got rid of my old Electronic Dictionary, and got a new one... i was very depressed about something or another a few days ago, and spent $100+ on a Franklin SCD-1870. It is supposedly ( according to The Sharper Image Salesperson ) The Latest in Cybernetic Dictionary / Thesaurus Technology. It's pretty nice, and i haven't been able to stump it yet, and it's also doing a pretty good job of guessing what i mean with my misspelled entries...! It also actually 'Talks' and can say most of the words in it... and read the definitions...! The words that it can't speak are the ones that you'd most want it to...!!! Ugh. And It Doesn't sound like the Ubiquitous Computers on T.V. ( aka: Stephan Hawkings! ) So that is VERY GOOD...!!! In fact; it sounds almost just like the voice i had on my Macintosh, which was 'Princess', Tweaked to be just a little faster than the factory settings. Everyone should have an Electronic Dictionary/Thesaurus...!!!
  2. This is a picture of my Elbow Owie about a week after it went All Wooly...!!! And about 4 days after i visited the Waikiki Health Clinic...! ( i changed the bandage about 2 days before this, and it just EXPLODED with pus squirting out all over the place... i screamed & screamed, and no one even paid any attention to me...!!! It seems like the more fuss you make, the MORE likely people are going to ignore you...!!! ) i went to the Waikiki Clinic so that they would Clean it Out...! The last Owie i had like this, i cleaned it out myself, But this one was in such an awkward place, i needed someone else to do it for me... And THEY WOULDN'T...!!! i was first seen by a PA.C ( Nurse / Nurse Practitioner / PA.C / Doctor ) ( ??? ) and then she left, and a 'nurse' ??? came in and just Dabbed it off with Alcohol Swabs...!!! i kept urging her to DIG IT OUT...!!! But she refused...!!! So then she put a bandage on it, and didn't even put any Antibiotic cream on it first...!!! So i was very disappointed with their care...!!! But i did get some Antibiotics out of it... ( 150 mg of Clindamycin ) which may have helped a little... it's coming along now... ( 10+ days later... ) i'm sorry i didn't get any 'good' pictures of it when it was really 'ripe', but i was freaking out too much about it then...!!! i will try to remember to get some better pictures of the next one...!!!

    Figures a & b : Owie 4 days after Health Clinic Visit & Owie Bandage

  3. i don't often lose things...!!! The last/last time i lost something 'major' was about 3 days after i originally became a street person, ( Summer 1979 ( ??? ) ) and that was a really nice First Aid Kit that i'd put together myself... i lost it in Southern Oregon... ( Oh! what is the name of that town... The Shakespeare College town...??? ) This last time i lost something was a little brown bag ( One of my Original Bags that i've had from The Beginning...!!! ) that had my Radio, Various Pens, Two MultiColoured Pencils, ( The kind with four different colours in one lead thinger...??? / I've been trying to find some replacements for these, but i can't find them anywhere...!!! Do you know where i could get some...???!!! ) Tweezers, Fingernail Clippers & Nose Clipping Scissors... ( i can't stand Nose Hairs...!!! and if i pull them out, my nose blows up like a beach ball...!!! ) i think i lost it either on The C Bus or at the Kapolei Library...??? After i rearranged all the replacement items, including a new radio, into some new bags, everything fits better into my backpack, So it is all for The Best... except for all the traumatic emotionality...!!!
  4. About a week ago; i took off The Pacifer that i'd found in Monterey California, because the sucker part was just about to fall off on it's own, and i mentioned to The Gawds that i would like to FIND a new one, and sure enough; within 2 days i Found a new one...!!! It's not quite as nice as the old one, but it's OK. So-- How often to find Pacifers... Except for these two times, NEVER...!!! More PROOF of something or another...!!!
  5. November 14th 2005 : i sent my Pre-Journal ( Scribbily Notebook ) to Jim Leftwich, after he said he wanted some of the images for his website, and now it's been a week, and he still hasn't posted any of them...!!! ( boo hoo hoo...!!! )
  6. November 15 : i had the most UNUSUAL and terrible headache all day long...!!! It was mostly along the left side of my face, from the Faux tooth that i got in August 2004, to just above my Left Eye... i took handfuls of UnAspirins... But they didn't seem to help at all... Then the next day, i felt fine...???
  7. November 20 : Start of new Cold...!!!
  8. Convergences... This is when something WEIRD happens at just the most Opportune, or InOpportune, Moment... Like a-long time ago in Bremertowne... i was experiencing some Mischievious and Amorous thoughts directed at this Crazy Girl, and again just the other day; at a Different Crazy Girl, and in the first case... A Seagul flew over and CRAPPED ON HER HEAD, and in the second case, She Blew out a VERY FLUIDIOUS SNEEZE all down the front of her shirt...!!! In both cases my Amorous & Mischievious thoughts were Terminated Immediately...!!! Don't tell me that Angels don't arrange things... i KNOW they do...!!!

  9. i've been becoming interested in Tardigrades lately...!!! Do you like Tardigrades...??? How could you Not Like Tardigrades... They're ADORABLE...!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Correspondence with The Dead: Plus Commentary: Plus Update

i got this eep from my sister the other day...
The same sister that decided that when i was around 7 years old,
never to speak with me again...

Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005
11:37:59 -0800 (PST)
From: Sandi C
Subject: moms birthday


I got your address from Bev, finally. How are things going?
Bet its a lot warmer there, lucky you!
We got a little snow the other night but it was melted before noon.
Anyway.. Mom's 80th birthday is coming up and we are going to have a party for her,
she would love it if you could come.
It'll be on the 3rd.
We'll buy your ticket to come if you'll agree.
We would all like to see you again.
Think about it.
You could stay for a couple of days or a week, whatever you want.
Let me know and I'll send the ticket.
We invited all the brothers and sisters and the nieces and nephews..
most of them won't come but we hope for about 40 people.
We are going to have it in the basement of the church.
Won't be anything fancy just a Sanborn get together.
Hope you'll decide to make the journey.
Your long lost sister, Sandi
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This is the Response that i sent...
It seems a little Rambly to me... ( ??? )

Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005
13:13:00 -0800
From: "Chrs-"
To: Sandi C
Subject: Re: The Abby's Birthday

Thank you very much for eeping me...!!!
You are the only person in the family that i would not dread seeing again...!!!
Unfortunately; this would not ( just barely ) outweight all the others.
i accidently discovered a couple of weeks ago,

by examing my birth certificate, that she is indeed going to be 80...!!!
isn't that amazing...!!!
Considering all of her health problems and that she has taken the absolutely worst imaginable care of herself...!!!
i've been thinking that,

considering this,
i should live to be 160 if i don't kill myself before then...!!! ( ? )
But i still have high hopes of becoming an indestructable robot from the future some day,
so that gives me something to lean on.

Near Future Plans:

Since i came here last year, ( September '04 )
i have been back to the mainland TWICE...!!!
The first time i stayed 4 days and freaked out and came back,
Then the second time, i stayed about a week and freaked out and came back to Hawai'i.
i HATE it here,

but i don't know what else to do,
and now i REALLY don't know what else to do.
i'm not even saving money to find a place to live anymore.

i am freaking out.

What i miss most is watching movies

and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.

i'm glad that i was able to use being evicted to get away from MailArt.
MailArt is EVIL...!!!
Don't let your children become involved with MailArt,
If they become interested in MailArt,
steer them towards Heroin or Skyjumping.

i keep thinking, if only things would stop being so WIGGILY...!!!
But they won't.
i think someone put a Wiggily Curse on me.
It is the only explanation that makes sense.
Do you know how to break a Curse...???

Why don't you bookmark my Blog ( see below ) and visit me once in awhile...
Be sure and leave a comment from time to time.

No one ever leaves comments.

It makes me very sad.

Thanx for Eeping...!!! ( !!! )

Sproogles... The Nearly Invisible Amoebae...

p.s. i'll send the abby a card...!!!

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Additional Commentary:
She really is the only one that i would not dread seeing...
i would really like to be her friend.
But what i think is particularly annoying,
is that noone in my family seems to acknowledge that i'm sort of crazy,
or something like crazy...???
They all think that i'm just lazy.
But-- Really...!
i think i am a good worker when i am given something to do.
hmmmmm... ???
i can't remember us ever saying more than 20 words together
after we moved from Seattle to Spokane when i was about 7...
Unless she or our mother was screaming at me for some reason.
Usually this screaming was totally unjustified.
i was a very good child.
But nothing ever made sense to me.
Nothing makes sense to me now.
It all makes me very sad.


November 25th Update:
In the last couple of days i've gotten an eep from a Niece and Aunt,
and neither mentioned the afore mentioned Birthday Party,
or how much they would like to attend...!
i'm sure they would all drop dead if i actually came to it...!!!

Thursday, November 03, 2005


  1. Cover: Repaired Twice, Pictures under that.
  2. Inside Cover: Pictures under repairs.
  3. Flap Pocket: Old Airline ticket used as a straight edge.
  4. Cabbage Codes Directory; Program listings and function reminders. 4 pages.
  5. Dots program listing.
  6. more dots.
  7. Spiral 4 programs.
  8. Spiral 4 update.
  9. Spiral 5.
  10. Radii program, doodle of dots progression.
  11. Pxq ( new version )
  12. Note at bottom: this is making me crazy.
  13. i had alot of trouble getting 'Dots' to work, and even now, more than 2 years or more, substantially more...! i've only gotten the first spiral 'Starter' program done, and that was a titty twister to get done... it's such a simple idea, and yet... i just can't seem to make any progress on it...!!! The idea was to write a program that would draw a series of dots, that vary in size, in a spiral pattern, out from the center. The trouble was the Varying Sizes... so that the radius of the new dots wouldn't be 'fixed' accourding to any reasonable spiral formula... i would have to keep recalculating it... based on... what...??? i have to keep track of all the old dots, or where they left off... or... ugh.
  14. more dot doodles...
  15. 180 degree painting
  16. David Coltman Tests Hair for Bigfoot. ( July 28 '05 ) [ turned out to be Bison Hair! ] more dot notes
  17. more dot notes / programming.
  18. Seiko Dictionaries 130,000 words Franklin SCD-1870 $119.95 200,000 words. Royal AHD130 ( i've been looking for a really good electronic dictionary and it annoys me about as much as a 2 legged catfish that while MP3 players are being stuffed with Gigabytes of memory, there hasn't been an update of Electronic Dictionaries in more than 20 years...!!! ) Profit 1996 ( Best TV show EVER...!!! ) Adrian Pasdar, on DVD. Sue Procko / Theresa Black 323 / 653-5153 Anchor Bay Entertainment
  19. drawing / more dots
  20. dots
  21. You would have to know what the 3 sizes ( radii ) are before you start! Circles & Triangles...???
  22. Hanging Chair Murder Painting
  23. Ring of Dots ( eventually completed...!!! ) Take a collection of Dots of different sizes, all known, and make a ring of them... what is the radius of this ring? ( Solved! )
  24. Ring of dots doodle.
  25. Ring Dot program and rough flow chart.
  26. drawing / 1st.o program
  27. 1st.0 another version
  28. flying saucer doodles
  29. New Flow Chart 'i can't believe this is giving me so much trouble...!!!'
  30. Compute next angle... / St. Brandon's Irish Creme $5 on plane to ???
  31. Drawing.
  32. Drawing.
  33. Greyhound 800-231-2222
  34. Drawing.
  35. Painting.
  36. Trees program ( didn't work out ) when i was riding around on the buses in Washington, i became interested in the optical effect of watching the layers ( or planes ) of trees passing by... / Housemate 'Kevin' 509-389-3165 $165 + Utilities Gruffy sounding guy answered - leave message. / note: paintings not in chronological order
  37. open minded. 405-9194 ( Boise Idaho ) $250 / $200 // One or 2 room mates #225 + 1/2 elec. 345-9698 // banking notes
  38. Seiko Dictionary $40 ( this is like the one i THREW AWAY in California... The Good One...!!! AND--- i can't find another one like it...!!! ) // 666 The Beast
  39. 180 Degree painting
  40. bird and pie.
  41. Inventions: Phase Array Camera / Internal Inertia Generator / IQ 100 Town / Programmable OS / Universal Heiroglyphic Language / Robots / Clones / DVD Court Recordings / Maturity Index / Minority Psuedo Democracy / Fractional Reality Representations / Micronations / Taxivators / Alternative Transportation Pathways / Freedom of Fashion / Digital Companions / Tricorder / Product - Services Access / Perpetual Motion Machine / What We Really Know - Book / Gazelle Legs /
  42. Exploit Crazy People / Bug Hat / Construction Extruders / Lie-Truth Detector / Implanted Cell-Phone - Borg Community // Inventions of Hope
  43. New Characters Directory of programs and functional reminders / 2 pages.
  44. 4 circles / doodles
  45. Drawing Colored
  46. New Inlist 2 pages
  47. Primes
  48. Painting
  49. Primes / doodle of church across from the main library
  50. Revized jury of the damned
  51. Drawing
  52. Prime with Bases
  53. Prime stuff
  54. Prime stuff... i was trying to find a new way to check for primeness by translating a given number into a number of a different base, then simply looking at the right most digit...!
  55. Prime stuff and soccor ball.
  56. Soccor ball
  57. Soccor ball
  58. The Translucent Amoebae Conjecture : No prime number, as defined by any base can end with a zero. / The Translucent Amoebae's Second Conjecture : Any number must be checked against all bases that are <= the #'s Squareroot. // If so; Screening is 100% effective...!
  59. Limit of Search
  60. Hanging Chair Murder
  61. Prime stuff
  62. Human Services Dept. 808-643-1643 / Wainae Unit
  63. Painting
  64. Prime stuff
  65. Best Fit
  66. Painting.
  67. Soccor ball factiods
  68. Prime stuff
  69. If the last digit were smaller than the smallest of the Primes, then, it wouldn't even need to check for factors. ( written in the dark )
  70. Full test c or p / voided
  71. programming something
  72. Prime stuff
  73. Doodle.
  74. Drawing with Doodle over it.
  75. 25 examination
  76. Crude Drawing.
  77. Dots doodle
  78. 2c.p Composite or Prime
  79. 180 degree Painting
  80. more agonizing over Dots
  81. programming
  82. Aug 32 2005 Sprial 7
  83. Sprial 7b
  84. programming / drawing
  85. Spiral 7 / stacking dodecahedrons ( mislabeled pentagons )
  86. Drawing
  87. Working Version of 1st
  88. tables of numbers
  89. Silly Drawing
  90. Now is the time / find of the world / North /
  91. Perfect Pyramid 2 pages
  92. The price of greatness ( dull book )
  93. Dodecahedron doodles... 2 pages
  94. 180 degree painting
  95. Snohomish / Joseph Gallardo / Seattle 1993 July
  96. Wailea
  97. voided page
  98. 270 degree painting ( optical illusion attempt... )
  99. Precogitator / 666 ...
  100. End of World Cabbage Codes
  101. Idea to fill consecutive areas of a random line drawing...
  102. Rowing Wheel Chair doodle.
  103. Cabbage Codes list
  104. Silly Drawing
  105. Characters doodle...???
  106. Cabbage Codes list
  107. Fab-> / programming
  108. Full Fix analysis...???
  109. drawing of ant
  110. Create a program to remove 's's and the[n] reinstall them & other pre-affixes when desirerable.
  111. optical illusion attempt.
  112. Cabbage Codes Antichrist
  113. doodle.
  114. A2 program
  115. Cabbage Codes lists
  116. more lists
  117. The New Sentence Generator
  118. Painting.
  119. Cabbage Codes List
  120. more lists
  121. voided Rotational characters program for new tiles version.
  122. more of that.
  123. Sun / National Examiner / Globe / Weekly World News // Glen Baxter / Lynda Barry / John Mack / David Jacobs / Flying Saucers through Time [ Visitors from Time ] Creationist Book / Raw Magazine / Fantagraphics / Blah / Archie McPhee / Secret Life / Cruddy
  124. Hair Dye Idea
  125. 2 Get
  126. The Smart Person is really...
  127. Sentences
  128. Ubik...
  129. Bill Beaty
  130. Colored Doodle
  131. Spider Bicycle / The Lichen Corpse / flow chart
  132. Doodle.
  133. Computer Stuff
  134. Planets past Pluto / Quaoar / Sedna / Xena // Jury of the Danged
  135. Omega 3
  136. Painting
  137. I.D.
  138. more I.D.
  139. more I.D. / drawing
  140. Hanging Chair Murder ( my favorite! )
  141. Justice of Evil / Judgement of Doom...
  142. Hanging Chair Murder 2 pages
  143. Jury of the danged / doodle
  144. drawing of a tree
  145. jury of the danged
  146. more of that
  147. Gulag / a + p * x + q * m = 666 / b + q * y + p * n = 666 / a = name value / b = name value / p = 1st character / q = 2nd character / x m y n = occurances
  148. jury of the danged
  149. drawing
  150. jurg of the danged
  151. more
  152. What should a Good Theory do? / list of topics
  153. more topics
  154. drawing with dodecahedron
  155. painting 2 pages
  156. Fractional Reality / Definitions / Introduction / Preface / Axiom / Theorem / Premise / Postulate / Supposition / Posit / Corollary / Proof
  157. Outline of I.Der argument
  158. Hanging Chair Murder 2 pages
  159. Anagrams for Jury of the danged
  160. jury of the danged bits
  161. voided page of jury of the danged bad lists ( Stephen spelled with an 'a'! )
  162. drawings of chairs 3 pages
  163. Hallucinagentia
  164. Given that: 3 pages
  165. Blasphenomeous Model
  166. more of that
  167. Hanging Chair Muder ( second favorite )
  168. The New Cabbage Code Approach ( abandoned! )
  169. More new approach
  170. Internet things to do...
  171. Hanging Stool Murder
  172. Doodle voiding bad Cabbage Code Lists
  173. painting
  174. jury of the danged
  175. more
  176. Where is Everybody Revised List
  177. Where is Everybody : Books List 3 pages
  178. programming stuff / cabbage codes list
  179. The Troll Queen / Mirrors list for the Cabbage Codes
  180. Cabbage Codes
  181. more
  182. Do Physicists Ask these Questions?
  183. 100 very short hp48 programs
  184. Justice = 183 / The Supreme Court = 328
  185. Truth = 86 / The American Way = 812
  186. The Damp Masses = 829
  187. Calibrated Gematria
  188. doodles / Recent events
  189. What Goes on in a picture?
  190. Get2
  191. 180 degree painting
  192. I.D. points for ID argument 3 pages
  193. More Internet Lookups
  194. Graphical Doodle
  195. HTML & XML 2 pages
  196. string doodles
  197. What is the word...
  198. The ScreenSaver Universe Short Argument
  199. Mentrual Painting
  200. New Cabbage Code Attack ( abandoned )
  201. Newer CC Attack
  202. Ideas for Riders Intro... 2 pages
  203. Painting
  204. New Cabbage Code Attack
  205. Characters Directory and functionality reminders 3 pages
  206. More Screen Saver ideas
  207. Jury of the diggity danged
  208. more
  209. more
  210. blank
  211. blank
  212. poem
  213. blank
  214. Mysteries
  215. 12 things about christianity that are exactly wrong!
  216. Hanging Chair Murder painting ( third favorite )
  217. blank
  218. Saber Toothed Tiger / Fanged Barking Deer
  219. 180 degree painting
  220. 180 degree drawing
  221. blacked out
  222. blacked out with geometrical doodle
  223. blank
  224. blank
  225. 7 pointed star idea ( didn't work out )
  226. Creative Formulaes ( 3 pages )
  227. 7 pointed star calculations
  228. 7 pointed star idea ( wrong again! )
  229. blank
  230. Dots Directory and Functionality reminders 3 pages
  231. Community Mental Health Centers
  232. Things to do!
  233. Cabbage Codes Slow Fill
  234. notes...?
  235. jury of the diggity danged
  236. Drawing
  237. Cabbage Code theory...
  238. Pull up all #'s...
  239. more...???
  240. painting
  241. What is the Functionality of Adopting this Model...?
  242. Intelligent Design 3 pages
  243. Things to do in Hawaii
  244. Joanie site
  245. Obvious Untruths / Suspicious Things
  246. Portable DVD Player / Axion 4.2 AXN^)$@
  247. Debris ( i can never remember how to spell that...!!! ) / other reminders
  248. inside back cover
  249. back cover / Cambridge 140 sheets 7 x 5_in. / Stiff back, smooth paper for easier writing / Wirebound Notebook.

Recent Events

  1. i have an owie on my left elbow. It hurts alot.
  2. i started a new Blog: The Riders of The Golden Hamster, which is the name of my current religion. It's basically going to be a rant/logical argument for The Screen Saver Universe, and as a side issue, prove that this reality is Wrong, and the Evolution is a hoax.
  3. Pluto has 3 moons...!!! if this doesn't synch it that Pluto is a real, bonafide planet... Then nothing ever will...!!! Atta way Pluto...!!! YEA Pluto...!!! ( Plus: They are on the same plane as Charon, so they're not just wobbling around...!!! )
  4. i recently got a book from the library called: Prime Obsession: Bernhard Riemann and the Greatest Unsolved Problem in Mathematics by John Derbyshire It was VERY EASY reading and it explained ALOT about 'Higher' math stuff, but i returned it before finishing it because i just wasn't able to Concentrate on it...!!! The weather around here has been AWFUL, Sunny one minute, then raining, then sunny, then raining, then cold, then more cold, and a little warmer, then raining again, then sunny...!!! It's very Frazzling...!!!
  5. i'm almost done with my 'notebook' ( not my journal...! the notebook is for scribbling and loose ideas and then when they take on a better form, they're transferred to my journal...! ) It's so torn up and getting raggedy, that i've been trying to fill up all the still empty pages with watercolour paintings and a new Cabbage Code; ( The Jury of The Diggity Danged...! ) So anyways, i was thinking about auctioning it off on Ebay, and giving it to whoever wanted it, and someone DID express an interest in it, so it's going to be sent to Jim Leftwich...! YEA Jim...!!! i'm going to photograph all the important pages before it send it, and copy off the good bits onto this blog as well.
  6. The Secret Treasures Antique store that is right by the bus stop that i use nearly every morning has gone out of Business...!!! i liked to stand there and look at all the Knick-Knacks they had while i was waiting for the bus. Some of my Favorites; The Kissing Angels, The lamps with the lighting post coming out of the top of their heads...??? You would think that they would try to Integrate the lamp with the ceramic figure, rather than just stick it through their heads wouldn't you...??? And the wooden Fertility figure, even though it didn't look genuine, since you couldn't see her genitals. And the Chickens with the Wire chain legs so they could sit on the edge of something. And the dumb, incomprehensible paintings...??? And all the terrible Furniture. It is very sad to see it all gone...!!!
  7. i got a new hat at an EZ Store on Waikiki... ( or a few blocks up from Waikiki... from the Beach... even though it was still Waikiki, i tend to think of only the beach area as Waikiki...??? ) Anyways, this one isn't working out EITHER... i just can not find a good new hat...!!! i don't like the colours on this one ALOT, but more than that, it is absorbing alot of sweat onto the brim... i don't recall this being a problem with my Old Navy hat or the one before that... i think that good ball caps must have a sweat barrier to the brim...??? So i am still looking for a good hat.
  8. i found some keys in the rest room in the park near Waikiki... i see people walking around with keys or money or tiny bits in their hands all the time, and it drives me crazy...!!! What could these people be thinking...!!! Plus; they will invariably be in store or library or restroom and set whatever it was that they were holding down, and it amazes me when they DO pick them up a few minutes later... i would never remember to pick anything little like that up... i have a hard enough time remembering to take my pack with me whenever i move around...!!! So i probably should have just left them there... But i didn't... This happened to me several years ago, and i looked at the keys, and then looked around trying them in that make of car, and FOUND THE CAR...! So i opened the door and threw the keys in...!!! But this time, i looked around, decided it was hopeless and gave them to this street girl that collects things, right by the rest room...! She has been there for several months and has a huge pile... ( the size of two sofas & a refrigerator ) the side of the rest rooms...!!! i just do not understand how she can get away with this...!!! There is another 'Kook' at this part that rakes leaves all day...! He doesn't seem to work for the park department, and he has a little 'camp' area by the hamburger shack... which he's not affiliated with either...! i think that it might be that the homeless situation is so out of control in Hawaii, that no one even TRIES to regulate it anymore...!!! A few months ago, for example, The Housing Authority just quit taking applications for low income housing... They're waiting list is something like 30 years now...!!! And Bush, in order to pay for his experiments with biological warfare, is cutting foodstamps and many of these other programs... If you need any tips for how to live on the streets; Ask The Translucent Amoebae Consortium...we're not The Definitive Experts, but we can get you started...!!!
  9. Since i came back to Hawaii from the mainland this last time, ( my 4th trip here! ) i've found that i seem to be a little bit healthier...??? i think my immune system is finally starting to adapt a little...??? The last, last, last time i was here, after about 2 years, it started going all Whacky...!!! i was testing either positive or Weirdly for all sorts of diseases...!!! When i went over to a plasma center, i tested positive for HIV, and they sent me to get The Western Blot test, just to make sure...??? And i had about a dozen of them done on me, and they would never come out... they were always different from one another and didn't say if i was positive or negative...!!! One of the technicians speculated that i was allergic to the plastics in the test dishes...??? ( that sounds VERY reasonable... i AM becoming more and more sensitive to 'Modern' plastics...??? )
  10. The spell checker for this Blog is Very Lame...!!! It seems to come from the Browser... which is MS Explorer...???