Thursday, November 03, 2005

Recent Events

  1. i have an owie on my left elbow. It hurts alot.
  2. i started a new Blog: The Riders of The Golden Hamster, which is the name of my current religion. It's basically going to be a rant/logical argument for The Screen Saver Universe, and as a side issue, prove that this reality is Wrong, and the Evolution is a hoax.
  3. Pluto has 3 moons...!!! if this doesn't synch it that Pluto is a real, bonafide planet... Then nothing ever will...!!! Atta way Pluto...!!! YEA Pluto...!!! ( Plus: They are on the same plane as Charon, so they're not just wobbling around...!!! )
  4. i recently got a book from the library called: Prime Obsession: Bernhard Riemann and the Greatest Unsolved Problem in Mathematics by John Derbyshire It was VERY EASY reading and it explained ALOT about 'Higher' math stuff, but i returned it before finishing it because i just wasn't able to Concentrate on it...!!! The weather around here has been AWFUL, Sunny one minute, then raining, then sunny, then raining, then cold, then more cold, and a little warmer, then raining again, then sunny...!!! It's very Frazzling...!!!
  5. i'm almost done with my 'notebook' ( not my journal...! the notebook is for scribbling and loose ideas and then when they take on a better form, they're transferred to my journal...! ) It's so torn up and getting raggedy, that i've been trying to fill up all the still empty pages with watercolour paintings and a new Cabbage Code; ( The Jury of The Diggity Danged...! ) So anyways, i was thinking about auctioning it off on Ebay, and giving it to whoever wanted it, and someone DID express an interest in it, so it's going to be sent to Jim Leftwich...! YEA Jim...!!! i'm going to photograph all the important pages before it send it, and copy off the good bits onto this blog as well.
  6. The Secret Treasures Antique store that is right by the bus stop that i use nearly every morning has gone out of Business...!!! i liked to stand there and look at all the Knick-Knacks they had while i was waiting for the bus. Some of my Favorites; The Kissing Angels, The lamps with the lighting post coming out of the top of their heads...??? You would think that they would try to Integrate the lamp with the ceramic figure, rather than just stick it through their heads wouldn't you...??? And the wooden Fertility figure, even though it didn't look genuine, since you couldn't see her genitals. And the Chickens with the Wire chain legs so they could sit on the edge of something. And the dumb, incomprehensible paintings...??? And all the terrible Furniture. It is very sad to see it all gone...!!!
  7. i got a new hat at an EZ Store on Waikiki... ( or a few blocks up from Waikiki... from the Beach... even though it was still Waikiki, i tend to think of only the beach area as Waikiki...??? ) Anyways, this one isn't working out EITHER... i just can not find a good new hat...!!! i don't like the colours on this one ALOT, but more than that, it is absorbing alot of sweat onto the brim... i don't recall this being a problem with my Old Navy hat or the one before that... i think that good ball caps must have a sweat barrier to the brim...??? So i am still looking for a good hat.
  8. i found some keys in the rest room in the park near Waikiki... i see people walking around with keys or money or tiny bits in their hands all the time, and it drives me crazy...!!! What could these people be thinking...!!! Plus; they will invariably be in store or library or restroom and set whatever it was that they were holding down, and it amazes me when they DO pick them up a few minutes later... i would never remember to pick anything little like that up... i have a hard enough time remembering to take my pack with me whenever i move around...!!! So i probably should have just left them there... But i didn't... This happened to me several years ago, and i looked at the keys, and then looked around trying them in that make of car, and FOUND THE CAR...! So i opened the door and threw the keys in...!!! But this time, i looked around, decided it was hopeless and gave them to this street girl that collects things, right by the rest room...! She has been there for several months and has a huge pile... ( the size of two sofas & a refrigerator ) the side of the rest rooms...!!! i just do not understand how she can get away with this...!!! There is another 'Kook' at this part that rakes leaves all day...! He doesn't seem to work for the park department, and he has a little 'camp' area by the hamburger shack... which he's not affiliated with either...! i think that it might be that the homeless situation is so out of control in Hawaii, that no one even TRIES to regulate it anymore...!!! A few months ago, for example, The Housing Authority just quit taking applications for low income housing... They're waiting list is something like 30 years now...!!! And Bush, in order to pay for his experiments with biological warfare, is cutting foodstamps and many of these other programs... If you need any tips for how to live on the streets; Ask The Translucent Amoebae Consortium...we're not The Definitive Experts, but we can get you started...!!!
  9. Since i came back to Hawaii from the mainland this last time, ( my 4th trip here! ) i've found that i seem to be a little bit healthier...??? i think my immune system is finally starting to adapt a little...??? The last, last, last time i was here, after about 2 years, it started going all Whacky...!!! i was testing either positive or Weirdly for all sorts of diseases...!!! When i went over to a plasma center, i tested positive for HIV, and they sent me to get The Western Blot test, just to make sure...??? And i had about a dozen of them done on me, and they would never come out... they were always different from one another and didn't say if i was positive or negative...!!! One of the technicians speculated that i was allergic to the plastics in the test dishes...??? ( that sounds VERY reasonable... i AM becoming more and more sensitive to 'Modern' plastics...??? )
  10. The spell checker for this Blog is Very Lame...!!! It seems to come from the Browser... which is MS Explorer...???

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