Saturday, November 19, 2005

Correspondence with The Dead: Plus Commentary: Plus Update

i got this eep from my sister the other day...
The same sister that decided that when i was around 7 years old,
never to speak with me again...

Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005
11:37:59 -0800 (PST)
From: Sandi C
Subject: moms birthday


I got your address from Bev, finally. How are things going?
Bet its a lot warmer there, lucky you!
We got a little snow the other night but it was melted before noon.
Anyway.. Mom's 80th birthday is coming up and we are going to have a party for her,
she would love it if you could come.
It'll be on the 3rd.
We'll buy your ticket to come if you'll agree.
We would all like to see you again.
Think about it.
You could stay for a couple of days or a week, whatever you want.
Let me know and I'll send the ticket.
We invited all the brothers and sisters and the nieces and nephews..
most of them won't come but we hope for about 40 people.
We are going to have it in the basement of the church.
Won't be anything fancy just a Sanborn get together.
Hope you'll decide to make the journey.
Your long lost sister, Sandi
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This is the Response that i sent...
It seems a little Rambly to me... ( ??? )

Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005
13:13:00 -0800
From: "Chrs-"
To: Sandi C
Subject: Re: The Abby's Birthday

Thank you very much for eeping me...!!!
You are the only person in the family that i would not dread seeing again...!!!
Unfortunately; this would not ( just barely ) outweight all the others.
i accidently discovered a couple of weeks ago,

by examing my birth certificate, that she is indeed going to be 80...!!!
isn't that amazing...!!!
Considering all of her health problems and that she has taken the absolutely worst imaginable care of herself...!!!
i've been thinking that,

considering this,
i should live to be 160 if i don't kill myself before then...!!! ( ? )
But i still have high hopes of becoming an indestructable robot from the future some day,
so that gives me something to lean on.

Near Future Plans:

Since i came here last year, ( September '04 )
i have been back to the mainland TWICE...!!!
The first time i stayed 4 days and freaked out and came back,
Then the second time, i stayed about a week and freaked out and came back to Hawai'i.
i HATE it here,

but i don't know what else to do,
and now i REALLY don't know what else to do.
i'm not even saving money to find a place to live anymore.

i am freaking out.

What i miss most is watching movies

and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.

i'm glad that i was able to use being evicted to get away from MailArt.
MailArt is EVIL...!!!
Don't let your children become involved with MailArt,
If they become interested in MailArt,
steer them towards Heroin or Skyjumping.

i keep thinking, if only things would stop being so WIGGILY...!!!
But they won't.
i think someone put a Wiggily Curse on me.
It is the only explanation that makes sense.
Do you know how to break a Curse...???

Why don't you bookmark my Blog ( see below ) and visit me once in awhile...
Be sure and leave a comment from time to time.

No one ever leaves comments.

It makes me very sad.

Thanx for Eeping...!!! ( !!! )

Sproogles... The Nearly Invisible Amoebae...

p.s. i'll send the abby a card...!!!

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Additional Commentary:
She really is the only one that i would not dread seeing...
i would really like to be her friend.
But what i think is particularly annoying,
is that noone in my family seems to acknowledge that i'm sort of crazy,
or something like crazy...???
They all think that i'm just lazy.
But-- Really...!
i think i am a good worker when i am given something to do.
hmmmmm... ???
i can't remember us ever saying more than 20 words together
after we moved from Seattle to Spokane when i was about 7...
Unless she or our mother was screaming at me for some reason.
Usually this screaming was totally unjustified.
i was a very good child.
But nothing ever made sense to me.
Nothing makes sense to me now.
It all makes me very sad.


November 25th Update:
In the last couple of days i've gotten an eep from a Niece and Aunt,
and neither mentioned the afore mentioned Birthday Party,
or how much they would like to attend...!
i'm sure they would all drop dead if i actually came to it...!!!

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